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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.

Barricading maps and policies

A growing number of survivor groups are adopting some kind of barricade policy for their suburb. The idea of the policy is to regulate the levels of the barricades within a suburb, or other defined area, and often includes things like the location of revivification points.

It is recommended that when travelling into unfamiliar suburbs, that you refer to the wiki entry for those suburbs, as information on barricading policies is normally prominently posted by the groups responsible.

One of the advantages of barricade maps is that you can check where the designated Very Strongly barricaded buildings should be, before you step outside or move to a new area. Barricade maps should not be relied upon as a certainty however, as unaware survivors and malicious zombie spies sometimes over barricade buildings designated as entryways.

It is considered courteous, when barricading a building above Very strongly, to inform the survivors of the nearest very strongly barricaded building, so that inexperienced survivors, and those lacking the free running skill can readily find safe shelter.

~ It should be noted that today, most buildings are barricaded, and most of those above VS, so any newbie should not have their 10AP ready for cover-searching, but first start searching for cover and after that (which might be 20+AP) trying to get some xp/items. ~

A barricade map is a map that denotes the level to which some or all buildings in a suburb should be barricaded, and also, frequently, has revivification points marked on it as well.

Evolution of Barricade Planning in Malton

East Becktown Barricade Plan

The first publicly published (non-leaked) barricade map, and policy, was the Barricade Plan of East Becktown. The initial plan called for particularly high (fortress-like) levels of barricading throughout the suburb. The logo of the group responsible (PLEB) is, in fact, the Japanese symbol for a designated emergency exit, in reference to their barricade plan.

This policy is detailed here:

Uniform Barricade Plan

Later, a new group, the Malton Fire Department, dispatched one of its Firefighters to East Becktown. That member began working with the PLEB and liked the barricade plan sufficiently that he proposed it to the rest of his group (consisting of individuals spread across numerous suburbs). The MFD adopted a plan that was largely identical to the original but written in a generic manner, so as to be directly applicable to other suburbs. Around this time Blue Emu began a discussion on an unofficial Urban Dead Forum proposing a 'Uniform Barricading Policy' which was essentially similar to the PLEB's plan for E. Becktown in intent. After participating in that thread, the same Firefighter modified the MFD barricading policy to address some of the concerns raised in that discussion and incorporate many of the better suggestions. That version of the plan, already supported by a number of groups, was placed on the wiki as the Uniform Barricading Policy. The MFD have been actively encouraging adoption of the UBP by additional groups, both through direct interaction and dissemination of the UBP for wider independent consideration. Thus far the UBP has gathered quite a lot of support.

Optimal Defense Plan

The most recent incarnation of survivor-oriented barricade planning calls for an even greater ratio of Very Strongly barricaded buildings to Extremely Heavily barricaded buildings, as the proponents argue that a better dispersed population is easier to defend than the Uniform Barricade Plan/East Becktown Barricade Plan allows.

While the other two plans focus more on the defense of characters with the "free-running" skill, which the majority of higher level survivors possess, the "Optimal Defense" Plan is optimized for the defence of less-experienced inhabitants. Thus, the optimal defense scheme is probably better suited to lower-risk suburbs (that make up the majority of suburbs in Malton), which are also more suitable for less-experienced survivors.

Like the other plans, it covers an entire suburb, and each suburb adhering to the scheme produces a barricade map, which they call an "Optimal Defense Diagram."

Note that the plan's title uses American spelling, while this article uses British English (see also "French" for an etymological discussion.). [For the continental spellings click here] e.g. "Defence" and "Defense".

This policy is detailed here:

Recent developments

  • Some zombie groups, notably those in the suburb of Ridleybank, have been pursuing a barricade policy of no barricades at all, which they rigorously enforce throughout their suburb. It appears to be having as much success in eliminating trespassing survivors, as similar plans in survivor-dominated suburbs have in eliminating trespassing zombies, though due to the need for revivification, no-barricade policies are more effective.
  • The East Becktown Barricade Plan is being extended to encompass West Becktown.

Barricade Plans

To find barricade plans for each suburb please go to Category:Barricade Plans where they are all listed.