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The following is a list of new location types found in Borehamwood, but not in the older maps of Malton and Monroeville. Location types in Malton (many of which are also present in Monroeville and Borehamwood) are divided into buildings and open land. Location types that were new to Monroeville, but were absent from Malton (most of which also appear in Borehamwood) can be found at: location types new to Monroeville.

Open Land

River (shallow)

a river
  • Total: 222
  • Description: "You are on the bank of a river."
  • Notes: The lighter colored river bank squares are shallow enough for either zombie or survivor characters to pass through. No special game mechanics are known.

River (deep)

a river
  • Total: 157 (including 12 blocks that are not confirmed)
  • Notes: The darker colored river squares cannot be entered into by zombie or survivor characters. If attempted, the message; "The river is too deep and strong to cross here." is displayed and no AP are wasted.

River Lock

a river lock
  • Total: 2
  • Description: "You are at a river lock, its wooden walkways crossing the river."

Railway Line

a railway line
  • Total: 98
  • Description: "You are at a railway line, the metal tracks running north to south."
  • Notes: all blocks are aligned from north to south of the map with X coordinate = 35 on GPS

Normal Buildings

Petrol Station

Petrol Station
  • Total: 69
  • Items: fuel can, ?
  • External description: "You are standing outside a petrol station, between the forecourt's petrol pumps."
  • Internal description: "You are inside a petrol station, its shelves now mostly empty."
  • Notes: Differs from garages of Borehamwood, which actually are Malton's auto repairs mechanics-wise.

Suburbs Railway

a railway station
  • Total: 1
  • Items: ?
  • External description: "You are standing outside a railway station, a small, anonymous provincial station, with only a waiting room."
  • Internal description: "You are inside a railway station, in a cold waiting room with a few metal benches."
  • Notes: This railway station is located in the fields at coordinates [34,8], and is the next station north from Elstree & Borehamwood Station along the railway line.


  • Total: 1
  • Items: Flare Gun, ?
  • External description: "You are standing outside a boathouse, a rough wooden-walled frame that juts out from the bank of the river."
  • Internal description: "You are inside a boathouse, the planked floor surrounding an empty square of water."
  • Notes: The boathouse is located at [89, 11] on the GPS, near a country house in Countryside (East). Intuitively, the boathouse is located along the bank the river.

Large Buildings

Ruined Abbey

Crystal Clear app xmag.png main article: A ruined abbey (Borehamwood)

a ruined abbey
  • Total: 1 (4 blocks)
  • Items: crucifix
  • External description: "You are standing outside a ruined abbey, chunks of rubble surrounding the weathered stone walls."
  • Internal description: "You are inside a ruined abbey, long grass reaching up to the roofless sky."
  • Notes: The abbey has already been ruined for hundreds of years and can neither be repaired nor ransacked. It has no doors, but can be barricaded normally by a survivor with the construction skill. An early glitch allowed survivors to loosely barricade it with a lead pipe, despite its lack of doors. This has since been corrected.


Crystal Clear app xmag.png main article: Supermarket

  • Total: 3 (two 2x2 and 1x2, 10 blocks total)
  • Items: bottle of wine, bottle of beer, ?
  • External description: "You are standing outside a supermarket, a low grey building with sale signs across the windows."
  • Internal description: "…, the aisle floors scattered with food and broken glass"
  • Notes: Unlike Shopping Centres (which are Borehamwood's equivalent to malls,) supermarkets only provide beer and wine.

Big Brother House blocks

Crystal Clear app xmag.png main article: Big Brother House

There are 5 types of new building blocks in this large 4x2 building: "the runs", "the control room", "the offices", "the Big Brother lounge" and "the diary room". Also "the eviction area", open block, can be noted here, though it looks to be just a carpark technically.