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The minimap is part of the Urban Dead user interface. It shows a 3 x 3 grid of locations centered on your location. If you are at the edge of the game map, out-of-bounds area are not shown. The minimap is emulated on location pages using the {{Locationblock}}. Most other also emulate the mini-map, in that any 3x3 section of the map looks as it would on your game screen.

What you Can See

In addition to the locations themselves, you can see building conditions and some or all of the survivors and zombies who are present in the location shown by the mini map. Below is a series of examples that show some Minimaps and explain what is seen.

Example Number 1

Mini Map Example number 1
  • "Glowing" yellow buildings on the minimap indicate there is a running generator in that building. On this map, the Cosins Way Police Dept is powered.
  • The buttons for Ruined building names show up dark grey on the minimap. On this map, the factory is ruined. Because they always show up in this manner, you can avoid them when free running and can seek them out as entry points even when none are otherwise available.
  • The number of zombies present in a block is displayed. If you are outside, you can see all zombies who are outside in the area of your Minimap. If you are inside, you will see only the zombies who are inside at your location. On this map, the observer is outside and sees zombies in his own location and 4 of the surrounding blocks.
  • The background color or pattern outside the button, and the outermost border, indicate the building type.

Example Number 2

Mini Map Example number 2
  • Survivors are shown on the minimap. Not all survivors are shown- only the 5 least active survivor names are shown, and the presence of an (unknown) number of other survivors is indicated by the ellipses (…) following those 5 names. The background color of the name indicates their class; light green for military, pink for civilian, and pale blue for scientist. There are no scientists shown in this picture, although quite likely the survivors shown have science skills. Clicking on a survivor's name on the minimap will open their profile page.
  • Malls are large buildings. When inside a large building (as shown here) you can see the occupants of other sections of the same large building.
  • Each section of a large building is independently powered by its own generator; it is possible for some to be dark, and others lit. This will be shown on the minimap. On this map, every building is powered, as are all 4 corners of the mall.
  • When inside any building, occupants of other squares can not be seen, except as noted above. You also can not see occupants of your own square if they are outside. There may well be zombies outside the mall, but you can't see them on this map- you'd need to go outside for that! The observer in this case also can not see the occupants (if any) of any buildings except the mall, as they are not part of that large building.