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Malton Mob
Abbreviation: MM
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: Mr.Shadows
Goals: Keep the Clubs up and running, perform contract killing and to kill any zombies, authorative figures, any one against PKers and the Mob.
Recruitment Policy: Contact Malton Mob
Contact: Malton Mob fourm

Malton Mob

Murder Came With Smiles, Shooting People Was No Big Deal For Us Goodfellas

About us

The Malton Mob is a Mafia based PKer group which performed services such as Contract killing as well as general PKing. The Mob is known for being the first contract killing group as well as being responsible for events such as The Christmas Rising. The Mobs home is notorious Club Cummings, known as Maltons PKer haven for its high levels of PKers as well as it being a PKer point of interest with many coming and going every few days.

While the Mob has been dormant for the past few months we are now active again and plan on having many such activity's and events again. While we are looking for PKers you do not have to be one to join as we do need pro survivors as well for things such as reviving, PKing, club management and various other activity's.

Malton Crime Syndicate

The Malton Mob is a part of the Malton Crime Syndicate, an organization of other Mafia-styled groups.


Backround The Malton Family had been around since the early 30's when the newly arrived Shadow family set up a large brewery business and soon after established Club Cummings. They soon gained great respect and power in the city.

Club Cummings is the Malton Mob's HQ. First opened in the late 40's Club Cummings was always known as Malton's good-taste club. The founder Michael Shadows had his first crime family experience there. When the Violi family's Don demanded protection money, Michael shot the Don and his fellow henchman that were with him. Soon after he had his own Crime family. The Shadows Family, or the Malton Mob, frequently met in the Club in a private back room. In the late 50's they built Club Vicary which is located next to Club Cummings.

Club Vicary is the Shadows Family's second club. With the up-and-comming times Michael Shadows decided to open up a rave club, parties non-stop. This held the 1978 Disco Fever, the longest party recorded in Malton, lasting three days. By the end of the last night three people died of alcohol poisoning. Since then Club Vicary has held a rule that no parties can be more than 10 hours long.

The Mob later built the rest of the clubs still extant in Shackleville.


When the Outbreak struck the city, Don Shadows was killed. A few months later the remaining Mobsters found him shambling about and revived him. Don Shadows brought his remaining men to Club Cummings and took it from the dead inside. They re-opened the Club and to this provide enterainment and fine foods illegaly imported from outside the Quarantine Zone.


The Officer Assinations

In September 2006 MCDU squads were sent to the neighboring suburb of Tollyton after the suburb was struck by a zombie horde. The Mob took note of the high number of MCDU officers as well as several other DEM officers from the MFD and MPD. In sight of this the Mob took opportunity to gain a reputation and assassinated all the MCDU along with the MFD AND MPD officers several times. They used the cover of saying that the RRF hired them so they're contract killing services would become more known.

After little over a week of this Mr Shadows emailed the MCDU founder and leader at the time Fire Marshal Bill telling him that the assignations would end.

The PKer Club

In October 2006 Club Cummings officially became a PKer Club, with many famous PKers visiting and staying as well as around a dozen PKers staying each night either taking up a residence be it long or short or just passing by, seeing as the Club had become a pker attraction. The Club also had a dedicated PKer revive point in Potter Park run by the PKrn

JohnMorden,Fire Marshal of the district at the time described said:

When the Mob became too decadent, that soon turned into very bad taste. It briefly became a PKer haven, with a specialist PKer revive point next door and other services between PK groups. The Mob and associated PKer groups which numbered too many in Shackleville at one point, were attacked by some locals for getting a little too bold in the area including many PKers, the revive point, and threatening DEM emergency staff

The Shackelville Pillaging

During this time the Mob targeted local resource buildings, killing dozens of people.

FedCom Destruction

The Mob participated in the destruction of the group FedCom. During this time several Mob members joined the large numbers of PKers that set out to destroy both FedCom and send a warning to Last Hope, which ironically enough the Mob hired as extra security for Club Cummings on the 31st of January 2007.

Back home in Cummings many of the PKers heading to the FedCom attack, visited Cummings when going and returning.

The Christmas Rising

The Christmas Rising was a PKer uprising of Shackelville demanding it became a free state, and not dictated by the DEM and they're policies.

The uprising began when Fire Marshal at the time JohnMorden ordered the destruction of Club Cummings, when the first attacks went through he not only killed PKers, but many innocent players as well.

Groups that fought along side of the Mob were the Philosophe Knights , CGR , Red Rum,PKrn as well as many independent PKers and Independent supporters fought against the MFD, MCDU, Malton Marshals, CDF as well as many Independent Bounty Hunters and Independent Supporters.

The Rebels took control of the North, North West and half of the central suburb, while the remainder was under control of the counter forces. Rebels targeted resource buildings such as the suburbs hospitals and NT causing a huge back lash of zombies in rev points and so fort.

As of the weakening of both sides he agreed to end the violence and the uprising officially ended on the 4th of January 2007. The DEM agreed to neutrality unofficially to Club Cummings, while taking a peaceful stance with the Mob if in return they would not randomly PK in the suburb.

When DEM logs of the event were release it showed that they were on the verge of giving into the demands if this continued another few days.

The Shackelville Peace

On the 10/1/07 the Mob announced they would no lo longer for the foreseeable future attack DEM and such and would take peace in the Shackelville area, agreeing to not PK within the suburb and monitor the activity's of any visiting PKers.

The Ides Of March

On the 15th of March,the Mob joined the PKA in a attack of Ackland Mall where about 130 survivors were killed.

Rolt Heights War

The Rolt Heights War was a staged battleground wherein the member groups of the PKA including the Mob launched a protracted war against all survivor inhabitants within Rolt Heights. Due to the nature of the conflict a majority of the initial survivor casualties were unsuspecting civilians who were occupying buildings, but as the attack progressed most of the unaffiliated survivors chose either to flee the area of the conflict or willingly stayed to fight where they where most likely killed. The PKA took up hit and run tactics where they would kill anyone within the suburb and then hide in the neighboring suburbs.

Gangster Warfare

On April 14th a veteran member of BAR killed Mr Shadows. Then, in almost eerie succession, Mr Shadows was found and executed by the BAR several more times in the days that followed. When the executions made local news the Don took offense as this was an obvious sign of disrespect to him and his organization. The Malton Mob returned the favor on April 21st when they stormed the Burchell Arms and gunned down several BAR members in retaliation. The conflict between the BAR and the Malton Mob remained a constant throughout the later-half of the Rolt Heights War with banter traded daily on the BAR forums between both sides.

The Tour

The Mob went on tour, planning to take a trip around Malton, but only covered 1/4. During this time they managed to kill 50-60 people in daily co-op raids.

The second coming of D.A.R.I.S.

The Mob, along with most of the PKA has moved into Shearbank to restart a D.A.R.I.S. trend. The attacks were successful and after a two months the Mob moved back to Shackelville. During this time zombie bartender Exploiter a.k.a Headless Gunner managed the ransacked Club.

The Decline

The Mob was scattered in it's now diminished Numbers across malton with the majority in Cummings. Many players have left the game as of the fact that noting is happening in game. As well as this some have decided to stay with D.A.R.I.S. in Shearbank.

The Re-Emergence

The Mob had once again become very active, with slowly growing numbers yet again. Cummings is very much active after the Mob depression.

While taking a peaceful action to Shackelville in the past, The Mob has taken a sort of mixed view on this now, more recently killing several Shackelville residents for no specified reason.

Those in the Shackelville area should keep they're eyes open for more approaching Mob on goings.

The Big Hush Hush

The Mob is currently doing something somewhere in secretive secluriouse way

Buildings under protection

-Club Cummings -Club Vicary -Raymond Building -Luckwell Plaza Police Dept

Mob lol.JPG


If you or your building need to be protected, just contact us. We'll make sure no one messes with you or your building.

Under Protection
This group is under the protection of the Malton Mob

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Any group that is part of the Malton Crime Syndicate

Any group that is part of the The PKer Alliance

Malton Mafia


The Sun Organization

The Fortress

Philosophe Knights


Hellfire club

Sons of Liberty

Mess with any of these guys, and we will hunt you down.


Members of these groups are to be killed on sight

The United States Anti-Terrorism Agency

Dulston Alliance

The Burchell Arms Regulars

Creedy Defense Force

Department of Emergency Management

Malton Civil Defense Unit

Malton Police Department

The Ridleybank Resistance Front

Malton Marshals

Malton Fire Department

Dunell Hills Police Department

Contract Killing

We will Whack someone for you. You may be asked a favour in return, maybe straight away, maybe later or maybe never. We are Maltons Favourite when it comes to Contract Killing or Malton Mob forum


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