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South Paynterton Aces
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Abbreviation: Aces, SPA
Group Numbers: ±5 active members of 2021
Leadership: evilb & Scotty Dume
Goals: Revive zeds in Paynterton and Starlingtown, keep our NT buildings running.
Recruitment Policy: Everyone's welcome, man!
Contact: Our Forum is the best way to reach us.

In-game you can contact us using Aces Radio's frequency (28.28 MHz)

About Us

The South Paynterton Aces are a tight-knit, laid back survivor revive group who make their home in Malton's Paynterton and Starlingtown suburbs. We don't have any major "greater goal" or a far-reaching agenda; we just watch each other's backs, revive those zombies who want to be back among the living, bash the skulls of any zombies who try to get in the way of those revives, and kick back with a cold beer to make our home a safer, cooler place to be.

Joining the Aces

You're in Paynterton or Starlingtown and feel like staying a while? You like the idea of teaming up with other survivors you can trust, but don't like to take orders or claim turf like a street gang? Then you'll feel right at home with the South Paynterton Aces. If you're the lone wolf type, we'll be glad to help you out when you need it and let you do your own thing the rest of the time, because we keep things pretty relaxed in our neighborhood.

Our Acceptance Policy is pretty simple: we accept members of any profession and any level. Not taking yourself too seriously is also a plus. Whether you're a reformed PKer, long-time zed trying to go it as a survivor for a while, or a total n00b to Malton, we're willing to watch your back. All we ask is that you do your best to keep our meager territory safe, you always watch out for other Aces and allies, you avoid aggressive PKing and other poor survivor habits, and you try to work toward being a functioning revive specialist to help out at the cemetery. No laws, no commandments, no orders -- just be one of the good guys.

How To Join

Just register on our forums (you can find them here if you didn't see that link back there) and leave us a post on our Join the Aces thread with your Urban Dead character name and profile link. Then change your group name to "South Paynterton Aces", and you're all set. Now you're one of us! Go ahead and read Who's Who: All About the Aces and start posting to the Aces Checkpoint to talk to the other members.