Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile

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Cult of the Crocodile
Abbreviation: CSC
Group Numbers: 30 and growing...
Leadership: The Stuffed Crocodile
Goals: To spread the word of our Lord Crocodile.
Recruitment Policy: Believe in his toothy visage and put "Cult of the Crocodile" in your Group Name
Contact: Any Member

Sobek Nile.gif

Mission Statement

To search museums for more stuffed crocodiles and spread the word throughout Malton.

Join us in worship of the Toothy Lord! All one need do is write "Cult of the Crocodile" in their profile and take the Holy Pilgrimage as shown below. While at the Site of our Reptilian Lord, put on those most Holy clothes and return to Skarin to be welcomed by your brothers!

Latest News

(Most recent events at top, consistent format appreciated)

June 18th, 2020: Not one, but TWO of His Honourable Followers have repaired Skarin and are hanging out all alone in Dunningwood. If anyone is out there, come worship! A stuffed crocodile has been placed at Skarin for your religious pleasure. Please note that all stuffed crocodiles have been disinfected for your safety during these trying times.

April 3rd, 2015: I've had a vision, and i'm not sure if I should be rejoicing or terrified. I saw 2 armies, marching on the gates of hell. One led by a benevolent man, wearing a necklace of crocodile teeth. The other, led by a being that would terrify even Satan, draped in a cloak made of alligator skin. I believe it is a sign that the crocodile and the alligator have taken the form of men, and that a great war will decide the fate of us all. May the taxidermied terror protect us all...

March 3rd, 2013: Pastor Flame founded Question Parish, A Mission based out of the Question Building in the suburb of Mornington. Radio frequency for the parish is 26.65 hmz.

October 8th, 2012: A lingering peace has befallen Skarin row and its inhabitants, causing some to wander. May they spread his message far and wide! St. TMX Elmo has also been sighted, his faith and presence reminds us of the holy crocodile's strength and eternal vigor.

June 17th 2012: Blasphemy! An evil minion of the dreaded Alligator has placed a totem of said dark reptile in the Temple of the Crocodile! Only breathily-challenged followers of the Crocodile can restore the Temple by purging it of stuffed Alligatory badness.

February 17th 2012: Besieged by the undead, and with murderous survivors from the Flowers of Decay attacking from within, the Cult suffers dark days once more. But the Toothy Lord is with them in darkness as He is in light. His Benevolent Grin can never be extinguished... or can it?

January 9th, 2012: With only one believer so far, the Mayan end of the world theory is struggling to gain general acceptance by the Cult.

January 6th, 2012: Another year, and the Cult just keeps on keeping on. Praise the Crocodile! But rumours of the end of the world are whispered through the streets of Malton... after all, the Mayans built such large pyramids, you can't explain that...

September 24th, 2011: Peace continues, the Avatar of the Toothy Lord sits serene in the midst of His paintings.

August 12th, 2011:Other than sporadic attacks by Harold Max, veteran zombie minion of the Alligator, the Temple is at peace again.

July 12th, 2011: The Horde of undead came from the north vandalizing our Temple once again, but the Crocodile is eternal.

July 5th, 2011: The Temple at Skarin Row PD is restored - an Avatar of the Toothy Lord sits serene in the midst of His 12 sacred european paintings depicting scenes from the Book of Teeth. After the long dark night of the Dead, a new day has dawned.

June 21st, 2011: The Dead are gone, maybe? And peace has returned to Malton. But many of the Crocodile's followers have returned to the Dust beneath His Scaly Belly, and recruiting efforts will take time. The first such effort by Mrrrggggh resulted in a deafening silence.

June 10th, 2011: After every night, the sun shines forth... Praise the Crocodile, for Malton returns to life and life returns to Malton!

May 10th, 2011: Hope dies, and with it most of Malton... the dead outnumber the living nearly four to one... are these the prophesied End Times?

April 22nd, 2011: Skarin continues to be besieged by the undead minions of the Alligator. The Temple has been reclaimed and fallen again too many times to count. The horde grows in numbers every day, and things look bleak. But the Scaled Protector is with us, and we feel the love of His Toothy Grin.

March 1st, 2011: Skarin has fallen and cultists brought to the ranks of the dead.

February 14th, 2011: The Crocodile celebrated Valentines day by delivering love bites to all His loyal minions.

January 11th, 2011: The Temple at Skarin Row PD is restored, with a trio of the Toothy Lord's Avatars arranged at the centre of a circle of European paintings. Life resumes, but zombie numbers are high, how long can it last? ....and its gone, you cult members are too eager to get the full glory going again, you gotta give these hordes a week or two to move on!--Bizkit66 06:56, 18 January 2011 (UTC)

News from the Previous Years is now being Archived Here

History Of the Crocodile

The first noted case of The Great's One's worship is of Ancient Egypt's 'Sobek', the crocodile god. In fact a city next to the nile which was famous for widely worshipping 'Sobek' was called Crocodilopolis. 'Sobek' was powerful, and controlled water and fertility, the basic nessecities of life in the arid desert.

In the everglades of Florida, a crocodile born here in Malton had been used in a sacrificial ceremony performed by the Voodoo Witchdoctor Jakra Obinu. But the ceremony had gone terribly wrong when, for convenience, Obinu used KFC instead of live chickens. He had accidentally invoked the spirit of [Sobek] into the crocodile during the ceremony.

Infuriated by Obinu's laziness, the Crocodile bit his head off and left his carcass to rot in heat of the everglades. But with the witchdoctor dead, the spirit of [Sobek] remained trapped inside the crocodile and so he remained there.

After years of contently living in the everglades in harmony with his creations, he was eventually hunted and killed by poachers. The dead crocodile was later sold to a taxidermist, stuffed, and displayed in his study along with many other dead creatures. Even though the body was dead, the spirit remained trapped.

Over the years, he had passed through the hands of many owners. Each one told stories of hearing voices when in its presence, objects appearing out of nowhere, and invisible forces keeping them from entering rooms with it displayed. it eventually was sold to one of the many museums in Malton, ironically back close to His birthplace. There, researchers made many discoveries about the stuffed crocodile's past. The crocodile was scheduled to be transported to a local Necrotec lab for further research but the zombie outbreak occurred before it could be moved.


The claims made above regarding the history of the Scaly Lord are based on research from the local museum. These claims are not recognized by many of the Crocodile's devout followers, who claim instead that "He always was, and that He always shall be".

Some claim that the Lord was always a Croc, and was stuffed when he visited Earth to check on things, so in anger and punishment he cursed the world with the undead. Believers of this often say 'You think Malton is the only city with zombies? Well check over the barricade at the rest of the world too. We were just the first...'

Others claim that the Crocodile is in fact female, and believe in a version of heaven where those who lived a righteous life "nestle like eggs in the nest of Her Scaled Magnificence".

Since the addition of a stuffed alligator and two more crocodile avatars to Skarin PD, more controversy has arisen.

By some views, the Alligator is the Crocodile's jester who keeps Him entertained. The Alligator also often represents non-believers, aka the Clown Jester. In some ways it is not dissimilar to such mythological figures as Loki in Norse legend, or Coyote in Native American tradition. Others believe that the Alligator represents pure and darkest evil, and is the Cult's equivalent of the Devil.

The second Crocodile is regarded by many as His mistress in whom He finds interest. It is also believed that she makes new members migrate to the Skarin Row PD. The third crocodile is thus presumed to be the son of our Scaled Lord and his mistress, and represents innocence, rebirth, and the nooblets who have recently found their way to the PD. Another possible interpretation of the three crocodiles is as an equivalent of christianity's trinity concept - i.e. father, son, and toothy spirit.

Counter to these theories there is a minority opinion that the extra stuffed Crocodiles are false idols placed on the holy mantle to test the wisdom of the Cult. Only the Holy Crocodile God, in his glorious magnificance, can truly judge right from wrong. We are but dust & earth under his clawed feet & scaly belly.

The most popular view as of June 2008 is that the Alligator is purest evil, that there is only one Crocodile though He may be represented by any number of stuffed avatars, and that zombies can praise the Crocodile (Braarz za Grargargarah) too.

It has also been claimed that all the divine power the Cult is channeling from their idol is coming, not from the idol, but the Platonismic ideal form of stuffed crocodile, who is known as "The Winslow."

The Pilgrimage

The pilgrimage involves a visit to the humble birthplace of the Scaly Lord, The Reptile House of the City Zoo. Once there, followers often give thanks and praise for the safe journey, in the belief that the Stuffed Crocodile will provide along the way. Followers can often be heard giving the joyous message to the faithful: "Celebrate with me the good news, oh followers of the Taxidermied Terror! The trip may be dangerous, but his scales shall protect thee!"

The first day: The original journey involved traveling from the Skarin Row Police Department to Kelreher Walk Police Department in Randallbank.

The second day: On the second day, followers reach The Reptile House with one AP left to properly worship the Toothy Savior before going back to the Kelreher Walk Police Department.

The third day: On the third day, followers travel back from Kelreher Walk Police Department to Skarin Row Police Department, the actual location of The Stuffed Crocodile.


Prima Denta, First tooth, BOT: Prima Denta I Along the nile Sobek basked on the bank and a son of a farmer went out to the bank to retrieve a forgotten item he left there there he found the grandeur of Sobek the boy attempted to approach the great one But Sobek growled at him to leave him in his peace. Later on the boy attempted getting close to him many times but Sobek always thwarted him in his pursuit then one day Sobek saw a river horse nearby and felt hunger. With much ferocity and tactic the river horse was defeated and the Toothed one ate plenty and noticed the boy once more and from this scene the boy learned much from Sobek and with Sobek as his emblem and inspiration he became the first solider on the nile

BOT: Prima Denta Fall of Alligator II In time before now the being known as, the Alligator, was the high jester of the Crocodiles court in the city of Crocodopolis, a trickster at heart and by trade, he was loathed by all else in the court except His Toothiness because of his tricksters ways as he pulled tricks on his fellow peers. When need arised for one of cunning, the Crocodile counted on him, until while keeping watch over the Crocodile’s pond he pulled a prank on some local that inadvertently caused the water of the pond to foul up and stench of decay that lasted for a whole moon. Flabbergasted by the situation and egged on by the rest of the court His Toothiness banished the Alligator from the court. For many years after that the Alligator attempted to redeem himself, but with the Crocodile’s memory of the stench and the urging from the rest of his court, The Crocodile denied the Alligator reentry into the court.Saddened by lack of success, the coldness from the court and the amount of time spent in attempting reentry the Alligator became bitter and thus has become the Alligator we now know.

Genesis Prima Denta III In the beginning there was a deep warm river, and all was still, and The Crocodile floated upon the face of the waters. But He grew weary, and felt the need of a place to rest, and thus a warm muddy sun drenched bank was created," and The Crocodile rested thereon and it was good. When he awoke, the Crocodile felt the need for a something to look upon, so He created the jungle around the river, and many rainbow colored birds to clean His Teeth, especially that bit at the back behind" again. The last tooth, in where the jaw hinges, and you can never reach it... anyway, the jungle was filled with life, including monkeys who eventually evolved into humans, who cut down the jungle and drove the Crocodile back into His River, woe upon infamy"

BOT: Prima denta IV In time long before the hordes His toothiness knew greats sands And was known as Sobek And he was revered and graced, He knew the Bright Falcon And with the first sunrise He burst forth from the chaos water And with the Falcon created the Earth

Sermno Denta, Talking tooth "When there is no light, He Shall be the Light. When hope fades, He will become hope. And if we are to be judged by our last stand, then let him stand beside us. He is the Crocodile." --The Book of Teeth Sermo Denta I

One unknown disciple writes: "He came to me in a dream, in which He was hanging not in this place, but instead in the St Aidan's Hospital. 'KEEP THEM VERY STRONGLY, FOR THE PEOPLE KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO,' He told me, and I looked and saw His toothy mouth smiling above the barricades. I heard moaning as zeds approached those who were locked outside, left to suffer the consequences. 'TELL THE OTHERS,' He charged me. And with a wink, a toothy grin, and a puff of smoke, he was gone and I awoke." --The Book of Teeth Sermo Denta II

"And through the waters of life do we all swim, guided by His Scaled Magnificence, and He shall hold us, and He shall help us, and we need not fear the depths. --The Book of Teeth Sermo Denta III

"By His toothy visage, I shall smite ye!" --Battle cry of Mrrrggggh, a former zombie serving the Scaly Lord Sermo Denta IV

"The Crocodile reigneth high above; He is mighty, he is great! There between the European paintings He sits, let the people praise His name! He is King and He maintains the right, He restoreth our HP! Worship and exalt the Eternal One! Holy, Mighty Majesty!" --Hymn of the Crocodile Sermo Denta V

"The great one spoke to me tonight, as I was hacking off zack's head. He said that if I bring 100 brothers into the cult, he will make Kelly Clarkson my love slave." --Vision given to a faithful disciple Sermo Denta VI

"When we in darkness walk Nor feel the heavenly flame Then is the time to trust our Croc And rest upon His name!! Amen." --Prayer of the Crocodile Sermo Denta VII

Omni Denta, The All Tooth How doth the godlike Crocodile improve His shining tail, And pour the waters of the Nile on every golden scale! Beatifically we see Him grin, and neatly spread His claws. He welcomes all His Cultists in, with gently smiling jaws! --Buddagazel Omni Denta I

"Our Crocodile, who art in the PD, Holy be Thy sharp teeth. This armageddon come, we art skrewed, Inside buildings as we are outside. Give us this day more ammo, and forgive us our PKing, As we forgive those that PKed against us. And lead us not into zombie hordes, And deliver us from Malton. Amen." --The Book of Teeth Omni Denta II

"Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Croc my life to keep If I should die before I wake I pray the Croc my revive make Amen" Omni Denta III


Various miracles have been attributed to the benevolence of the Stuffed Crocodile. More miracles can be added here as the faithful are blessed.

Mid to late November 2010: A zombied follower seeking to be revived managed to tear down EHB (extremely Heavly Barricaded) from Canner building using a bit over 50 AP, However after succeeding in this attempt to get into Canner, other zombies then sacked the building.

May 14, 2010: Stuffed Crocodile found five FAKs in 5 searches in an unlit and zombie infested hospital.--V darkstar 15:40, 14 May 2010 (BST)

Circa June 12, 2009: One worshipper was able to find 9 health kits with 10 AP in time to help slow an invasion of Skarin PD.

Circa 6th May, 2007: The power of the crocodile allowed a survivor to kill 5 zombies within 50 AP...

8th May, 2007: A former zombie was seen to be seized by a holy vision: "Our scaly defender has sent me a sign!" he said, "While praying to his toothy visage, I found this radio, and look, it is set to 26.69 MHz... from now on, that must be the scaled one's frequency!" The zombie then looked around dazed, before asking if anyone had a radio transmitter.

17th May, 2007: A believer of the crocodile was able to find 5 revivication syringes with only 50 AP.

25th of May, 2007: After the destruction of the Skarin PD generator, a replacement generator and a can of fuel were found using only 5 searches in a nearby factory. Sources are split over whether this constitutes a miracle, but in these faithless times, one must take what one can get.


"It is hard for me to believe that just a few weeks ago, I was lost, wandering Malton without direction. I had been in West Boundwood, supporting a hospital there. There was a girl there, a goddess really. I thought we had a thing going, but when I finally worked up the nerve to ask her to come away with me, and start our own little safehouse together, she turned me down. I was hurt. At the time I didn't understand why such a thing could happen. It was hard to be around her after that, so one day I just gathered up my guns and left. I drifted around Malton for several weeks. I kept looking for a home where there was comradity, and love and power. Everywhere I stopped, the survivors seemed as dead on the inside as Zack was on the outside. When I wandered into Skarin PD, little did I know how much my life would change! Truely, this can be not random luck! All this time the Crocodile has been grooming me for His service. He led me here with his devine power! Doing His work, with my brothers under the Croc, guided by His toothy wisdom, has been the greatest, most uplifting, fullfilling, overpowering experience of my entire life!. Praise his Holy Mighty Majesty, The Alpha and the Omega, The Most High, and Powerful! Bow down and thank the Crocodile for all His blessings and forsake all other stuffed zoological specimens! AMEN Give me a beer, brother! The Croc is King!"
--TMX Elmo

"I embarked on my journey with high faith and a blatent curiosity of what awaited me at the holy zoo, i set off on the three day pilgramage and got only slightly sidetracked and low on AP, so I rested a night in an abandoned car repair shop. The next day I searched for the other police department of our lord croc, and arrived not only to find distruction, but every single survivor in the building was killed by zombies! there was a horde of more than 50 zombies all around! With only 3 ap left our glorious lord provided me cover in a nearby lightly barracaded, unpowered building, the croc must of watched over me, because not one single zombie decided to break down my barracade! I set off towards the holy zoo.... only to find HUNDREDS of zombies infesting the holy sancuary! I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY IN MY LIFE! but lo and behold our Scaley Lord watched over me and even presented me zookeeper clothing to wear! I, however, was not in good spirits. I thought for sure I wasn't going to make it through the night, since I had to crash in an abandoned movie theater just outside the zoo, however I awoke the next day ALIVE, and UNSCRATCHED! After prasing the holy croc, I set off towards home! I can say that it must of been no less than a divine work of our merciful Croc to grant me safe journey and protection... I RETURN WITH THE SAME HP AS I LEFT!"

"I can't believe the Crocodile bloody bit me. He's alive! He's really alive!"
--The Lynch

" Where to start? Ill try to keep it short. I have done some bad things ! after comiting a evil crime !tired wonded and scared! I ended up on the street with a lot of zombies ( and probably deserve all they would have done to me) or what would have been done to me by the others chaseing me ! moving a building every 1/2hr to get off the street, and it took MANY HOURS to do it, I entered the first building I could ! 1/2 hr later I awoke to being in a building with 4 zeds, so I jumpped to the building next door!1/2 hr later I awoke in a building ,scared and in the dark . looking around to decide what to do .The CROCODILE appeared out of nowhere and then there was light and I could see ! and as quickly as the CROCODILE appeared ! poof .... vanashed ! I wasnt scared anymore! I dont even remember checking to see the cades status to help me feel safe! I am now a beliver after being witness to the miracle of the CROCODILE ! I will never harm a cult member and will help spread the word !"

- a REALLY OLD MAN ( in malton)

Tim Quinton said "Out of all the safe havens I chose... why did I have to come across the Croc cult? ."
Bizkit66 said "Tim Quinton, the Croc has an intrest in you! Lay down your life, and give into his scaily greatness and he will make you shine anew! like the whites of his pearly teeth!"
mark eaton said "Because the Stuffed Crocodile will even watch over you, Tim Quinton. He looks over zombies, former RK'ers, and many others who've found the assurance of his toothy blessing."
Tim Quinton said "Well, I'll say this much. At least you guys make it more interesting here."
tbwaffles said "The Croc is the safest haven of all, Tim Quinton."

Known Members

Acidical - Military; Status: Alive; Unknown
Alexis Bledel - Civilian; Status: Alive; Molesting "The Lynch"
Andrew Jevon - Military; Status: Alive; Active
Arikane - Civilian; Status: Alive; Unknown
Aurix - Military; Status: Alive; Active Member
Bizkit66 - Military; Status: Alive; Active
Boris81 - Civilian; Status: Alive; Unknown
Cam333ca03 - Civilian; Status: Unknown
Cambo81 - Military; Status: Alive; Active
Cloud Strife SOLDIER - Military; Status: Unknown
Clove - Military; Status: Alive
Crazy Mofo8 - Military; Status: Unknown
Crocodile Cultist - Civilian; Status: Alive; Active
Doktor - Civilian; Status: Unknown
Dr Mcdoogle - Scientist; Status: Alive; Active Member
Dr Vampire - Scientist; Status: Alive; Active
Edward Bascombe - Military; Status: Unknown
Enasni Dam - Civilian; Status: Alive; Active Member
Erebus Mortem - Civilian; Status: Alive; Active Member
Eqlizer - Civilian; Status: Alive; Active Member
Fenster McSweeny Civilian; Status: Unknown
Ferhago Alexander - Civilian; Status: Unknown
Geezedkay - Civilian; Status: Croquositing The Infidels!
Guinness Medic - Army Medic; Status: Unknown
Jam Kuradoberi - Military; Status: Alive; Active Member
Jervis Tetch - Scientist; Status: Alive; Active Member
Jimbob the third - Scientist; Status: Unknown
Jockler - Military; Status: Alive; Active Member
Johann Tod - Military; Status: Alive; Active Member
Jokeasassin - Civilian; Status: Alive; Active Member
Johnny Flamerson - Military; Status: Alive; Active Member
Kaelene - Military; Status: Dead; Active
Katie LaRue - Civilian; Status: Unknown
Klip non - Military Status active
Lova - Civilian; Status: Unknown
Mark Eaton - Civilian; Status: Unknown
Mrrrggggh - Civilian; Status: Alive; Active Member
Mr Crimson - Military; Status: Alive, Active Member
Pit Pleti - Civilian; Status: Alive; Rather active member...
Poonizzle - Military; Status: Unknown
Radeon Gapper - Military; Status: Alive, Active Member
ReaverVade - Civilian; Status: Missing
Robert Locke - Civilian; Status: Unknown
Samboy - Civilian; Status: Unknown
Sanqui - Scientist; Status: Unknown
Seisenshi - Military; Status: Unknown
Sir Snowman - Scientist; Status: Alive
Sneeto - Civilian; Status: Unknown
Suzzette Dracolovich - Scientist; Status: Alive, Active Member
Tbwaffles - Military; Status: Unknown
Tefl0n B1lly - Military; Status: Alive, Active Member
TMX Elmo - Military; Status: Unknown
Twincam - Scientist; Status: Alive; Active Member
UDR - Reformed Zombie; Status: Alive; Active Member
Vesalus Ti'Chondrius - Civilian; Status: Unknown
Vicki black - Civilian; Status: Unknown

Weaston - Civillian; Status: Alive
Wil Truman- Zombie; Status: Permanently dead
Wounded Coyote- Policeman; Status: Zombie, Active
Coven - Civilian; Status: Alive, Active Member
Xasrai - Military; Status: Unknown
Zarfy - Civilian; Status: Alive, Active Junior Member
Zomborger - Civilian; Status: Residing in Monroeville under the alias Lieksha
Zombra - Civilian; Status: Unknown
Stuffed Crocodile - Civilian; ACTIVE- I'm back.

Update your Status Regularly!

Status in Monroeville

One known member of the cult, Zomborger, has escaped from Malton and found his way into the recently infected city of Monroeville under the name of Lieksha. Although this one member has been confirmed in Monroeville it is still unknown if the Crocodile may have other agents or any influence in this city, whether to protect or attack humans or zombies.

Official Templates

The croc lord.jpg The Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile
This user/group either worships His Scaled Magnificence or pays homage to such Toothy Might and His respective followers.

The croc lord.jpg Stuffed Crocodile
This character worships the Taxidermied Terror. Praise Him for He is Toothy and Green.

Our Alliances and Enemies

Dunningwood Warriors?

Alligator Minions
Flowers of Disease
Defenders of the Gummer Bank
Church of Reathxia