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Motto: Mors et fugacem persequitur virum
(Latin: "Death pursues he who flees")

Introduced: October 28, 2008
Quarantine Established: November 28, 2008

Government Type: Anarchy

Deadset.PNG Borehamwood

Population: 11058
Current Population
0 standing survivors
1 standing zombies

Cities of Urban Dead

Borehamwood is one of three cities available in Urban Dead, the others being Malton and Monroeville. Borehamwood was introduced on Tuesday, 28 October, 2008 as part of the promotional campaign for the UK release of Dead Set, directed by Charlie Brooker. The Borehamwood map is based in part on the real-life location in Hertfordshire, UK as well as locales featured in the television series Dead Set.

Logging in with Borehamwood characters is done from the Urban Dead main page. Character names from Malton and Monroeville could not be reused in Borehamwood (and, conversely, Borehamwood names could not be used in Malton and Monroeville.) All three cities share the same user database and, for the most part, game mechanics. Differences in game-play are based on available equipment and building types (notably the lack of NecroTech buildings and syringes in Monroeville and Borehamwood has made zombification permanent in those two cities.) Since 28 November, 2008, Borehamwood has been under full quarantine. New character registration is prohibited and Borehamwood players have been allowed the option to transfer their donation tags to characters in Malton.

Distinct Features of Borehamwood

New Flavour

  • Bloodied eyes were found in the description panel of the game, spray-painted in empty blocks and outside various buildings when the city opened. Survivors can graffiti bloodied eyes themselves by spray-painting "a bloodied eye" in any location in Borehamwood.
  • CCTV monitors are found inside police stations as well as The Big Brother House Control Room. The CCTV cameras give views of surrounding buildings or of open blocks, provided the building that contains the monitors is powered. The CCTV cameras are visible to both zombies and survivors.
  • TVs are another new addition to Borehamwood. They have been found throughout the city inside Hotels, Petrol Stations, and Borehamwood's two Shopping Centres. Televisions give a view of the inside of The Big Brother House's Lounge.
"It's a glossy tabloid magazine. Marky from Big Brother is on the cover, with several unflattering quotes from other housemates."
"It's a national paper that seems preoccupied with house prices and cancer scares."
"It's a recent tabloid. The front page banner questions whether Pippa or Grayson will be voted out of the Big Brother house this week."
"It's a recent tabloid. The main story seems to be about Marky from Big Brother."
"It's a local paper, with a story about security at the Big Brother house in <random region name>."
"It's a financial broadsheet, heavy with economic analysis."
"It's a national paper, full of grim news about the global economic climate."
"It's a glossy tabloid magazine, with exclusive pictures of Veronica from Big Brother."


  • The dead are a lot faster on their feet in Borehamwood; if a zombie without the Lurching Gait skill spots a survivor, they can click the Rage button to instantly gain that skill at no experience point cost. (Note: The zombie in question must be on the same block as the survivor for this option to become available. A survivor in an adjacent square visible in the game's minimap will not trigger the Rage function.)



Players in Borehamwood had the opportunity to win one of five signed DVD copies of Dead Set in a random drawing.

The competition had three criteria:

  • That your character had a valid email address set.
  • That your character find the Big Brother House in game.
  • And that your character enter the Diary Room and leave a message for the cameras by speaking (or groaning.)

Succeeding in this, players were notified they had been entered in the drawing. Winners were chosen on Friday, 28th November, 2008 and notified by email.



Borehamwood-duke.png   Countryside (west and east)
  Northwest Borehamwood
  North Borehamwood
  Northeast Borehamwood
  West Borehamwood
  Central Borehamwood
  East Borehamwood
  Southwest Borehamwood
  South Borehamwood
  Southeast Borehamwood
  Elstree Studios
  The River

Full City Map:

DG's Borehamwood map. (talk/contribute)
city rows 1..49 Borehamwood-duke.png
city rows 50..98

Danger Map

Although the entirety of Borehamwood is now classifiable as a ghost town, the Danger Map has been maintained and can be found by following the link above.

Player Coordination

Borehamwood Groups

Borehamwood Radio

Publicly advertised radio frequencies can be found at the link above. However, with the city in ruins, most radio frequencies now broadcast only static. The only known broadcasts to have occurred since survivor numbers have dwindled below 100, have been by Galaxy News Radio, broadcasting on 28.06 MHz.


Borehamwood discussion channels.

  • Network:

Stats and Scoreboards

The Borehamwood 100

Based on Monroeville's The Monroeville 100 list, the Borehamwood 100 list was devised soon after Borehamwood's quarantine began. After over two months of quarantine, the list was finalized and made public on 7th February, 2009.

Borehamwood Scoreboard

Arcology has created a page where players can post the level of Borehamwood Characters to show off leveling skills or to advertise characters to all zombies and PKers.