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A "rot revive" is the term commonly used for the act of revivification when applied to a zombie that has the brain rot skill. This can only be done inside a powered NecroTech building.

Groups and locations in this category are known to be places where it is common to get / perform a rot revive, generally as a result of the groups organized efforts to make it so.

Active/Known Rot Revive Clinics

As of 5 October 2016, the following buildings are claimed be used by various groups as locations for rot revives, are identified as such in suburb barricade plans, and have been recently reported as being used as such (when not ruined and overrun by zombies):

Inactive/Disputed Rot Revive Clinics

As of 14 August 2014, the following buildings are no longer in active use as rot revive clinics. They may or may not still be identified in suburb barricade plans as rot revive locations.

  • The Panes Building, Ruddlebank [17, 85] - Rotter's Relief - Still listed in the suburb plan as an unbarricaded rot revive point, but the most recent available report, from July 2014, indicates it is no longer being used as such.

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