The Mounter Arms

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The Mounter Arms
Last update June 2020
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the Mounter Arms

Gibsonton [89,22]

the Vick Museum Rounds Grove Cranson Park
the Fone Arms the Mounter Arms Skarin Row Police Dept
France Grove St. Aidan's Hospital St. Odile's Hospital

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.
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The Mounter Arms is an independent pub. The publican is Manapua.

Pub Status

  • Defenses are operational.
  • We have power.
  • We have drinks.


In accordance with the Gibsonton Barricade Plan, we maintain the pub at an extremely heavy level. The nearest buildings allowing access include: Mylrea Walk Police Department, St. Aidan's Hospital, and The Henson Museum.

News and Events

12/25/2008 - Merry Christmas, Gibsonton. The Mounter is back. Cheers to all who made this a happy and death-free Christmas!

Food and Drink

Monthly Entrees (January 2009)

  • Misc. Tinned Rations

Cocktails (In the Kahala Lounge)

  • Mai Tai

Beer and Wine

  • Guinness (tap)
  • Tesco Lager (canned)


The Mounter Arms in happier days.

The story of the Mounter Arms parallels that of the Gibsonton neighbourhood. The pub's location saw several uses throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, eventually seeing the founding of the Mounter Arms in 1827. Founded by a veteran of the First Burmese War, the pub's moniker originally referred to the founder's cavalry service in the Governor General's Bodyguard. Over time, the pub lost its luster and its very name picked up more bawdy associations as the once-solid manufacturing industry slid into depression and the neighbourhood became decidedly grittier.

A rat-infested hell by the 1970s, the Mounter's fortunes rose with the local reinvestment and tourist boom in the 1980s. Freshly renovated, conveniently located in the museum district, and close to the Duningwood artist colony, the Mounter gained a loyal following of locals and tourists alike. It remained popular until the Outbreak.

The Outbreak and Quarantine were hard on the Mounter and the venerable pub fell into disrepair. It suffered several notable sackings in the Autumn and Winter of 2006. Repaired internally in 2007, the facade of the building remains in shambles, but the interior has been an oasis for the weary for most of the quarantine.

The Mounter features ales, spirits, and cocktails (as available), limited seating, a limited menu, and two distinct bars.

The main bar remains solidly in the British style, complete with beer, periodic stocks of whisky, cider, and a mounted stag's head. The downstairs bar is Malton's only known tiki bar, newly-decorated in a playful, tropical fashion.

The current publican, Manapua, a wayward and homesick Hawaiian trapped during the Outbreak, transformed the downstairs bar into a tropical paradise nicknamed the Kahala Lounge. South Seas and Pacific Rim artifacts borrowed from local museums decorate this bar, which provides a relaxing atmosphere and a bit of escapism for Maltonians. Mai tais and Navy grogs are the bartender's specialties, but for some reason, the Zombie is the most-ordered cocktail.

Several sackings aside, 2007 was a triumphant year for the pub. It remained in service to the community for over 90% of the year, serving as a restaurant, safehouse, hang out, and rally point for various groups of survivors. Indeed, it offered a bit of escapism and "normalcy" to survivors in Gibsonton, Dunningwood, and Rolt Heights. The Winter of 2007-2008 was hard: repeated sackings early in the year by a loosely-organized group of ferals kept the pub out of service for several weeks. It was tough on the pub and many customers migrated to safer neighborhoods. Things appeared to get better for a couple of weeks, but then the Second Big Bash appeared and cycled around northeastern Malton like a cyclone. The area was unlivable until late Spring, when a renewed rebuilding effort began locally.

On a side note, the infamous and coquettishly charming Malton Ranger, Det Briscoe's home is located in the sub-basement of The Mounter.