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Featured Articles
Featured Articles are considered to be the best articles in the Urban Dead Wiki, as determined by its users. Before being listed here, articles are evaluated with criteria acting as a guideline. Formerly, only good articles were eligible for featured status, but the good article procedure was ended in 2012.

At present, there are 40 featured articles with 19,389 articles in total.

Current Featured Article

Militant Order of Barhah.gif The Militant Order of Barhah Locator is a tool for all feral zombies, barhah or b!ig mama/papa alike. The MOB Locator will help you find a constant supply of fresh, juicy, and (unusually) ripe bra!nz. (more...)

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Cccivilian.jpg Civilians pay 100 XP for all skills. This means that they need to spend fewer Experience Points than the other classes to buy all available skills. (more...)
Ccmilitary.jpg Survivors with the Military character class pay 75 XP for all military skills, 150 XP for science skills, and 100 XP for all other skills. (more...)
Ccscientist.jpg Survivors with the Scientist character class pay 75 XP for all science skills, 150 XP for military skills, and 100 XP for all other skills. This means they must pay a little above 10% more than any other characters to buy all available survivor skills due to the abundance of military skills in the game. (more...)
Cczombie.jpg Zombies (known in Zamgrh as zambahz) are the walking dead. They are players who started out as zombies, or survivors who died and stood up as zombies.

Zombies have access to the zombie skills tree, and can pay 100 XP for any zombie skill. Characters that begin the game as a zombie start with the skill Vigour Mortis, which gives them +10% to hit when using all non-weapon attacks. (more...)


Syringe.png 404 - Charge of the Life Brigade is a case-study looking at the weeks following the RRF's attack on Havercroft in 2009. It's a tale that follows a group of survivors determined to rebuild a devastated suburb, and offers glimpses into post-siege survivor and zombie mentality. (more...)
Charge.JPG The Battle of Blackmore (August 18th-October 13th, 2006) was a major siege centered around The Blackmore Building in Ridleybank and Nichols Mall in Stanbury Village. The fight appeared to be a stalemate for almost two months, until zombies eventually overpowered Nichols Mall's defenders on October 12. Blackmore fell the next day. (more...)
Dowdney-mall-logo-alt.jpg The Battle of SantLUEville was a week-long battle in late July and early August 2007 between the zombie horde LUE and the survivors situated in and around the suburb of Santlerville. While Dowdney Mall fell almost immediately, once the fight moved to the surrounding suburb, it took on an entirely new dimension and organized revives held survivor numbers steady even as dozens were killed each night. (more...)
Bb1.jpg Blackmore 4(04) was a siege that took place from August 19, 2010 to August 31, 2010. It began with an alleged "failed Piñata" by the group 404: Barhah not found, and quickly spiraled into a suburb-wide conflict between various survivor groups, the Ridleybank Resistance Front, and the Feral Undead. It ended after thirteen days when a joint strike by RRF strike teams established a foothold and overpowered survivor resistance inside the building. (more...)
Mall3.JPG The Fall of Monroeville Mall

Monroeville Mall is very special building in Monroeville for many reasons:

Mall-under siege.jpg In the First Siege of Caiger Mall, on October 27th, 2005, Caiger Mall came under assault by a large number of zombies. Although minor engagements between survivors and zombies had taken place before, the Siege of Caiger Mall is considered by many to have "officially" begun on November 10th. (more...)
Zompresent.jpg Harman for the Holidays: Christmas in Wyke Hills. Another year and the snow begins to fall. In the distance a grumbling drunken survivor drags a small fir tree across a car park on his way to some safe-house or other. Silence reigns. But wait! (more...)
DORIS bruthas.JPEG The Invasion of Gibsonton was a major war in the spring of 2008, when several PKer groups, led by The Imperium Must Die Coalition, invaded the suburb of Gibsonton. After a month of fighting, the PKers emerged victorious and dissolved their coalition. (more...)


Malton-coat-of-arms.gif Welcome to the city of Malton. A Beginners Guide to Urban Dead serves as a brief introduction to the game, as well as a pseudo strategy guide for beginning players. (more...)
Darrien creekMRH.JPG The guide to your First Day in Malton is for people who come to the wiki after (or hopefully on or before) their first day in Malton — or for those who wish they had done so. (more...)
Stop hand.png Grims guide to staying alive : Well, I'm just writing a lovely guide to human survival, based on my experiences as feral zombie, horde zombie, zombie leader, "PKer", NT nomad, and general all-around villain. (more...)
Ghost town picture 2.jpg The Ghost Town Reclamation Guide explains how survivors can reclaim areas with little survivor or zombie presence. Normally ghost towns occur when a large zombie horde has destroyed an area and no one has tried to reclaim it. (more...)
Armycoater.jpg Encumbrance Management Guide explains how best to handle encumbrance, the measure of the amount of items in one's inventory. Improperly managing your character's encumbrance can lead to AP spoilage, missed opportunities and in some cases death. (more...)
Killer.jpg The Siege PKer Guide, by IAmRisen, is based on his experiences at Blackmore-1 and the sieges of Stickling and Giddings Malls. It describes what he did at those three sieges, namely PKing in support of an attacking zombie horde. (more...)
Cgisf-tgg.png The Zombie Lexicon covers much of the vocabulary of one of the four different complex methods by which zombies communicate using Death Rattle, namely Zamgrh. The other three are Zombese, Zombish and Zomban. The latter three refer to codes that can be translated, while Zamgrh is a zombie attempt at language. These serve several important functions including coordination with other zombies and limited communication with survivors. (more...)


Deadset.PNG Borehamwood is one of three cities available in Urban Dead, the others being Malton and Monroeville. Borehamwood was introduced on Tuesday, 28 October, 2008 as part of the promotional campaign for the UK release of the television series Dead Set. The Borehamwood map is based in part on the real-life location in Hertfordshire, UK as well as locales featured in the television series. (more...)
The Burchell Arms.jpg The Burchell Arms is a traditional English pub located in the suburb of Rolt Heights along the border with Pescodside to the east. The Burchell Arms also boasts comfort in times of trouble and cool refreshing beer, all provided by the bar's regulars. (more...)
Malton-coat-of-arms.gif Malton (know in zamgrh as Marzan) is one of three cities available in Urban Dead. As the first available map, it was introduced on July 3, 2005 when the game was released. Malton is the only city in which revivification has been possible and which has never seen suspended registration of new characters. (more...)
Monroevilleseal.png Monroeville is one of three cities available in Urban Dead; the others being Malton and Borehamwood. It was introduced on February 25, 2008 as part of the promotional campaign for the UK release of George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead. (more...)
St. Barbara's Church.jpg St. Barbara's Church was once a small Catholic church in the suburb of Dulston, near the northeastern corner of Malton. Since the "Malton Incident", however, the church has gone largely unused by its original parishioners and became the locus of strange cultic activity. (more...)
Edsonbuildingœ.jpg Located in the North-West corner of Lukinswood, the Edson Building is the direct gateway to three other suburbs: East Becktown to the North, West Becktown to the North-West and Molebank to the West. After the outbreak, the Edson Building was abandoned and quickly fell to the undead hordes. All records of the time between 2005 and 2008 are now lost, but it seems that by the end of that year, the building had been partially restored and was inhabited from time to time. (more...)


Mall-under attack-small.jpg The Malton Danger Center is a set of maps providing live-updating information that anyone can edit for each and every block across the city of Malton. By tapping into the already-existing DangerReport system on the wiki, this map is able to take the building statuses reported elsewhere on the wiki and portray them in a graphical form. (more...)
Dark.PNG Darkness was implemented on May 28th, 2008, with the following words: As the moss and lichens spread across the final few skylights, several types of buildings are now dark without a generator hooked up, reducing search and attack rates until power can be restored. Banks, Cinemas, Clubs and Fort Armouries are all dark in Malton. (more...)
404group image.png Decay is the process by which ruined buildings become more difficult to repair over time. Repairing a ruined building requires that all zombies be removed from it, and that the survivor has a toolbox in their inventory. AP cost to repair any building begins at 1 AP and increases by 1 each server midnight left ruined. This is shown on the "repair building damage" button. (more...)
NecroWatch.png Necrowatch is an initiative to collate NecroTech scans from across the city of Malton. (more...)
TripleStyle.png Play Style refers to the actions and intentions of groups and individuals. These actions generally place groups or individuals into one or more generalized categories of play style. (more...)
Medicspawn.PNG By Spawning, after signing up to Urban Dead, your new character will be placed somewhere inside the city. Exactly where will be randomised, but will be based on a number of criteria, defined by the character class chosen. (more...)
SWresources.PNG A Tactical Resource Point (or TRP) is a building type that is frequently searched for certain items, often with a significantly higher successful search probability than in other buildings that may hold the same item. Tactical Resource Points also serve as Spawn Points for newly created characters. (more...)


Rat-ah-tat-tat.jpg Rat Tactics: A zombie horde has trashed your suburb and moved on. The locals are dead or scattered. Ferals are roaming everywhere. All your safehouses and resource buildings are thrashed. Using Rat Tactics is one way to handle such a situation. (more...)
River.gif River Tactics are a broad range of strategies which seek to gain an advantage over zombie horde and mega-horde incursions through flexibility, redirection and avoidance. (more...)
Tidal tactics.png Malton Marzan is a city of entropy, of decay, and the maxim of Tidal Tactics relies on just that—the inevitable fall of every stand, the collapse of every fortification. Simply put, by hitting something over and over, it will crack, and you'll be able to destroy it. (more...)

User Pages

Gnome.png The World of Gnome is a Choose Your Own Adventure game inspired by Urban Dead and Zork. You are set in a world called the World of Gnome, though the name is never mentioned and there aren't any gnomes around. Instead, expect zombies. (more...)


Coat of Arms of the House of Alner.png The Alner Family, known as the tenants of the once-extravagant Alner Mansion, stand among Malton's elite, being largely responsible for Roachtown's redevelopment after the Great Fire of 1912, as well as its fall into disrepair. (more...)
Dsculinary.png Dr. Schwan's Culinary product line is the newest in scientific advancements from the Colglough Building Labs. (more...)
Mhshardhitting.png The Malton Herald & Sun is Malton's oldest zombie newspaper, keeping the good zombies in Ridleybank and surrounding areas abreast of the latest news since 2005. (more...)
Militant Order of Barhah.gif The Militant Order of Barhah Locator is a tool for all feral zombies, barhah or b!ig mama/papa alike. The MOB Locator will help you find a constant supply of fresh, juicy, and (unusually) ripe bra!nz. (more...)