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The Burchell Arms
The BAR is currently ruined, though exchanging hands almost daily.
User:Officer Mead Sheaffer (talk) 04:22, 11 October 2023
the Burchell Arms

Rolt Heights [89,17]

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a warehouse the Burchell Arms Kitchingman Street Railway Station
wasteland Armstead Library Morrhall Alley

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.

The Burchell Arms.jpg

Brewpub.jpg Bar Tour Stop
This location is an official stop on the Scenic Malton Bar Tour.


The Burchell Arms is a traditional English pub located in the suburb of Rolt Heights along the border with Pescodside to the east. The Burchell Arms also boasts comfort in times of trouble and cool refreshing beer, all provided by the bar's regulars. The pub is home to the survivors known as the Burchell Arms Regulars. Survivors wishing to contact these veteran zombie hunters are asked to drop by the bar and leave them a message.

The pub has excellent strategic importance due to its proximity to two hospitals, Schreiber Drive PD, and to the east in Pescodside are the Clewett NecroTech building and the Otto Street revive point. The B.A.R pledge to maintain all these facilities according to the barricade plan of the area (below), as well as providing both safehouses and revives for locals.

Barricade Policy

The Burchell Arms' famous signpost which is also recognized as the group crest for the Burchell Arms Regulars.

The Burchell Arms should be Extremely Heavily barricaded at all times. This is in accordance with the Rolt Heights Barricade Plan and the barricade plan set by the Burchell Arms Regulars, who both own and maintain this building. Survivors who find the barricades below this level are asked to help raise them in order to ensure the safety of the survivors staying inside the pub. Due to the pub's nature, which is the traditional headquarters of the B.A.R, survivors will require Free Running to normally enter the building due to the barricade level, but they are reminded that this is due to the fact that the pub has been targeted in the past by wandering zombie hordes hungering to challenge the Regulars.

The Drinker's Oath

Patrons of the Burchell Arms all appreciate the value of a good drink, whether a cold beer or hard liquor. After more than a few drinks the bar's patrons will often break into song, among which the survivors are known to bellow out popular Irish drinking rhymes, such as:

"There are many good reasons for drinking,
One has just entered my head,
If a man doesn't drink when he's living,
How the hell can he drink when he's dead?"

This drinking rhyme reminds the survivors that alcohol is only meant for the living and it is for this very reason that they need to protect Malton's precious beer supply from the pillaging zombie hordes, on whose deadened taste buds it would only be wasted. No greater crime is there than to waste a good beer. Another Irish drinking rhyme would be:

"I drink to your health when I'm with you,
I drink to your health when you're gone,
I drink to your health so often,
I'm worrying about my own."

This drinking rhyme refers to drinking, well... a lot. If anything it reminds us that you should never drink and drive. Which considering the state of affairs in Malton proves an impossibility, so just keep on drinking!

BAR banner.JPG


know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.97 MHz MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: 89,17

Burchell is the Radio Broadcast HQ of The Burchell Newscast Team, a sub-group within The Burchell Arms Regulars. To hear your weekly broadcast from this station and all special/analytic reports from this network, click here.

Building Status

Barricades: Ruined

Generator: Destroyed

Beer Fridge: Warm

Beer Kegs: Broken

Radio Transmitter: Destroyed and off the net

Patrons: Undead

-- 22:41, 3 December 2022 (UTC) Advictorian, a member of the BAR

Historical Updates

February 5th, 2017 - The Scourge visited the Burch for a good ol' time. It involved alcohol, unexpected revives, 176 shots of tequila and a broken bar. Good times.

December, 2015 - The Regulars were hit hard to end the year. Too drunk to get up in time resulting in the loss of the Burchell Arms. Massive hordes destroy most of Rolt Heights and Pescodside scattering many of the BAR's members.

April 4th, 2013 - The Burchell Arms Regulars institute a Ladies Night, featuring reasonable drink specials and karaoke. To the BAR's surprise, a few actual ladies show up. Jesus Sante CFT 13:38, 8 April 2013 (BST)

April & May, 2011 - Sadly the Burch has been ruined for some time, but this hasn't stopped the B.A.R from having a high old time hiding and running from huge groups of undead. See, they've not found our stash of communion wine and cheap Lildi Export lager yet, and whilst that's still safe, the B.A.R will prevail etc etc. --Rockefella Plaza 16:35, 15 May 2011 (BST)

December 25th, 2010 - Just thought yall would like to know: there are currently 23 zeds standing outside of your pub. --Harm A Biff 08:34, 25 December 2010 (UTC)

October 10th, 2010 - The MOB has strolled into town, but have yet to attack the Burch. We shall see what happens. --Mead 18:59, 10 October 2010 (BST)

May 2nd, 2010 - The Burch' is doing fine, with the pub being Extremely Heavily (EHB) barricaded and powered. Why powered? So the BAR can keep their beer cold, that's why. --Mobius

March 24th, 2010 - The Burchell Arms Regulars reported that the Burch' was EHB, with both a working generator and radio inside. However there are 7 zombies outside. --Mobius

March 16th, 2010 - The Burchell Arms Regulars reported the pub was EHB and powered. At this time the BAR is in conflict with the The Streltsy. Multiple PKings within the pub have been reported.

November 18th, 2009 - The Burchell Arms Regulars reported the Burch' was overrun with about 30 zombies inside. All survivors were killed and both the generator and transmitter were destroyed. Truly a sad day for the BAR as without power their beer will start warming.

May 10th, 2009 - The Burch' is EHB and powered, although there is currently no working transmitter. A BAR member reported that an estimated 1-4 zombies were standing outside at any given time, testing the barricades.

May 4th, 2009 - The pub was just reclaimed by a member of the Burchell Arms Regulars who revived the last zombie standing inside and then kicked his body outside. The pub was then VHB, but is still without power.

December 21st, 2008 - The Burchell Arms Regulars reported that the Burch' is Extremely Heavil barricaded, powered, and with it's own radio. Anyone looking for cold beers is invited to the pub. Unless your some kind of zombie. The BAR doesn't care much for those types. No zombies allowed.

December 11th, 2008 - While it's unclear as to the specifics of what has happened in the past few days, or whether this is even the same zombie, the Burchell Arms Regulars did report that the pub was still occupied by a single zombie. As such, the fate of the BAR's beer supply is still in jeopardy... or perhaps even DOUBLE JEOPARDY! Does anyone watch Jeopardy anymore? Anywho...

November 27th, 2008 - The Burchell Arms Regulars continue to fight the good fight, reporting that only a single zombie now stands inside the pub. Whetehr the BAR will reclaim the Burch' this day has yet to be confirmed.

November 25th, 2008 - Tommy Monahan rode into the Burch' astride his mechanical riding bull, pulled by a dozen a half-dozen two Regulars, and together they promptly trounced the remaining zombies inside the pub. The Burch' is back in survivor hands... time to celebrate with a beer party!

Update: Tragedy of tragedies! It would appear that any victory celebration would have to be delayed as the pub has been reported ransacked and ruined! The culprit? None other than Dead Animal of the Dead Animals. No wait. Of brainROT RUM? When did that happen? Anyway, it was reported Dead Animal was last seen slouched over the bar, gnawing on the beer taps, frustrated because he doesn't remember how to get the good stuff flowing. Now the question is, will the BAR stand for this or will zombies continue to occupy the pub?

November 24th, 2008 - The Burch' was overrun by zombies. The reason is unknown, but the Burchell Arms Regulars lay blame on zombies hating happy drunk people. At this time there are 3 zombies inside and another 3 more zombies outside. Regardless, the pub was ransacked and ruined... spilling much of the BAR's precious beer. The BAR has sworn swift retribution.

November 23rd, 2008 - The Burch' is still holding, although barroom attendance appears to be thin these days. At this time the pub is Very Heavily barricaded, with some signs that zombies have been banging on the doors. Still the only real problem of late has been from murderers roaming the area.

November 19th, 2008 - Beer party! The Burchell Arms Regulars celebrated at the pub today after a recent recon report revealed that the tactical situation in their area was slowly improving. Many might say that's hardly a reason to celebrate, but in all seriousness the BAR never really needs a reason to throw a beer party. So drink up!

November 18th, 2008 - Days pass and the Burchell Arms Regulars have shown no signs of letting the Burch' fall to the roving ferals that followed the Militant Order of Barhah into Rolt Heights. For the most part the area is recovering slowly. The pub is Extremely Heavily barricaded.

November 15th, 2008 - No one is sure when it happened, but the Burch' was reported fallen, having been ruined by the zombies yet again. And yet, on this very day, the Burchell Arms Regulars returned to their pub and reclaimed it. With a half-dozen men and Extremely Heavily barricaded fortifications they plan to hold back against any further attempts by the zombies to assault their beloved home.

November 10th, 2008 - Tommy1504, or "Blazin' Guns Tommy", revived 2 Regulars and retook the Burch', but at this time the barricades have only been raised to Quite Strongly as there are... how do you put it... "more important buildings" still left to reclaim. How something can be more important than beer is anyone's guess, but ammo and syringes have been known to be "right up there". So to speak.

November 9th, 2008 - After a month of peaceful beer drinking trouble finally showed up. The zombies, who were with or associated with the Militant Order of Barhah, came swarming in from the south and overran the pub's barricades. In the end the B.A.R. reported 5 zombies inside. Obviously every effort is being made to re-secure the pub's precious beer supply. For without beer how can we hope to survive? Well, I mean really survive.

October 7th, 2008 - The answer to yesterday's question: "Not very long". The B.A.R. has killed the last remaining zombies occupying their beloved pub and reclaimed it.

October 6th, 2008 - The Burch' has been reported as laying in ruins with 2 zombies standing inside the famous pub. The question on everyone's lips is how long with the Burchell Arms Regulars stand for it?

October 3rd, 2008 - Fuelled by a hidden stash of beer, the Burchell Arms Regulars stormed the Burch' and reclaimed it. Or that's how they remember it. They were pretty drunk at the time and half of them can't rightly recall if they were living or undead at the time of the assault. Regardless, there were no hostile zombies remaining inside the pub.

October 2nd, 2008 - Zombies have continued to batter the pub's defences and today breached the barricades. The Burchell Arms Regulars are fighting them tooth and nail, but so far a half-dozen have managed to crawl inside. With the recent fall of the Clewett Building in Pescodside zombies previously sieging the NT facility are now striking secondary targets all around, including the Burch'.

Update: Much blood and beer was spilled on this day as the Burch' fell to the onslaught of the zombie mob that had been harassing the pub for the past few days. Those survivors who did not escape the slaughter, were, well... 'slaughtered'. MrGomez, a manager at the B.A.R., was rumoured to have defiantly stated, "The B.A.R. would like to take a moment to remind everyone that we don't fear death, not when it's in the defence of our pub, but why so much beer-spillage? So we want to tell all the zombies out there that's just not classy... not classy at all."

September 16th, 2008 - Zombies, pouring in from Dulston and Pescodside, launched an attack against the Burch'. The Burchell Arms Regulars though held their ground and fought back. Even so, the zombie situation in Rolt Heights is growing worse.

September 4th, 2008 - Recon reports of the surrounding zone show that the immediate area to be clear of zombie activity. Of course the Burchell Arms Regulars is keeping a close eye on the zombie horde smashing Dulston and flooding into Pescodside.

August 16th, 2008 - The Dead smashed their collective bodies against the barricades of the Burch'. Survivors inside the pub have rallied to hold them back, and out, of the building. The Burchell Arms Regulars have begun efforts to repel the attack. There was a breach at one point, but none other than tommy monahan himself killed the offending zombie and re-barricaded.

June 5th, 2008 - There were few members of the B.A.R. present at the pub today as most had headed over to St. Arnold's Church to celebrate Biertag.

June 2nd, 2008 - The B.A.R. reported that the area around the Burch' is clear, except for 2 zombies, with one each at Club Tompson and Club Webbe. The pub is firmly in the hands of survivors and all law-abiding patrons are welcome.

April 12th, 2008 - The service at the bub has for several weeks now been limited to what you can gnaw and claw from the corpses scattered in the area, animated or not.

March 24th, 2008 - The Burchell Arms has been overrun and ruined by a horde of zombies for the second time in less than a month. More information will follow as soon as information becomes available.

Update: Noted NecroTech scientist, Caleb Usher had this to say, "Actually based on a news report from the BAR I was able to ascertain that the Burchell Arms was reclaimed on February 23rd, so in fact the loss of the pub on March 24th indicates it was actually more than a month since it was last overrun, insomuch as each month varies in the number of days commonly associated with it. To be specific, the pub fell 30 days after it was last cleared of all zombies." --Mobius 13:43, 31 March 2008 (BST)

February 23rd, 2008 - The Burchell Arms Regulars reclaimed the Burch' and finally drove out the zombies.

February 18th, 2008 - After the Second Big Bash rolled through the area, the Burchell Arms was systematically cleared and ruined by zombies. While many BAR members escaped, they found themselves trapped when the BB2 blocked off the fallback position. Then, scattered and disarrayed, they still fought back. An attempt on to retake the Burch, while met with failure, was a starting point in reatking it. Only time will tell whether the Burch is taken in a week by the brave pub survivors.

December 8th, 2007 - A week has passed, and apart from a short-lived attempt to reclaim the building, the pub is still in the rotting hands of the zombies. A crudely painted sign reading "BARHAH ARMS - UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT" hang at the doors, and the undead mingle in the ruins of the once proud establishment. A group of 24 zombies are spending their Friday at the pub, mocking the living with a shambling parody of a night out.

Update: The remaining zombies inside the Burch' have been killed and dumped. The Burch' is once again in the possession of the BAR.

December 1st, 2007 - Following the massed attack of the Militant Order of Barhah, the pub is in ruins, regulars eaten and much beer spilled.

June 28th, 2007 - In response the Burchell Arms Irregulars would like to point out that any pub landlord worthy of the title would know an ASBO. The BAI have decided that Mr. Gomez is probably an American and therefore not aware of the governing rules of European pubs. They left a note, slipped under the pub's door, stating that he might want to learn more about "Al Murray", the greatest pub mind to ever grace the planet.

Update: It should be noted, of course, that Jim Phil is in fact the owner of the Burchell Arms and leader of the BAR. While Mr. Gomez is an employee.
Further Update: It should also be noted that the attack and subsequent douchbaggery perpetrated by the Irregulars was so monumentally staggering in its impact on the B.A.R. that I had to come onto this page just to find out that it even happened, three weeks later. Christ, if only all our problems were so difficult... Jim Phil 02:52, 18 July 2007 (BST)

June 27th, 2007 - The Burchell Arms Irregulars would like to thank our drinking buddies The Burchell Arms Regulars for giving us a good knees up. While passing through Rolt Heights, ASBO wielding MrGomez initiated some alcohol related trouble. Not a group to pass up an invitation, we stormed the Burchell Arms, wiped out 6 of their regulars, trashed the pub, and then went on our merry way with smiles on our faces. So thank you to the Burchell Arms Regulars for giving us such a good time, we'll of course be dropping by every so often now that we know where you drink!

Update: For a different point of view reporters checked with the Burchell Arms Regulars. They learned from the BAR that the Burch' was attacked by hooligans calling themselves The Burchell Arms Irregulars. One witness stated that the Irregulars claimed to be retaliating for MrGomez's wielding of an "ASBO". The question stands, what is an ASBO? When asked for a comment, Mr. Gomez stated, "I killed what's happened last night for his common crumbummery, but I certainly didn't use any, err, what was that thing again?". Their attack left 6 Regulars dead and many wondering just how ever did they discover the BURCHELL ARMS Regulars super secret hiding spot?

June 5th, 2007 - Over the past week survivors have noticed an increasing number of spraypainted tags on buildings throughout the suburb which advertise Biertag. At the same time the Burchell Arms Regulars, who are apparently the main sponsors of the Malton holiday, have also advertised the festival on various radio wavelengths. While the celebration is on July 8th some beer enthusiasts here are already discussing their plans while drinking pints of beer at the Burch'.

May 2nd, 2007 - The Rolt Heights War has ended! In the end the BAR tracked down and executed over 169 murderers in the name of Rolt Heights justice. The PKer Alliance has since departed for parts unknown and the BAR can finally get back to what it does best: drinking beer at the Burch' and killing zombies.

April 23rd, 2007 - Sohee showed the usual Red Rum-tenacity by striking again against the B.A.R., with John Primus being the target of her affections this time.

Update: Justice came several days later when, on April 27th at Treweeke Mall in Dulston, Sohee was tracked down by the B.A.R. and executed for her crimes.

April 17th, 2007 - It was reported that John Hernandez of Red Rum dropped by the pub and killed Mikhael04 of the Burchell Arms Regulars.

Update: Retribution came swift as John Hernandez was hunted down and executed by the B.A.R. that very same day at the Hewetson Building over in Dunningwood. As John was laying dead in the street at the time he could not be reached for further comment.

April 15th, 2007 - Special Agent Mulder of Red Rum murdered chimpoid of the Burchell Arms Regulars in yet another Rolt Heights War confrontation.

April 14th, 2007 - Dedicated killer, Torec Shadecrow, made yet another return to the Burch', this time to kill Ilsa Koch... wait a minute. Torec already killed Ilsa back on April 9th. Hmmm. Can anyone say "cat fight"? I knew you could! While there were no reports on what exactly happened I'm sure that it went down something like this (wink): Torec entered the pub, grabbed Ilsa, and then they fell to the floor while tearing at each others flimsy clothes until they were both naked. Oh, and then Torec killed Ilsa with... the "kiss of death"! Hot. Very hot. Uhhh. So yeah, this was all a part of the Rolt Heights War. I need a drink.

Update: Torec also killed Aguero de Dios, but that's not nearly as interesting.

April 13th, 2007 - Jamsies of the Burchell Arms Regulars was doing his best to bring honor to his group by downing his tenth glass of beer when Sujiko from the Malton Mob made a hit on him. No, not "hitting on him". That's just gay 'alternate-lifestyle partner orientated'. No, he shot and killed jamsies. Even so jamsies, one of the B.A.R. honor guards at the Burch' during the Rolt Heights War, has vowed to return.

April 12th, 2007 - DragonRagnarok of the Acid War Templars murdered Torjim and JohnMac, both of whom were card-carrying members of the Burchell Arms Regulars. Torjim later claimed he was just drinking his beer and got sidelined by the Rolt Heights War.

Update: Later that evening PN Lenny of the Creedy Guerilla Raiders slipped inside the pub and killed prettylvingdead of the BAR. Of course this hasn't discouraged him or any of the other BAR members from seeking revives and returning to their here for more beer. In the immortal words of Jim Phil, "Let 'em come! They know where to find us".

April 10th, 2007 - Most of the Regulars have scattered to the surrounding suburbs in order to present the PKer Alliance assaulting the suburb with a more difficult task when targeting the B.A.R.'s members Even so, the B.A.R. considers the Burch' as their home so an honor guard of veteran members have chosen to remain in the pub to show the PKA that they have not abandoned Rolt Heights. Clint Harbringer, one such veteran member of the B.A.R., was reported as having stated, "They don't respect our bar and insist on shooting us while we are hungover. Nonetheless we intend to keep the Burch a hospitable pub and check in regularly to make sure it's okay."

April 10th, 2007 - With the Burchell Arms Regulars making a point of holding the Burch' in the Rolt Heights War they continue to attract attacks from members of the PKA. Today Sohee dropped by again and murdered Senor El Spielburgo of the B.A.R. in cold blood while he was enjoying an even colder beer.

April 9th, 2007 - Torec Shadecrow returned to kill yet again in the Rolt Heights War. This time her victim was Ilsa Koch of Burchell Arms Regulars and a random survivor, Aguero de Dios. Later RivermanStx2, of the Knights of the Temple of the Shrike, murdered Yuri Alexandrovich of the BAR.

Update: RivermanStx2 was hunted down and executed on April 14th while sheltering at the Merryweather Cinema in Pashenton. After a fierce, one-sided, gunfight the knight was killed.

April 8th, 2007 - Torec Shadecrow, leader of Cybele's Slayers, murdered prettylvingdead of the Burchell Arms Regulars. In what can no doubt be considered an attack against the B.A.R. by the PKA, the Regulars have promised to retaliate against any attack made on their members.

Update: On April 10th, over at Headland Street Fire Station in Pescodside, the B.A.R. found Torec and executed her for her crimes.

April 7th, 2007 - Sweet-girl-turned-killer, Sohee, showed off her Red Rum membership by killing CG2 of the Burchell Arms Regulars. Once again the B.A.R. has sworn to defend its honor by hunting down Sohee for her crimes. Lady or not, she had to be punished.

Update: On April 10th at Club Popham over in Gibsonton, B.A.R. bounty hunters tracked down Sohee and executed her. This was yet another tit-for-tat kill in the Rolt Heights War.

April 5th, 2007 - In a surprise attack, knightmonger of the Brotherhood of the Reckoning murdered jamsies and Kittystrophy, both of whom were veteran members of the Burchell Arms Regulars. The B.A.R. has promised swift retribution against him in the Rolt Heights War.

Update: On April 9th at Chaffie Lane School in Pescodside, knightmonger was finally tracked down and executed by the B.A.R. for his crimes.

March 21st, 2007 - The Grove and Burchell Arms Regulars celebrate St. Patricks Day in style! Green beer, decorations, and good old party music! In true Irish fashion the celebration lasts for a full 5-days. Afterwards the Grove packed up their gear and moved on, but not before making sure they had swagged more than enough beer for their trip. In return they left behind a gift... a Christmas tree.

March 17th, 2007 - Many B.A.R members took the day off from hunting zombies and celebrated St. Paddy's Day by getting extremely drunk. SamtheMan himself led the celebrations after it was revealed that he was from the most Irish place in the world other than Ireland... Liverpool.

March 10th, 2007 - The Grove, given an invitation to drop by the Burchell Arms by a member of the B.A.R, have decided to take them up on the offer especially since the group's beer supplies were dangerously low. Having just arrived from Pescodside they declare that the party switch is officially in the "ON" position.

December 16th, 2006 - Preparations were made by all B.A.R Employees and Managers in order to help defend the Burchell Arms and the surrounding buildings. It is almost certain that the horde is on its way. GhosteOfSpectar stood atop a bar stool and announced to the bar's patrons, "United we stand, divided we fall".

October 29th, 2006 - Relief operations by the Burchell Arms Regulars have concentrated on maintaining the safety of resource buildings around their safehouse. Zombies have given up besieging the Burchell Arms and are migrating out of the suburb. All recon reports from around the pub indicate that the area is safe.

September 24th, 2006 - Reconnaissance scouts from the B.A.R report that the Burchell Arms is the ONLY powered building in 15-block radius. This raises more than a few eyebrows, but in the chaos following the Big Bash it's certainly understandable.

September 23rd, 2006 - After a series of battles the last of the zombies occupying the pub has been cleared out and reclaimed by the Burchell Arms Regulars. Once again beer flows from the bar's taps.

September 15th, 2006 - The bar brawl from the previous night leaves the pub in shambles as the Big Bash and Minions of the Apocalypse have once again overrun the pub and forced the Burchell Arms Regulars to evacuate. The Minions, still recovering from the hangovers that eating hardened alcoholics brings on, are left moving even slower than usual during their daily hunt. Defeated, but not destroyed, the B.A.R has vowed to return and reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

September 14th, 2006 - The sounds of clinking glasses and rowdy drinking songs attract unwanted attention from the Minions of the Apocalypse. Mere moments after the zombies break in a good old-fashioned bar brawl breaks out. After the fighting settles down the zombies have come out as the victors. Grudgingly those members of the Burchell Arms Regulars that are still alive fall back to nearby secured safehouses.

September 12th, 2006 - Power was restored inside the pub thanks to a new fueled generator provided by Clint Harbringer and installed behind the bar. Finally, the beer can be returned to its natural, cool state. It appears the pub is the only powered building in the immediate area.

September 7th, 2006 - Launching a counter-attack, the Burchell Arms Regulars storm the pub and retake it. Those zombies still remaining inside are swiftly executed and their bodies are dumped into the streets.

September 3rd, 2006 - The Big Bash sieged the pub and eventually overran its barricades. With casualties mounting and zombies overwhelming the pub's defenders the Burchell Arms Regulars ordered a retreat and scattered to their other safehouses. Their HQ was lost despite their best efforts... the Bash was just too big to stop!

September 2nd, 2006 - The Burchell Arms suffered its first break-in since the formation of the Burchell Arms Regulars. Angered that zombies had the audacity to try and steal their beer the B.A.R quickly executed and threw out the corpses before re-barricading.

August 29th, 2006 - The Big Bash marches into Rolt Heights and wanders into the area in and around the Burchell Arms. In response the Burchell Arms Regulars begin fortification efforts at the pub, bracing for an innevitable zombie assault.

July 29th, 2006 - The Burchell Arms has been "zombie free" since the formation of the Burchell Arms Regulars, despite the continued activity of the RRF in the area over the past 2-3 weeks.

July 25th, 2006 - The Burchell Arms Regulars continue to defend the pub and play darts.

July 8th, 2006 - There's power in the pub. Jim Phil, the owner and operator of the Burchell Arms, went on a run down to Treweeke Mall to get a generator so the pub could have the untamed luxury of ice-cold beer!

May 30th, 2006 - The Burchell Arms Regulars (aka, the B.A.R) are formed and open the pub for business to Rolt Heights thirsty survivor population.