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Malton Civil Defense Unit
Abbreviation: MCDU
Group Numbers: Stats Page
Leadership: Anne
Goals: Protecting Malton and Restoring Order
Recruitment Policy: Join the MCDU
Contact: Forum or Discord

The Malton Civil Defense Unit is a group dedicated to protecting the survivors in Malton and maintaining order in the city. The MCDU is a member of the Department of Emergency Management.

Group Backstory

Once the city erupted in chaos, the frightened people of Malton had no one to turn to for help. Arson, looting, and mass hysteria made even the most level headed citizen dangerous. An outbreak of a deadly virus was turning the city's people into mindless, flesh eating zombies. As droves of people ran to escape the city, a few brave souls ran back in. They went to save lives and do what they could. These men and women have several titles...firemen, police officers, military personnel, and doctors. But it is their other title, the one of "volunteer" that makes them who they are. They know there is a chance they might lose their lives in the line of duty, but it is a chance they have to take. Heroes don't grow on trees, but sometimes you can find them right down the street. If you are a citizen of Malton, and you need help, please locate a member and they will assist you.

You are not alone. Help is on the way.

Group Goals

Since 2006, the MCDU has operated as a civil defense unit with the goal of protecting the citizens of Malton. As such we do not have an official home, and have operated in every suburb within the city. The group undertakes a variety of tasks in support of survivors: including but not limited to assaulting infested territory, defending suburbs, operating revive points, and rebuilding ruined areas.

As a civil defense unit, the MCDU accepts players of all walks of life. We are firefighters, engineers, veterans, college students, and musicians. All members receive top training in The Academy before moving on to an actual unit.


The MCDU currently hosts one squad consisting of 2 fireteams.

Each fireteam consists of 4-5 troopers, one of which serves as the fireteam's commander. These troopers work together in specialized roles to fulfill specific mission objectives assigned by the fireteam leader. Depending on the needs of the city, fireteams are capable of working independently, or together as part of their assigned squad. Squads consist of 2-3 fireteams, with a full time squad leader in charge of coordinating the fireteams.

Historical Units

These units served with distinction but were later consolidated into the units we have today:

DEM Groups & Other Group Affiliations

Being a member group of the DEM, the MCDU is affiliated with all groups that are affiliated or allied with the Department of Emergency Management.

MCDU Rank Structure

MCDU Rank Structure.jpg

Operational History

Newest are at the top.

  • Information about current operation is classified - **********
  • Operation Shopping Spree II - Stanbury Village and Roftwood
Following a call for assistance from a Roftwood Elite, the MCDU moved to reclaim and secure Nichols Mall and Hildebrand Mall.
  • Operation Westward Stride - Osmondville, Crowbank and Vinetown
Attempted reclaiming of those three suburbs.
  • Operation Haunted Path - Edgecombe
Support missions in eastern Edgecombe.
  • Operation Seraphim - Kempsterbank, West Grayside, Wyke Hills and Gulsonside.
Patrol and support missions in four suburbs.
  • Operation "Home Improvement III"
Large scale DEM-wide joint operation (mobile team), in the western part of the city.
  • Operation Home Improvement II - South-East corner of the city.
MCDU, along with allied group participated in reclaiming south-east corner of Malton against growing zombie threat.
  • Operation Take Fort Creedy/Stormchaser II - Pitneybank
MCDU participated in defending Fort Creedy against ferals from Big Bash 4.
  • Operation Storm Chaser - City Wide
MCDU participated in securing suburbs from Big Bash 4.
  • Operation Double Dawn II - north-west and south corner of the city.
Recruitment operation.
Reclaiming and defending Fort Creedy from zombie hordes.
Support mission to reclaim Caiger Mall and two suburbs near it, from zombie hands.
Turning the suburb from Grey to Green.
Patrol and support mission to reclaim the suburb from zombie hands.
Support mission to reclaim NT buildings in the west
Where Calvert Mall, thanks to MCDU forces, is changing hands every few days thanks to surgical strikes.
With Shuttlebank firmly in MCDU control, the focus was turned onto the main objectives in East Boundwood, using Bale Mall in Yagoton as a supply depot. The MCDU went on to reclaim East Boundwood.
With the MCDU operating once again, this time as an autonomous unit, the first objective of this campaign ran from Shuttlebank to Eastonwood, this was followed by a series of sorties into Yagoton where the reinforced Bale Mall for phase II of operations.
On the frontline, MCDU soldiers bravely helped to reclaim Caiger Mall in the Fourth Siege of Caiger Mall. A true victory of survivors over zombies that will hopefully last a long time.
MCDU troopers retook Ackland Mall and cleared the suburb, making it safe for survivors once more.
A brief visit to resupply and help local human resistance
With the Third Siege of Caiger Mall imminent, the MCDU prepared an evacuation site for fleeing survivors. The influx of unhappy dead gave our trained revivers plenty of work
Following a call for assistance from FANNY, the MCDU rescued several vital Necrotech buildings and other resources, fighting the zombie hordes that had entered the region
  • Operation Home Improvement - Dulston
The MCDU helped the north-east corner of the quarantine zone recover after the Big Bash's visit to the suburb.
In its first mission following the return of Fire Marshall Bill, the MCDU reclaimed Woodroffe Mall and helped clean up the suburb

Recruitment Posters


MCDU Alt Character Policy

We fully support the DEM policy on alternate characters. MCDU members may not have any other characters in the DEM. Furthermore, MCDU members agree to a higher standard with regards to alternate characters. You may play any style of alt you wish; it is none of our business how you play them. However, the one exception is that your alts must be separated from each other by at least a suburb. Alts must lead a completely separate life from the MCDU and its whereabouts. Failure to comply to this is grounds for termination from the MCDU (subject to review by MCDU command).

Merits and Ribbons

The Department of Emergency Management has a series of DEM Merits and Ribbons it issues to members who display mastery over key skills. The ribbons can be claimed by any member with the profficiency of the skills entailed. Summary of these ribbons and the means to claim them can be found on the DEM Merits and Ribbons page.

DEM Ribbons and Merits 3D.jpg

In addition to the DEM ribbons above, the MCDU also awards these ribbons to their personnel only:


Wiki Resources

Join The Wiki List

MCDU staff, please show your support by adding the MCDU Member Template to your user page. This also adds you to the wiki category of MCDU Members. Put this in your userpage:


For example, {{MCDU Member|Name=John Snake}} will generate the following:

MCDUlogo.png Malton Civil Defense Unit
John Snake is a member of the MCDU.

MCDU units may have their own versions - Please see the individual unit pages.

Historical Units

EyeofRa.jpg Unit 1 The Eye of Ra
This user is a member of MCDU's The Eye of Ra
Blackk.jpg Unit 2 The Black Knights
This user is a member of MCDU's The Black Knights
Hellhounds.jpg Unit 3 The Hell Hounds
This user is a member of MCDU's The Hell Hounds
Shadow.jpg Unit 4 The Shadowmen
This user is a member of MCDU's The Shadowmen
Machavatarpo2.PNG Unit 5 The MACH Team
This user is a member of MCDU's MACH
Coven.jpg Unit 6 The Coven
This user is a member of MCDU's The Coven
Redstorm.jpg Unit 7 The Red Storm
This user is a member of MCDU's The Red Storm
Legion.gif Unit 8 The Legion
This user is a member of MCDU's The Legion

MCDU Ribbons Template

MCDU members may use the following template to proudly display their merits and ribbons:


MCDU: Sergeant Major Example MCDU - Sergeant Major DEM Badge 000
Weapon Master Hand Specialist Fitness Sniper
Community Support Radio Operator Engineer Field Medicine
Science Resident Surgeon Acquisition Recon
4 Years Service Purple Heart Valor
Academy Graduation Command Staff One Year Service Outstanding
Meritous Service Recruitment Policy The Order of Malton


{{Template:MCDU Ribbons|NAME=???|DEM=???|UNIT=??|RANK=??

Please go to Template:MCDU Ribbons for a full explanation of usage/placement.

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