Club Bratt

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Club Bratt
EHB+0, dark.
AndyMatthews (talk) 14:21, 14 February 2022 (UTC)
Club Bratt

New Arkham [1, 90]

Marton Cinema
(Foulkes Village)
a warehouse
(Foulkes Village)
the Stancomb Arms
(Foulkes Village)
Noake Grove Club Bratt Sayer Towers
Gervais Bank Axe Grove Trebley Place

Basic Info:

  • Clubs are Dark buildings.
  • The usual internal description of a Club reads as follows:
    "…in the near-darkness of the main dancefloor."
  • When powered by a portable generator, the internal description changes to the following:
    "Coloured spotlights highlight an empty stage, and distorted music echoes over the speakers."
  • Clubs can be barricaded normally.
Stret3.JPG Amusing Location
This location is on the list of Amusing Locations in Malton

Club Bratt is located in the suburb of New Arkham and until September 2011 was relatively unremarkable. At that time it came under 'New Management' with lights shining and music blaring, the occupants decided to fill the club with all manner of displays and artifacts from the museums of the surrounding suburbs.

Come on down, rave all night, or sleep in the chill out zone amongst the pictures and sculptures.

AquaBarricade.jpg Barricading policy

Club Bratt is to be kept Extremely Heavily Barricaded at all times.
If you're looking for an entry point and don't want to waste any AP, take a look at the New Arkham Barricade Plan.
If you're looking for nearby Revive Points, take a look at the list.
Note:This advice is according to the local barricading plan, and may vary from the UBP or locally developped plans.
For more info on barricade plans, click here or take a look at this location's suburb page.

Before the outbreak

During the week, Club Bratt catered for staff at the nearby banks. While the dancefloor area stayed closed, the bar did a brisk trade. Come the weekend, it was a different world. Club Bratt's speciality was 'theme nights', often worked in conjunction with the nearby cinema.


Club Bratt is the meeting place for The IC Chapter, a fledgling group currently levelling around Malton.