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Infectious Bite
A drop of listerine ought to clear that right up.

Infectious Bite is a zombie skill which allows the player to use bite attacks to infect other players. It is a child skill of Digestion. Like all zombie skills, Infectious Bite costs players of all character clases 100 Experience Points (XP) to purchase.

Upon succesfully biting another character, the zombie player will recieve the message You bite Kevan Davis for 4 damage. They drop to 56 HP. They become infected. Since the player must already have Digestion to have purchase Infectious Bite, this will also result in the zombie gaining 4 Hit Points (HP) if possible. Biting both zombies and survivors will infect them; however, feeding upon a corpse will not infect the corpse. No additional experience is gained due to the infection being passed on, nor by the HP loss which it causes.

Infected survivors will lose 1 HP per action (except for speaking) until their infection is cured or they die. Infection can be cured by using a first aid kit. Zombies are unaffected by infection, but it will carry over after death and persist upon being revived, leading to the advent of Parachuting as a death cult tactic.

At present, bites made with Infectious Bite are the only source of infections in the game.