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Rotter's Relief
Abbreviation: RR
Group Numbers: Currently under audit
Leadership: Managing Director - Tahko Tetsujin overseeing two Senior Staff for each office
Goals: Equal Rights for Rotters
Recruitment Policy: Now open to all. Please report to RR Forum for full briefing

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Our Goals

We exist to balance the social mores within the quarantine zone which make brain-rotted zombies second-class creatures. Every zombie is a potential survivor, brain rot or not, and this natural state of decay should not make a difference. We are researchers and clinicians who do not discriminate, providing revivification to all.

About Our Clinic

Rotter's Relief is the leader in cutting edge revivification techniques; our clinic provides the highest level of care for the most corrupt of brains. We provide life and health support, in maintaining a revivification clinic, and general surgical care in adjacent facilities.

Setting the standard for the future of all such clinics in Malton, the Relievers were the first to establish a NecroTech Facility accessible to all, regardless of their current state of cranial degradation. No longer will advanced cases of neurological decomposition monopolize resources and impede the swift revival of less serious cases. All patients will be attended to, with minimum inconvenience and maximum efficiency.

We were ISO 9001:2000 certified on February 8, 2001.


Click on the Location name for the current clinic status

Rotter's Relief East is located in the Greatorex Building [99,65] in Houldenbank. Founding members of Rotter's Relief carefully chose this location for their prototype office due to its suitable facilities, and lacking skill in interior design, for the pre-existing Eames and Herman Miller furniture and modern-contemporary decor.

Rotter's Relief West is located in the Woodborne Building [0, 44] in Owsleybank.

Rotter's Relief Central is located in the Moseley Building [51, 57] in Stanbury Village.

Rotter's Relief South is located in the Wicksted Building [58, 96] in Wyke Hills.

Rotter's Relief North is located in the Jeffrey Building [56, 15] in Millen Hills.

Rotter's Relief Southwest is located in the Panes Building [17, 85] in Ruddlebank.

Rotter's Relief Northwest is our newest office and is located in the Peet Building [14, 19] in Judgewood.

To make the service accessible, the building will remain unbarricaded. Survivors are highly encouraged to find sleeping accomodations in another building, as an open building is a very dangerous place to stay. Rotter's Relief recognises The Uniform Barricading Policy and has negotiated that its offices exist outside of its strictures for the purposes of rot revives.

Clinic Status


The Greatorex Building
"... lights are on in the Greatorex Building ..."
Zashiya (talk) 17:12, 10 June 2023 (UTC)


The Woodborne Building
Zashiya (talk) 18:19, 6 June 2023 (UTC)


The Moseley Building
"The laboratories have been ruined."
Avarice77 (talk) 12:09, 13 June 2024 (UTC)

Mall-rot revive-small.jpg

The Wicksted Building
"Still an active rot revive clinic." —Jenkem (talk) 01:37, 3 March 2024 (UTC)

Mall-rot revive-small.jpg

The Jeffrey Building
no power, no cades
--VVV RPMBG 00:00, 6 May 2024 (UTC)


The Panes Building
"... some survivor activity in the Panes Building ..."
BoogieDinosaur (talk) 04:37, 9 June 2023 (UTC)


The Peet Building
Ruined, zombies and PKers, last update 28th February 2024
JonnyOfTheInternet (talk) 17:10, 28 February 2024 (UTC)

Patient Procedure

Make your way to our nearest clinic.

If you find your way impeded by unhelpful survivors, feel free to tear down the barricades and make your way inside. Please do not vent your frustrations on said survivors inside as this is unhelpful and perpetuates a stereotype of zombies we at Rotter's Relief are committed to challenging.

Please wait in the waiting room where magazines will be provided for your stimulation and entertainment. Please do not eat them. Our staff will attend to you as soon as possible. There are no forms to fill out.

Once you have received care and have been discharged, make your way to the nearest safehouse. Our staff may provide directions and you are free to remain and take advantage of our facilites for as long as you need to.

Please report any incidents of generator abuse or aggression to our staff on receiving your revive.

To request a revive at our facility

Go to and pick an office you would like to be revived at. Then post a reply in the office thread, and you should be revived shortly.

NOTE: You may need to register for the forums to post a reply in these threads

History, Research and Development

  • 2011, March 24
Due to the overwhelming success of our other offices, Rotter's Relief Northwest has opened for business. Critics have drawn attention to the possibly uneven spacing of Rotter's Relief facilities in Malton with three offices now in the West and only one in the East. To this criticism Buda Hilton of Rotter's Relief responded "Hey, I've never spent any time in the Northwest of Malton and fancied checking it out. Is that so bad?"
  • 2009, August 31
Due to the overwhelming success of our other offices, Rotter's Relief Southwest has opened for business.
  • 2009, June 2
For the first time in history, Rotter's Relief rebuild Tolman Power Station and caded it to UBP standards. A total of 200AP was used up in the attempt.(Unruin + Cading)
  • 2009, January 31
Due to the overwhelming success of our other offices, Rotter's Relief North has opened for business.
  • 2008, April 29
After weeks of blood, sweat and hard labor, Rotter's Relief Central has re-opened for business. All zombies are welcome
  • 2008, February 11
Due to the overwhelming success of other offices, Rotter's Relief South has opened for business.
  • 2008, January 27
Rotter's Relief proudly launches
  • 2007, May 27
First record of a fully co-ordinated armed response by Rotter's Relief following a sustained campaign of PKing RR members in Stanbury Village. Five out of seven listed targets were eliminated within the space of an hour with two more tracked down at a later date.
  • 2007, January 13
Due to the overwhelming success of other offices, Rotter's Relief Central has opened for business.
  • 2006, December 17
The Houldenbank Office is up and running. Anyone needing a revive can now go to that office as well as The Owsleybank Office.
  • 2006, October 20
The Houldenbank Office is currently down due to the zombie raid in that area. All seeking a revive are encouraged to make it to our Owsleybank Office.
  • 2006, August 3
Due to the overwhelming success of our eastern office, Rotter's Relief West has opened for business.
  • 2006, January 19
NT Corporate has approved the new process of MARK II Syringe manufacture, some elements of which were based on Rotter's Relief findings. These findings can be found in "Revivification fluid delivery: injection instrumentation field manufacturing", The Annals of Undeath, 2005;4(3):134-147.
  • 2006, February 8
Rotter's Relief Research presents two posters at the Northeast Malton Revification Engineering Conference.
  • 2006, February 17
Rotter's Relief Clinical participates in the Maltom Symposium for Revivification Care Knowledge Management.
  • 2006, March 28
NT Corporate Researchers discover that zombies are building up an immunity to the revivification syringes. Rotter's Relief Research has embarked on a new research project to investigate. The IRB has approved the proposal.


We are currently accepting all interested parties in assisting at all offices. If you have any questions or concerns, please address them in our forums.

Rotter's Relief is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will not discriminate on the grounds of race, age, religion, gender or status of brain.


Show your support for Rotter's Relief by proudly displaying Any or all of these templates on your Wiki page.

Rottersreliefseal.gif Pro-Life!

This user supports Rotter's Relief's efforts to return Brain-Rotted zombies to the land of the living.

Rottersreliefseal.gif Rotter's Relief Supporter

This user supports Rotter's Relief and does not consider them to be a front for zombie spies.

Rottersreliefseal.gif Pro-Life!
This user supports Rotter's Relief's efforts to return Brain-Rotted zombies to the land of the living.

Rottersreliefseal.gif Rotter's Relief Supporter
This user supports Rotter's Relief and does not consider them to be a front for zombie spies.


We have updated our forum in line with our mission statement and on-going plans for expansion. The can be found at:

Rotter's Relief Chat

Rotter's Relief features a simple chat webpage that allows you to chat with other members.

See it at:

Chat Day

Saturdays are chat day at Rotter's Relief and would be the best time to talk to staff personally or just hang out and get to know us all better!

Standards and Practices

The following standards can be expected in all Rotter's Relief clinics across Malton

  • Notification
    • The graffiti on the inside of the the Clinic should indicate that it is a Brain Rotter clinic, and that it is not safe to stay in.
    • The outside graffiti should indicate that it is a Brain Rotter clinic.
  • Maintenance
    • The building shall remain unbarricaded.
    • Members should carry a generator and fuel and install it only when necessary, or at the request of another member, or before performing a powered revificiation.
  • Services
    • The physical presence of a zombie in one of our clinics indicates a revive request, and it shall be honored. Should that zombie be listed on our DNR (Do Not Revive) List, due to past aggressive acts, their presence in one of our clinics shall be taken as a hostile act and they will be executed.
    • Field surgery may be provided.
    • Directions to other facilities and general assistance may be provided.
  • Policies Followed
    • Uniform Barricading Policy will be followed for the surrounding suburb outside of the revive clinic itself.

Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.

  • Sacred Ground Policy will be adhered to, except for Brain Rotted zombies who clog the line. In this case a Use of Force will normally be sanctioned (see below).

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
  • Use of Force
    • Use of Force is defined as acts of violence or unwilling revivification.
      • Provoked acts of violence include those for self-defense, protection of clients, protection of survivors, and protection of clinic infrastructure.
      • Unwilling revivification is defined as revivification not performed at designated revive points. Consent to revivication is considered to be tacitly given by the presence of a zombie at a clearly-marked revive point.
    • Members should not engage in Use of Force unless strictly necessary and sanctioned by Rotter's Relief senior staff.

External Organizations

Rotter's Relief is an organization composed entirely of certified first responders and scientists. We are a mix of non-combatants and combat medics. Combat medics are trained in the use of firearms, hand to hand weapons and unarmed combat techniques for the protection of patients and self. Any agreements with us cannot require us to use arms offensively.


The following groups have confirmed their friendships with Rotter's Relief.

  • Note: In agreement of alliance or friendship, both groups agree that the policies and regulations upheld by either group will not influence the decision of the other group, though a compromise is often made out of mutual respect.

Dunell Hills Police Department (DHPD)

Former Relationships

The group's affiliation with the following groups or movements are currently under review. Department of Emergency Management

Zone Defenders

SSZlogo2.jpg Survivor Security Zone
Rotter's Relief helps to protect the Survivor Security Zone.