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Motto: Abstulit qui dedit
(Latin: "He who gave it, took it.")

Introduced: February 25, 2008
1st Quarantine Established: March 28, 2008
1st Quarantine Lifted: June 13, 2008
2nd Quarantine Established: August 15, 2008

Government Type: Anarchy

Monroevilleseal.png Monroeville

Population: 42,642
Current Population
0 survivors
2 zombies

Cities of Urban Dead

Mall-in zombie hands-small.jpg

Seems it's over...
--Max Hetfield 02:24, 01 September 2014 (BST)

Monroeville is one of three cities available in Urban Dead; the others being Malton and Borehamwood. It was introduced on February 25, 2008 as part of the promotional campaign for the UK release of George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead. The Monroeville map is based in part on the real-life location of Monroeville, PA as well as locales featured in the movie, Diary of the Dead. The map also features Monroeville Mall, where much of the George A. Romero horror classic Dawn of the Dead was filmed.

Logging in with Monroeville characters is done from the Urban Dead main page. Character names from Malton could not be reused in Monroeville (and, conversely, Monroeville names could not be used in Malton or Borehamwood.) All three cities share the same user database and, for the most part, game mechanics. Differences in game-play are based on available equipment and building types (notably the lack of NecroTech buildings and syringes in Monroeville and Borehamwood has made zombification permanent in those two cities.)

On March 28, 2008, the first quarantine of Monroeville began. The first quarantine suspended new character creation, disallowed idling-out after 5 days, and enabled survivors with the headshot skill to permanently kill zombie characters. On June 13, 2008, the first quarantine was lifted to promote the DVD release of Romero's Diary of the Dead on June 30th. All players received badges in their profiles with their state at the end of quarantine (survivor, undamaged corpse, or headshot corpse). The restriction of new character creation was lifted and headshot zombie players could stand up again.

On August 15, 2008, a second quarantine of Monroeville began, and is still in effect. On that date, new character creation was once again prohibited. However, in the second quarantine, the headshot skill has lacked the ability to permanently kill zombie characters. Monroeville players have been allowed the option to transfer their donation tags to characters in Malton.

After the second quarantine began, survivor numbers steadily dropped as survivors were either killed or idled out. Zombie numbers have followed suit as zombies became disinterested in hunting fewer survivors and idled out. By mid 2009, survivor numbers were consistently below 10. By January 2011, the survivor count reached zero for the first time. However, survivor characters have sporadically become active again. The number of both active survivors and zombies in Monroeville can be seen in the population box to the right.

Distinct Features of Monroeville

New Flavor

"It's a copy of a local newspaper from a few weeks ago. The front page story is about local farming subsidies."
"It's a copy of a local newspaper from a few weeks ago. There's a story about the redevelopment of Monroeville Mall."
"It's a copy of a local newspaper from a few weeks ago. There's an interview with the director of Parkdale Hospital, in Newtown."
  • For the most part, Monroeville has exactly the same clothing options as Malton in the same locations with one minor exception. The mall staff t-shirts in Monroeville all have the description "a shopping mall staff shirt" except the Monroeville Mall which has the standard "a Monroeville Mall staff shirt".


Due to the lack of Necrotech buildings, several skills are useless in Monroeville. These skills are: Necrotech employment, Lab Experience, and Necronet Access. These skills can still be purchased as normal, but the Lab Assistant class is unavailable. Before the game changes of October 14th, 2008, Brain Rot was useless in Monroeville. However, with the addition of Flesh Rot to the game, Brain Rot is now necessary as an antecedent to the advantages of Flesh Rot.


Survivors who are killed or kill themselves receive the following message:

Although zombies in the main Urban Dead game can be "revivified" by NecroTech syringes, no such technology exists in the Romero canon, and this character will remain a zombie.

Zombies that took a headshot during the first quarantine of Monroeville received this message:

You were killed by a zombie hunter, who knew to aim for the head - in Monroeville, a headshot will take a zombie down permanently. Your body may eventually be shipped to Malton for research, when Monroeville has been cleared.

Buildings and Locations

Video Diaries

Crystal Clear app xmag.png main article: Diaries

Characters on the limited-edition Monroeville map have access to Video Cameras, which prior to the 4th of April could be used to record diaries of the locations and events they encountered. The Consumer class started with a video camera; others had to loot them from shopping malls.

By clicking on the video camera's button in your inventory, your character attempted to film anything interesting in their environment, such as a landmark or a zombie horde. Your character also filmed notable events automatically, even if they occurred while you were logged out.

All the clips that were taken are collected on your "Diary" page, which can be accessed by button under the map. You can share this URL with other people, if you want to show off your work. However, all video camera batteries in Monroeville are flat and without access to charger cables, they can no longer be used to film clips.



Monroeville is a square of 98x98 blocks (totaling 9,604 blocks.) This is only slightly smaller than Malton, which is 100x100 (10,000 blocks in total.) However Monroeville consists of fewer but larger regions than Malton's suburbs. The pages for all six of Monroeville's regions are listed below:

To-scale representation


  Oak Hill
  Central Monroeville
  West Monroeville
  South Monroeville
  Outside the City

Region Maps

Full City Map

DG's Monroeville map. (talk/contribute)
city rows 1..49 Monroeville-duke.png
city rows 50..98

Player Coordination

Monroeville Groups


A running radio post, non-archived, is available at Monroeville Radio for those who need to get up to speed on recent reported events.

UPDATE-First radio transmission in years, see link--Dr Mycroft Chris 01:08, 1 June 2011 (BST)


List of Available Monroeville Channels.

The Monroeville 100

On the August 25th, 2008 (exactly six months after Monroeville was opened,) there remained roughly 100 survivors, dubbed The Monroeville 100.