The Beer Building

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The Beer Building
Cades down, building not ruined
Esoldier (talk) 04:58, 17 June 2023 (UTC)
the Beer Building

Lockettside [22, 81]

Ingram Avenue Jenner Lane the Whitmarsh Arms
Tompson Mall the Beer Building Maney Drive
Tompson Mall St. Irenaeus's Church Cookson Drive

Basic Info:

The Beer Building Brewery

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know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.20 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: The Beer Building


The Beer Building Brewery was established in mid-October, 2006 by Bob Shaftoe. It currently is only able to knock out 10 gallon batches at a time, but it is hoped that a TIG welder and a boatload of stainless steel can be scrounged up to construct larger vats to increase capacity. The BBB welcomes donations of propane tanks to fire the liquor tank and boil kettle, and fuel cans for the genny to keep the lager refridgerators running. Stores of malted barley and hops looted from the South Blythville Home Brew Shop are holding out well, but any fermentable grains or sugars are accepted! Plans for a distillery are in the works, as well. Keep an eye out for Whitmarsh Potato Vodka next spring!

The Beer Building is mainly maintained and patrolled by members of the Tompson Mall Security and is a tactical retreat point for both civilians and the security officers who frequent the mall. Many survivors consider The Beer Building to be safer than the Mall itself because of the higher security given to the beverage stockpiles. Excepting a hostile presence of a huge "God have mercy on us" zombie horde, The Beer Building's barricades rarely fail. Neither will it's patrons allow it to fall into ruin. It's home to some of the drunkest and meanest S.O.B.s in Lockettside and is a tourist attraction as well. Survivors come from far and wide to see one of the last breweries still in operation, and it strives to maintain a clean environment for beer all around, Feel free to come on in and grab a frosty pint of brew or a bottle to go!

Our Famous Beers

  • Shotgun Pale Ale - Our house beer. Refreshingly bitter. Pale and Crystal malts. Centennial hops. Mmmmmm... Nearly always available.
  • Trenchcoat Imperial IPA - Like a whack upside the head with a 2x4 of hops, this high-alcohol beer is made with generous amounts of Cascade and Chinook hops, with enough malt character to back it up.
  • FAK Scotch Ale - This classic 80 Schilling Scotch ale, has a fortifying maltiness with just a wee bit of hops.
  • Blythville Barleywine - 11% ABV. Malty and hoppy. 'Nuff said.
  • Nightmare Pils - Crisp, clean, malty smoothness with a touch of Saaz hops. A taste of the Old Country! (Quantities limited.)
  • Deadweiser - Making good use of what corn and rice can be found laying around, with a smidgen of malt. Don't mind the DMS! (Quantities limited.)
  • MV Ale - Using blood, sweat, mud and hops, the MV is making this new brew for a limited time only!

Barricade Policy

According to the Lockettside Barricade Plan this building should be barricaded at EHB.


The Beer Building brewery is once a...

Current Status

Aug 10, 2021 - One survivor inside. EHB. A portable generator has been set up and there's a radio transmitter. BUT we're out of fuel --Eyestorm 18:55, 03 September 2021 (UTC)

Mar 25, 2019 - Looks like the brews are still on tap here! Just what I needed... --MR2Di4 (talk) 09:49, 25 March 2019 (UTC)

Jun 14, 2013 - One survivor inside. EHB. Genny running low on fuel. --RoyKirk 02:20, 14 June 2013 (UTC)

Sep 13, 2009 - You are inside the Beer Building. The building has been extremely heavily barricaded. Also here are Trish Kebab (60HP), Axeman Jack (30HP) and Harrison Keillor (50HP). A portable generator has been set up here. It is running low on fuel, and powering a radio transmitter that's currently set to 27.20 MHz. The lobby has been decorated with an abstract painting, a glass table and a glass vase. Somebody has spraypainted the stairway to heaven onto a wall.--RoyKirk 1:43, 13 Sep 2009 (BST)

May 18, 2009 - You are inside the Beer Building. The building has been extremely heavily barricaded. Also here are Jeff Vann (60HP), choppertsmg2 (60HP), Danka Man (50HP), Uncle Chuckles (60HP) and wickedsteve (60HP).A portable generator has been set up here. It is running, and powering a radio transmitter that's currently set to 27.20 MHz.Somebody has spraypainted rEbeL AlLiAnCe onto a wall.--Dr Mycroft Chris 17:12, 18 May 2009 (BST)

Jun 20, 2008 - I'll try to clean it up later...--Jim Bim 19:18, 20 June 2009 (BST)

Jun 2, 2008 - Unable to open the doors to the building because it is full of beer cans --Scotw 18:48, 2 June 2008 (BST)

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