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Submission and discussion of possible new skills for the game can be found on the Suggestions page.

Skills allow characters to improve existing abilities or gain new ones. Skills are purchased with Experience Points (XP). The cost of a skill depends on which class was chosen during character creation. Once purchased, skills cannot be deleted. Survivor skills can only be purchased while living, and zombie skills can only be purchased while dead. The number of skills a character knows determines their level.

Skill Groups

There are five skill categories. Four are available to survivors and the last is available only to zombies. The categories are:

Survivor Skills

Civilian Skills

Bargain Hunting
Body Building
Radio Operation

Civilian skills cost 100 XP each regardless of character class.

Military Skills

Basic Firearms Training
Pistol Training
Advanced Pistol Training
Shotgun Training
Advanced Shotgun Training
Hand To Hand Combat
Knife Combat
Axe Proficiency
Free Running
Scout Safehouse

Military skills cost 75 XP each for military classes, 100 XP for civilian classes, and 150 XP for scientist classes.

Science Skills

NecroTech Employment
Lab Experience
NecroNet Access
First Aid

Science Skills cost 75 XP each for scientist classes, 100 XP for civilian classes, and 150 XP for military classes.

Zombie Hunter Skills


The Zombie Hunter skills can only be purchased after the character's level has reached 10 or higher. They cost of 100 XP, regardless of character class.

Zombie skills

Scent Fear
Scent Blood
Scent Trail
Scent Death
Infectious Bite
Vigour Mortis
Neck Lurch
Death Grip
Rend Flesh
Tangling Grasp
Feeding Drag
Memories of Life
Death Rattle
Feeding Groan
Flailing Gesture
Lurching Gait
Ankle Grab
Brain Rot
Flesh Rot

All zombie skills cost 100 XP, regardless of character class.

Completing the Skill Tree

Currently it takes the following amount of XP for the different classes to complete their skill trees:


  • Civilian:

Civilian characters require only 2200 XP to max out their skill tree.

  • Military:

Characters of the Military class need 2275 XP to complete their skill trees unless they started as a Medic. The Medic starts with a scientist skill and thus only requires 2200 XP to max out.

  • Scientist:

Science class characters need the most XP to max out; 2950 XP.

Note: Survivors can also benefit from the Scent Death and Ankle Grab skills.


  • Zombie:

Zombies require 2200 XP to max out the skill tree, unless they started as a zombie. Starting zombies receive Vigour Mortis and thus require only 2100 XP to max out.

Note: Zombies can also benefit from the Body Building, Diagnosis, and NecroTech Employment skills (although Diagnosis is redundant if the Scent Blood skill is purchased, and Body Building is redundant if Flesh Rot is purchased).

Available skills: Civilian | Military | Science | Zombie Hunter | Zombie
Suggestions for new skills

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