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Hello. You've reached the start page for a Choose Your Own Adventure game inspired by Urban Dead and Zork.1

You are set in a world called the World of Gnome, though the name is never mentioned and there aren't any gnomes around.2

Your character is none other than you, and you have no idea who you are. You have amnesia. (I never bothered to put in a backstory, and the story so far keeps telling you that you have amnesia, so you have amnesia.)

Just know the setting is a zombie apocalypse on a made-up world probably like Earth. The end has been happening for quite a while, and so far you have somehow survived.

The game is constantly in progress and thus never ends. It's been written over a number of years, beginning from November 8, 2008. Expect changes in the writing, UI, and plot including inconsistencies and small holes—but not one big enough to fall through, merely the kind to trip your foot or stub your toe.

In case you're curious, the game is 2,834 pages long.3 The template I use is this.

If you will, click the button below.

1 There is no likelihood for there to be any grues.
2 There is actually one gnome. His name is Gnome. His userpage is over here.
3 And 14 chapters, two of them being split up into parts. And there's even a (nameless) spin-off. It's 375 pages long, which will get all permutations to the 3rd floor.