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Military skills are available to all survivors; they cost 75 XP for military personnel, 100 XP for civilians and 150 XP for scientists.


Attack Results Without Skills

  • Without firearm skills, the accuracy of a pistol or shotgun is 5%.
  • Without melee skills, the accuracy of most melee weapon is 10%. The exceptions are the crowbar which has a base accuracy of 5%, the knife which has the base accuracy of 20%, and the pool cue which has a base accuracy of 25%.

List of Military skills

  • Basic Firearms Training - Player gets +25% to hit with all ranged weapon attacks. The Private and Cop start with this skill.
    • Pistol Training - An extra +25% to hit with a pistol.
      • Advanced Pistol Training - An extra +10% to hit with a pistol.
    • Shotgun Training - An extra +25% to hit with a shotgun.
      • Advanced Shotgun Training - An extra +10% to hit with a shotgun.
  • Hand To Hand Combat - Player gets +15% to hit with melee weapon attacks or fists.
    • Knife Combat - An extra +15% to hit with a knife.
    • Axe Proficiency - An extra +15% to hit with an axe. The Firefighter begins with this skill.
  • Free Running - Free Running allows a player to move from inside a building directly into an adjacent building without having to touch the street. This allows a player to bypass heavy barricades which would otherwise prevent entry. The Scout begins with this skill. Free Running works on several different building types, but doesn't work in empty blocks or ruins. If one tries to free run into a ruined building, they fall onto the street. There is a chance this will cause 5 points of damage, although one can never die by falling from ruins.
  • Scout Safehouse - Scout Safehouse allows a survivor to scout a safehouse - using 30 AP to memorize the layout of a building, granting approximately 5 free actions within that building each day (until the player dies or the building is ruined).

None of the above skills, having been gained prior to death, assist zombie characters.

Strategy considerations

Most military skills are useful to combat-oriented players, with the choice of whether to pursue melee or ranged fighting largely a matter of personal preference - ranged weapons do more damage but require AP to be spent searching for ammo and reloading. Knife Combat is now debatable; knives do less damage than axes, but the accuracy for fully upgraded knives is higher than for the axe.

Free Running is an increasingly important skill as human players are using heavy barricades to defend themselves. A free runner can enter heavily-barricaded strongholds, and move quickly to useful buildings without using AP to enter them. Free running is also an effective skill for lower level scientists with the ability to revive zombies, as NecroTech Buildings are frequently extremely heavily barricaded. The downside of freerunning is that to get from a building to the outside of an adjacent building, survivors with Free Running need to spend 2 AP rather than 1 AP without it.

Available skills: Civilian | Military | Science | Zombie Hunter | Zombie
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