The Stanbury Renegades

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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

The Stanbury Renegades
Stanbury Renegades Flag
Abbreviation: TSR
Group Numbers: 20+ (Not counting close allies)
Leadership: In Hiding, Saromu
Goals: To liberate Stanbury Village and Nichols Mall
Recruitment Policy: To join you must be a human and willing to fight
Contact: Closed

The Stanbury Renegades is an official human group formerly recognized by the Council of Leaders (original) that claims to hold most of Stanbury Village and chase out small packs of zombies from the area. The Stanbury Renegades formed on September 12th, 2005.

Their objectives are to fight for "freedom, liberty, and justice. But most of rid Malton of the zombies!"

Historical Significance Section

On September 23, 2005 some Stanbury Renegades took part in Operation Frog's Legs where they cleared a path for travel by killing zombies on the street.

Also some members are helping the PA Rebel Alliance in siege of Giddings Mall.

On October 11, 2005 The Stanbury Renegades, VGCats Survivalist Union, and the PA Rebel Alliance formed a coalition to reclaim Nichols Mall. Anyone interested in joining the fight should report to Stanbury Village and help liberate the suburb.

The Stanbury Renegades has declared war on all zombies and zombie hordes in Stanbury Village. The hordes include Undying Scourge, The Ridleybank Resistance Front, and Blood Frenzy Death Cult.

After several losses in Stanbury Village The Stanbury Renegades have retreated from their main safehouse to an undisclosed location. Saromu, the leader of the Renegades, has called for a Guerilla War against the zombie menace. Do not stay in Stanbury Village overnight. Attack, run, and hide. With a Corn Cob Pipe in his mouth, Saromu was quoted saying "I came out of Stanbury Village and I shall return!"

The Stanbury Renegades have returned to Stanbury Village along with members of the PA Rebel Alliance. The Renegades do not keep their group name in their bios so that they will not get hunted down.

Saromu and the Renegades do not PK no matter how much some groups deserve it. Though the group Fazed does not like the Renegades, Saromu has been quoted saying "We don't care."

Formerly members of the Cult of Cockfucktus

Now defunct, none left.


The Stanbury Renegades helped in and won the following events:

Liberation of Shearbank.

Defending Giddings Mall during the Siege on Giddings.

Defending Fort Creedy during several attacks.

Operation Frog's Legs

Saving newbies in Dulston.

Fighting in St. Luke's Hospital in Ridleybank.

The attack on Nichols Mall.

The Battle of Caiger Mall.

The Capture of Tolman Power Station.

Holding off Mall Tour '06 at Giddings Mall for as long as possible.


The Stanbury Renegades helped in and lost the following events:

Control of Nichols Mall.

The Honorable Defence of Giddings Mall.

Holding Nichols Mall in the Mall Tour of '06.


The Stanbury Renegades has put up rewards on the following:

Defending Nichols Mall.

(Re)Taking control of Bunney Street Police Department. - Accomplished by the Bunney Street Police Force

And taking control of St. Luke's Hospital.


Alliance of Giddings

Army Control Corps

Bunney Street Police Force

Council of Leaders (original) (no longer)

Creedy Defense Force

Cult of Cockfucktus

Dead Reckoning

The New Maltonian Dynasty

PA Rebel Alliance

Roftwood Assault Force

The Two

And all other groups affiliated with the CoL. (no longer)

The Renegades do not recognize the new CoL to have any powers.