The New Maltonian Dynasty

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The New Maltonian Dynasty
Abbreviation: NMD
Group Numbers: Over 13 groups with total membership upwards of 400.
Leadership: Jack Cortez

Bring It On

Goals: To Unite All Groups
Recruitment Policy: Any and All May join,

as long as you are dedicated to the destruction of zombies, and you meet the requirement listed under "Becoming a soldier for the NMD"

Contact: Jack Cortez AIM= Vladmyre,

Jack Cortez Website=, Jack Cortez Email=, Bring It On AIM= RequiemforstarsX Bring It On Email=

This, friends, is where it starts.

We will begin anew. Help us.

We are the New Maltonian Dynasty.

Our goal is simply this: To unite the people of this once great city against our common enemy, The Zombies. This great plague has sought out our friends, loved ones, and killed them without mercy or rational. This is where it ends.

We have a proposal; a way to help everyone to fight for the common good.


  • "Unite and Fight!"
  • "There is no call, no cry for help, no sound in the world that can be heard until someone listens. We are listening."

The Plan

We must unite.

We do not propose the assimilation of all groups into one. We believe that when the zombies overstep their bounds, when they kill too many and destroy too much, that we must band together, act as a whole and drive them out!

ALL GROUPS MUST RALLY AS ONE! We will march on the zombie scourge under one banner. Under The New Maltonian Dynasty's banner, an awe-inspiring combination of all groups banners blended together!

We will drive the stench out! But only if we come together for the common good from time to time. We seek to create a network of Allies, who unite through the NMD, and put aside their differences for a time. To march as one until the threat is dealt with.

We speak to all survivors! From Armies of survivors to individuals fighting for their lives!

This must end soon, or, I fear that we will all perish...

Current Major Zombie Threats

Enemies of the Network

Any known PKers or PK groups who do not reform their ways. And of course, Zombies.

Keep A Sharp Eye Out For...

  • Ryola- Wanted for group betrayal. Check in the Forums for more details.

Current Groups In Our Network

This Information is only known to other groups in our network; suffice to say our network is fairly large, and growing.

Becoming a soldier for the NMD

For individuals interested in joining the NMD, you can also inquire about becoming a soldier. If you qualify you will become part of an elite task force sent in anytime during group battles or even covert missions. Spaces for these positions are limited

Minimal requirments

  • All gun skills completed
  • All scientist Skills Completed
  • No more than 2 Zombie Skills, Unless Over Level 20 due to max human skills. There are some exceptions, such as coming with a recommendation.
  • Finally, people are chosen at the discretion of NMD Leaders