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Close, but not quite.

Flailing Gesture is a zombie skill which allows the player to indicate towards a set list of in-game objects or concepts. It is a child skill of Memories of Life. Like all zombie skills, Flailing Gesture costs players of all character clases 100 Experience Points (XP) to purchase.


Zombies who have purchased the skill have the option to Gesture to a range of objects or directions given in a drop-down menu (the exhaustive list of possible options is given below). Gesturing costs 1 Action Point (AP), and gives the player the message You gesture at <choice> upon use (these messages change subtly with the target of the gesture, and all variations are listed below). All other players at that location will recieve a message notifying them that you have gestured towards the target, allowing zombies to give a sense of direction without relying on Death Rattle.

Gesturing is also a quick and easy way to communicate player profiles to other zombies, and without metagaming, is the only way to do so, due to the character limitations of Death Rattle. Both the gesturing zombie, and the target of the gesture (if the target is a body, survivor or zombie), will have their profiles linked to in the resulting message viewed.

Gesture targets and messages

  • Yourself
    • You gesture at yourself
    • A zombie gestured at itself
  • Adjacent blocks
    • You gesture to the Muller Building
    • A zombie gestured to the Muller Building
  • Cardinal directions
    • You gesture to the north
    • A zombie gestured to the north
  • The sky
    • You raise your arms to the sky
    • A zombie raised its arms to the sky
  • The ground
    • You gesture down at the ground
    • A zombie gestured down at the ground
  • A zombie ("the zombie" in locations with only one other zombie)
    • You gesture at a random zombie
    • A zombie gestured at a random zombie
    • A zombie gestured at you
  • The survivors
    • You gesture at the survivors
    • A zombie gestured at the survivors
  • Individual survivors or contact-listed zombies
    • You gesture at Totenmannskiste
    • A zombie gestured at Totenmannskiste
    • A zombie gestured at you
  • Contact-listed bodies
    • You gesture at one of the bodies
    • A zombie gestured at one of the bodies
  • The barricades
    • You gesture at the barricades
    • A zombie gestured at the barricades
  • Fixtures
    • You gesture at the generator
    • A zombie gestured at the radio

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