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Brought to you by 2 Cool and friends!

Malton is home to a variety of locations often visited by locals and tourists alike for their amusing titles. These sites are all around the city and prior to the outbreak a favorite pastime of scavenger hunters and tourists was to race to visit the whole set. Unfortunately the records entailing the complete list of all humorous sites was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1912. Of course due to the hilarity of the list it was promptly rewritten, only to be digested by zeds during the early outbreaks of the infestation. Since this time the residents of Malton have gone without laughter in their lives. However, this list, spawned from the minds of the famous group 2 Cool, aims to once again create a complete chronicle of Amusing Locations in Malton, add interesting and amusing descriptions and histories to stub locations, and once more bring smiles to Malton's faces.

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If you enjoy amusing locations, please consider voting on new additions here.

Before making an addition to the list, suggest the location under the "New Location Ideas" section on the talk page. When adding a location to the list please help out by adding the Amusing Location template (type "{{Amusing Location}}") to the top of the location's wiki page or section and also writing a brief (or detailed) description and history of the location. It is highly recommended one visits the location in question (in game or on the wiki) and checks out the area and local groups to get ideas for a description and history, and to find out the barricade policy for the location (if applicable).

  • Locations written in normal font are stubs.
  • On the other hand, locations written in italics have a description but are not maxor lolcats.
  • Locations (or as we like to call them, lolcations) written in bold have amusing descriptions and are well worth a casual peruse.
  • Entries marked with a star (Featured Star.png) are current or ex-featured articles, and are the cream of the proverbial crop.

Featured Lolcation

Chitty Cinema
Chitty Cinema ext.jpg
Just six short months after the reign of terror that was Danger Alley's time as ALiM's very own featured lolcation began, we come to a junction on the well traveled path that is, of course, ALiM, an everlasting adventure full of twists, turns and it's fair share of surprises too.

To ask what Chitty Cinema has offered to ALiM is to ask what 2 Cool has done for the UDWiki. What first appears to be nothing more than a series of crude repetitive jokes attempting to make a humourous link between two words that appear, upon second glance to be vaguely related, is in actual fact perhaps the very definition of humour itself. Regardless of how you see ALiM in these turbulent times, we feel a location description that harks back to a simpler thyme is needed to remind all the users of the wiki that, deep down, there's a little bit of ALiM in everyone.

So without further ado i present to you Chitty Cinema, the location that contains not one, not two, not even five but SIX, yes six chitty jokes. Enjoy.

(The List of) Amusing Locations in Malton

Phallic Innuendo

Featured Star.png The Longman Monument in West Boundwood

One of the many photos bystanders have taken whilst standing and looking up in awe of Mycock.

Cock Locations

Featured Star.png The Mycock Building in Mockridge Heights

Looking for more cock locations that might not be quite funny enough to make it onto ALiM? Try CLiT!

Other Body Parts

Featured Star.png Butt Road Railway Station in Darvall Heights


Sexual Acts

A zombie swaying slightly at Raper Plaza

Featured Star.png Fluck Library in Hollomstown

Featured Star.png Dickinson Square School in Lukinswood


Featured Star.png Douch Street in Paynterton


Word Play


For places that have strange-sounding names. (eg. the word itself is weird). Or, the name in its entirety is significant (eg. there's alliteration or some other poetic device).

Just Plain Bizarre

Basically uncategorised amusing names

Norris Bank facade. Chuck Norris guards the entrance with a watchful eye.

Featured Star.png Chitty Cinema in Quarlesbank

Featured Star.png (Chuck) Norris Bank in Shuttlebank

Interestingly Named Places

This category is for those locations that, although may not be particularly humorous, in the usual sense of the word, have a unique quality to them which shouldn't go unnoticed. It includes the important category "Urban Dead specific/relevant/significant", which contains locations with names that attract interest from players of Urban Dead, and, indeed, its related games, such as other MMORPGs or games which fit into the "zombie horror" genre.

Featured Star.png Danger Alley in Dunningwood

Urban Dead Relevant


Dead Interesting

And a special entry: A list of locations that can be death-rattled by zombies

For more detailed (humorous) information about each location please follow the links provided. Once again, if you have any additions to this page please post on the talk page first. Also, please expand on any stub locations with an amusing backstory to the location (e.g. Gay Avenue or Chitty Cinema) and place the 'Amusing Location' template in the description section of the corresponding page.

This template can be used on the pages of any humorous location that is on this list.

Stret3.JPG Amusing Location
This location is on the list of Amusing Locations in Malton
{{Amusing Location}}

In an effort to clean up the formatting of all these pages, please place the template after the last line of text in the last subsection of the page in this fashion:

(last line of text is here)


{{Amusing Location}}

It creates a much cleaner look - example here.

And this template can be used on the group page or user page of anyone who contributes to the list or wants to support the cause.

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This user or group helps compile the list of Amusing Locations in Malton