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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.

NOTE: This is an in-game movement. It is not a Wiki Policy or an official rule of the game.

NOTE: This policy is not associated with the survivor group The Randoms.

Why no random revives?

With the surge in popularity of PKer groups, you are not only doing yourself a disservice when you revive at random, but you are also doing a disservice to every other survivor in Malton. DNA Extractors (and several other additional revive request tools) allow you to see the profile of the person you are reviving. This prevents you from reviving a known Player Killer, Death Cultist, member of a zombie group, or Generator Killer, and allows you to avoid wasting syringes and AP on zombies with Brain Rot. This keeps the syringes available to those people that will (hopefully) be acting in the best interest of survivors.


This is an example why you shouldn't randomly revive zombies:

Because you might revive an ungrateful Feral Undead member, who went on a player-killing and generator-destroying rampage. At least one survivor was killed and two generators in the area were destroyed as a result.

The zombie-turned-saboteur put it better himself:

"So I was standing around outside, minding my own business, and <revivor's name withheld to prevent extreme embarrassment>1 randomly revived me. I wasn't even at a revive point. You can thank him for this display of senseless violence. ;D"

1 You can see names of the zombie, the revivor, and the victim, in the linked record anyway. So it's actually pointless to withhold them.


  • The policy makes obtaining a revive more difficult for players who do not metagame.
  • The use of DNA Extractors require players to spend more AP on each revivification (+1 for each use)
  • Some players may like the surprise of random revivals, especially those who play both sides. (see The Opportunists and Dual Nature Policy)
  • Some players also debate that this goes against RPing, see the talk page for the discussion.


The DEM Revivification Request Manager denotes reported PKers, via the Rogues Gallery. Such requests are marked with a red border and display the current bounty count, allowing PKers to be easily identified. We request you consider not reviving PKers with a current bounty. A list of current Rogues Gallery bounties can be found here.

How can I help?

Take advantage of the tools provided by the community that address this problem. These tools allow NT skilled survivors to select specific indivduals for revivification after reviewing the requesters profile. For those who prefer not to metagame, the DNA scanner now allows NT techs to view a zombies profile, thus allowing at least some discrimination in who you choose to revive. One of the biggest things you can do is helping to spread the word!


This initiative will only work if we get a large number of people/groups behind it. If you are willing to support this initiative, please sign below. Also, use this tinyurl tag to advertise this policy around Malton [1]


Player Groups

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Revivification Request Tools

You too can help prevent Barhah! Spread the word about this policy and these request tools. The DEM utility has a tiny url ( for use in tagging.

  1. Revivification Request Manager DEM utility
  2. CIT Revive Requester CDF Utility
  3. Revive Requests Black Berets utility also dead

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