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Necrotech Buildings in Malton.

A secretive NecroTech laboratory.
A secretive NecroTech laboratory.
NecroTech Building

NecroTech buildings are the offices and laboratories of NecroTech, a large corporation that is currently involved in operations to combat the outbreak in Malton but also rumoured to be the cause. They are vital to survivors, as they are the only source of revivification syringes in the entire game, which allow zombies to be revivified and turned back into survivors.

NecroTech Buildings

To characters without NecroTech Employment, NecroTech buildings are indistinguishable from regular office buildings, bar the internal description. However, characters with NecroTech Employment are able to recognise them from the street and adjacent blocks by an "[NT]" after their name. They are often referred to as NecroTech's for short, or the acronym NT is used.

When a NecroTech building is powered with a fueled portable generator, several special functions become available to those possessing the NecroNet Access skill. Survivors can access NecroNet to display the locations of all zombies tagged by DNA Extractors in the 9x9 area around the building, they can revivify brain rotted zombies inside the building and manufacture revivification syringes for 20 AP. It is usually the case that searching for a syringe will be a more efficient use of AP. The search odds for syringe's are believed to be tied to the current ratio of survivors to zombies to a certain extent, and also believed to occasionally be adjusted by Kevan manually. The find rate would need to be below 5% for manufacturing syringes to be more efficient. For details on the history of the survivor to zombie ratio, see Survivor-Zombie Imbalance.

As the most vital locations in the game, they tend to be the most well defended and often contain a mix of new scientist characters and more experienced survivors restocking on syringes. Their importance however often makes them a prime zombie target, as they can often be guaranteed several kills.

Since zombies with Brain Rot can only be revivified inside these buildings when powered, it generally takes metagame co-ordination to organize as zombies breaking into a building are usually seen as hostile and will be killed rather than revivified. Survivor groups that have designated buildings for this purpose often tag them as "rot revives". Very few buildings are ever dedicated to this purpose.

There are many dynamics to the revivification process, and as many tactics advising on the best use of syringes. See Revivification for more.

Current Status

The status of Malton's NecroTech buildings are often reported to the wiki. Individual danger reports can be found at the Necrotech Information Center, and a graphical representation of these can be seen on the NT Status Map. These reports are not guaranteed to be accurate.


revivification syringes
DNA extractors
GPS units


a pair of safety goggles
a grey short-sleeved shirt
a NecroTech jacket
a <colour> jacket1
a white lab coat
a pair of black shoes
a pair of pale green surgical shoe covers
a toe tag


  1. limited to black and gray.


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