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Different classes start with different items. More items are found by searching.

Items use up a percentage of a character's encumbrance. Searching with a full inventory yields a "can't carry any more" message; no AP is lost if this occurs. An exception to this is a supply crate; all items found in a supply crate are added to the finder's inventory, ignoring inventory limits.

Dropping items from your inventory does not use any AP; it does, however, count against an IP's Hit Limit. It also requires that you have at least one AP to keep the "Drop [item]" menu available.

Choose the category that relates to the sort of items you want to know about.

(The different clothing items that can found in Malton are listed here.)

All Items Available in Malton

Items in Monroeville

There is difference between item sets in Malton and in Monroeville:

Items in Borehamwood

There is difference between item sets in Malton and in Borehamwood:

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