Tolman Power Station

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Tolman Power Station

Dentonside [99,57], [99,58]

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Basic Info:

  • Power Stations do not power other locations.
  • Tagging Power Stations earns 1 XP with the Tagging skill.
  • There are two power stations in the city: Krinks (2x2 block square) and Tolman (two blocks).


[99,57] - [99,58] (bic) (statuses) (update)
Tolman Power Station
--Mallrat The Spanish Inquisition TSI The Kilt Store TKS Clubbed to Death CTD 15:39, 5 January 2023 (UTC)
Tolman's catastrophic failure

The Toll House

The Tolman Power Station is a two-square power station on the extreme eastern edge of Malton, in the suburb of Dentonside. Owned and operated prior to the outbreak by Malton Power and Light. The name of the plant refers to its location at the historical entrance to Malton. In the medieval period there was a bridge and a toll house where the city of Malton levied its toll on merchants bringing goods into the city. The nearby Bridgewater Square School is named after the bridge next to the toll house. The present structure replaced the twentieth century structure just before the outbreak. The original plant was built long before the Krinks Power Station. The Krinks was meant to replace the Tolman. However, high demand for electricity ensured that the Tolman was kept in operation.

Before the Outbreak

Its distance to the city has made the workers working in the power station particularly suspicious of the city and the government. During occasional strikes workers would go to the Colburn Arms to get drunk, after which they would frequently clash with the police. The last major confrontation at the gates of the Tolman Power Station was environmentalists and workers with security forces. The city council wanted to close the outdated coal plant. An unlikely alliance of workers and environmentalists occupied the plant to argue for a renewal of the plant to use CO2 neutral fuels. The conversion happened and the old structure was replaced with a new plant not long before the outbreak.

Post Outbreak

Dentonside was initially unaffected by the zombie outbreak, thanks to its obscure location and lack of Necrotech influence. The local well developed road network, designed to bring fuel to Tolman was the perfect entry point for the thousands of troops sent into the city. The Power Station itself was used as a major fuel and supply depot in the early stages of Project Daedelus but as zombie numbers swelled and casualties mounted, the station was soon under attack. A two week siege by zombies was brought to a sudden and dramatic end when a panicked trooper hit a major storage tank with an errant flare. It was said the explosion was visible from Caiger Mall. The blast hit the Burges Towers partly destroying them. The incident has entered the history books as the Tolman Catastrophe.

Confrontation at the gates which resulted in a renewal of the energy sources used at the Tolman
Tolman Power Station during the renovation

Current Events Logbook

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Useful Information


The transmitters in and around the station are tuned to LURCS. The Labour Union Radio Channel Service.

Wwsissmallblue.jpg Labour Union Radio Channel Service
Freq.: 27.18 MHz

Nearest Necrotech

Necrotech buildings are in Houldenbank to the south: The Hosken Building [99, 64], the Tribe Building [95, 60] and The Greatorex Building [99, 65].

Nearest Hospital

Hospital is north-west Simplicius General Hospital [97, 54]. The other nearby hospital is Richard General Hospital [98, 62] located in Houldenbank.

Nearest Police Station

Police Station is Winsley Avenue Police Dept [98, 50] to the north.

Barricade Policy

According to the current Dentonside Barricade Plan this building is to be kept at EHB levels!

90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
50 50
51 EP EP 51
52 52
53 EP MPM EP 53
54 54
55 55
56 EP 56
57 EP EP EP 57
58 58
59 RP 59
90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99

Extremely Heavily Barricaded Very Strongly Barricaded No Barricades
Auto Repair Shops Hospitals Other (non-TRP)
Factories and
Power Stations
NecroTech Buildings Unbarricadable
Forts and Malls Police Departments
MPM: Mobile Phone Masts RP: Revive Points


Former Residents

The following groups have laid claim to the power station in the past.

Present Occupants

The Workers Who Strugle in Solidarity- WWSIS, have a few members in Dentonside maintaining Tolman and its adjcent buildings. LURCS has installed a transmitter in the plant at the 27.18 frequency. A transmitter at the same frequency was also installed in the adjacent tower block. The first contact was with the occupants of the Krinks Power Station, who wished all those in the Tolman the best of luck. Post Edited by --FrostyTheSnowman 06:35, 16 October 2010 (BST)