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Over 130 days without playing Urban Dead!

Airborne88- Now President of ZomCon
Expired Umbrella Corp ID
Joined: 2006-12-21 at 01:00:39
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Character's Rank: President- Zomcon Corporation
Ideology: Pro-Survivor
Favorite Equipment: Condoms Very seldom used
Favorite Weapon: Shotgun (Boom-Stick)
Backup Weapon: Axe
Alts of Interest: stubbsthezombie69 awol88
Wiki Signature: Airborne88Zzz1.JPGT|Z.Quiz|PSS
Current Level: 41 w/lots of useless XP
Kills: Suicide.gif = 1
Journal: My Journal
Deaths: KillCount.gif
Group: Zomcon
Contact: My Forum
"True Happiness Is An Open Parachute"

About Airborne88

Airborne88[1] is currently the President and Founder of Zomcon Corporation (Malton Division).

Zocon is now under contract to Phoenix Security Services

Airborne88 is a Senior Expert in Zombie Containment and a highly decorated veteran of the Zombie Wars. At an early age he enlisted in the US Army Infantry receiving Airborne& Ranger training before multiple combat deployments to the Middle East (various theaters) in the support of the "Global War on Terror". He quickly raised through the enlisted ranks and earned a reputation amongst his fellow soldiers.

He was recruited into the Umbrella Corporation shortly before the US Military was overrun at the onset of The Zombie Wars. He was also involved in Umbrella's attempt to contain the "Raccoon City Incident" in which his entire platoon was decimated, he being the lone survivor.

He participated in many of Umbrella's clandestine operations, always producing results no matter at what cost. Eventually, Umbrella Executives selected Airborne88 to found the Umbrella Corporation (Malton Division) in late 2006. Which is still in operation today and is quite successful.

Under his leadership, the Umbrella Corporation participated in many battles with the zombie hordes and PKer groups. Umbrella Corp. was always on hand to aid survivors and act as a road block slowing down & in some cases stopping rampaging zombie hordes lives.

While President of Umbrella, Airborne88 recruited a young doctor, named Dr Doom86, who proved to be as good a doctor as a soldier. The two quickly became became personal friends. Dr Doom86 soon assumed command of Umbrella's Medical Forces and became a pillar of the group, never faltering in his duties. Dr Doom86 Has gone on to form Phoenix Security Services an amazing successful group. They remain close friends and brothers in arms to this day.

Airborne88 is an experienced and trusted name in Urban Dead. He is known for fair leadership and tactical knowlage in many circles (including the undead ranks). He has been again entrusted with the Formation of a new Survivor group: Zomcon!

It is Airborne88's intent to create a massive member base for Zomcon, forge new alliances, aid the survivor's cause.

Recently, Zomcon has decided to merge forces with Phoenix Security Services to combat the emergence of "Super Hordes" such as The Dead. Airborne88 has been given command of 2nd Platoon "Sweep and Clear".

Notable Battles

Active Battles as of- 2006-12-21
Just a few highlights:
The Recapture of Ackland Mall '07, Defense '08
The Destruction of TSL (Pker Group)
The Recapture of Molebank "Operation Ghost-Buster"/ '08 Recapture (Current)
The Recapture of Fort Perryn '08
Mall Tour '07 (Survivor Defense)
Multiple Engagements During "Big Bash1&2"
Defense of Giddings Mall Mar-08
Participant Of "The Battle of Santlerville"
Proudly Defends Caiger Mall (Past, Present, and Future)
Now there are too many battles to mention. If there was a big one, chances are I was there.

Wiki Stuff

Me On The Wiki
What I have been up to/learned
"Became Active" on the wiki about March 1st, 2008
  • Started off by putting myself through a "Wiki Boot Camp"
-Took a lot of time frustrated with wiki coding
  • 1st Undertaking was to make a nice user page
-Created a "sandbox" to play in (kept screwing up my actual page)
-Then came the Nav-Bar and my other pages
-Decided to "Theme" my pages w/same colors and borders
-Figured out at some point there was a "Preview Page" button...
  • Made a "Joke Page" just as an excuse to keep writing codes
-Malton Inhumane Society was created..
-I forgot to tell anyone it was a joke..Oops!
-Came to my senses and had AHLG speedy delete the page
  • Moved onto custom signature
-Tons of frustration here
  • Noobish Activity Realized
-I bagan to realize I have been rude and made lots of stupid mistakes
-I deleted posts on my talk page, didn't sign/indent mine.. (Duh)
-Tried to say I was sorry, but the damage is done
-Decided to not repeat mistakes and try to do better
-NOTE-2-Self: Stay off Wiki when intoxicated
-Seemed like a good way to meet people and play in a "constructive way"
-I figured there were other new people out there having just as much trouble
with the wiki as I was. Maybe even more... Although I am by no means an
"Expert", I am more than happy to help where I can or ask those that do
know how to help.
-Have no idea what I am doing...
-Most likely going to be a flop

  • As of March 20th 2008-Current goings ons
-Have my own zombie movie quiz going right now
-Revamped the user page/nav-bar/siggy
-Sig-race going ok I guess. 183 on most linked to page
-Been helping new members with their pages/sigs/ basic codes

  • As of April 5th:
Zombie Quiz a great success!
So much in fact I cannot keep up with it most of the time
Started a "Hangman" game on my talk page. It is loads of fun!
Been helping new users more and more.
Just barely beginning to make semi-useful contributions..
Trying to find time to update user pages and stuff


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An Interesting Screenshot

You are inside The Fort Creedy Armory. The sound of Axe Hack's Evil Mudkip Army marching by echoes throughout the Base... Trenchcoaters pack the armory, they are sharpening their many katanas and laughing about battles they never fought in. There is a zombie here. He is caught in the razor wire fence and is casually checking his text messages. There are 135 people here, three of which smell like total ass. You recognize Dr.Doom86 (20 hp), Happykook's body, Rogue Sergeant (9999999 hp), and aHelpful-Little-Gnome (4 hp).

A Portable Generator has been set up here. It is barely running. It appears Some Fool filled it with Vodka.
Somebody has spraypainted Poop! Wonderful poop for everyone!! Hahaha! POOP!! on everything.

Since your last turn:
  • You hear aBigPussy01 say "ZOMG! The Dead are here and are going to kill us all!! We have to get the hell out of this place RIGHT NOW!!" in a high pitched faggy voice. (13 hours ago)
  • EyeBenOObWoot1eleven11 Says "Bring it on you loozer zombis we r gonna kick your friggn butTs back to heLl WOOT-WOOT!!" (12 hours ago)
  • You see all the Trenchies grab up their many shotguns and run for their lives (11 and a half hours ago)
  • You see Dr.Doom86 shoot himself in the foot for 5 damage (9 hour and 3 minutes ago)
  • You hear Rogue Sergeant start asking anyone who will listen about zombie movies (9 hours ago)
  • You see a Zombie destroy the last of the barricades. You recognize him as Rakuen (8 and a half hours ago)
  • You hear TheTownCryer41 say "Bring out your dead!" (8 hours and 22 minutes ago)
  • You see another Zombie enter. You recognize him as Sonny Corleone He grabs a piece of Lasagna and leaves. (8 hours and 4 minutes ago)
  • You see aHelpful-Little-Gnome Hand out 4 vandal warnings before dying of his infection.(7 hours and 15 minutes ago)
  • You see Dr.Doom86 Beats Rakuen to death with a frozen pizza. Dr.Doom86 then rebuilds the barricades with some Silly Puddy.(7 hours and 5 minutes ago)
  • You see SomeHomelessGuy69 Dumps a body onto the street, then he fires up a crack pipe (3 and a half hours ago)
  • You see Bub throw away "Salem's Lot", pick up a .45 cal pistol, and shoot you for 5 damage(3 hours and 28 minutes ago)
  • You see PatrickSwayze Shoot aRussianParatrooper With a pistol for 5 damage,and again,and again... (30 minutes ago)
  • You hear PatrickSwayze Say "WOLVERINES!"(28 minutes ago)
  • For your suggestion Radios to "Walkie Talkies" Kevan Materializes and smites you with a lightning bolt for 800 trillion damage, You are Dead (2 minutes ago)