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Brain Rot is a zombie skill which makes it impossible for a zombie to be revived, except under very specific conditions. Zombies with Brain Rot can only be revivified in a powered NT building -- and only if the technician possesses the NecroNet Access skill. Brain Rot also makes the zombie harder to DNA-scan.

Brain Rot is irreversible; therefore, when a player selects Brain Rot in the "Buy Skills" menu, they are first given a confirmation message. Like all zombie skills, Brain Rot costs 100 XP to learn. It must also be purchased before the skill Flesh Rot becomes available.

In general, Brain Rot is only used by zombies who have no intention, or desire, to become human again. However, some players who may be "pro-survivor" opt to purchase Brain Rot. Doing so is often referred to as "Playing the game on Hard Mode" -- due to the difficulty of getting a revive, should the character be killed. However, for these types -- and other Brain Rotted zombies seeking a revive for whatever reason -- certain groups and players have dedicated themselves to providing "Rot Revives". A list of current and former Rot Revive Clinics can be found at the end of this article.

Zombies with Brain Rot are often referred to as "Rotters".

For in-game messages shown when using a DNA extractor or a syringe on zombies with Brain Rot, see DNA Extractor and Revivification.

Etiology of Brain Rot

There is much debate in the scientific community as to the exact nature and cause of Brain Rot. Unfortunately, attempts to study the phenomenon in detail have been, for the most part, tragically unsuccessful. Nonetheless, some of the major theories which have been proposed to explain Brain Rot are summarized below.

The most common explanation of Brain Rot is that it is simply an advanced form of post-necrotic decay in the subject's brain tissue, paralleling similar forms of decay and degradation observed affecting other parts of many re-animated corpses. However, the process of normal revivification reverses and regenerates (for the most part) such normal tissue degradation. This is not the case when reviving zombies possessing Brain Rot, the treatment of which requires access to specialized NecroTech facilities -- and even then, the condition, while rendered dormant upon revivification, is not reversed.


Survivors with this state of infection have found standard NecroTech procedure unsatisfactory when seeking revivification. Some daring NecroTech Employees have shown initiative and established special groups dedicated to this purpose in addition to standard infection prevention procedure. Some of the more noteworthy of these groups include;

Active Brain Rot Revive Clinics

  • Independently run rot revive clinic in The Montacute Building [94,32] in the suburb of Paynterton. If ruined, use Casely NT in Starlingtown as an alternative. (26 March 2022)
  • The Topleaf Building [55, 84]] in the suburb of West Grayside. The clinic operates intermittently, and may no longer be in operation. Frequently overbarricaded. (13 October 2021)

Inactive Brain Rot Revive Clinics

External References

On the Neurology of the "Undead"