The Horwill Hotel

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The Horwill Hotel
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the Horwill Hotel

Crowbank [70, 69]

Vann Lane
Curdel Street Floyde Walk
the Southcott Building
the Horwill Hotel Peryer Auto Repair
Oates Bank
(Wray Heights)
Rabbage Place
Chown Bank

Basic Info:

  • Also known as motels.
  • 50% chance of finding wine.
  • Hotels can be barricaded normally.
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This location is on the list of Amusing Locations in Malton

The Horwill Hotel


Broken crack pipes, spent shell casings, bent and rusting syringes, junk food wrappers and empty alcoholic beverage containers litter the floors of the rooms in this filthy establishment.

As the slogan goes, "What the wife won't, the whore will - at the Horwill!"


Like the other hotels in Crowbank, The Horwill was once a preferred redoubt for many a morally-flexible denizen of Malton. Its competitive half-hourly rates, ample supply of bent spoons, poorly lit foyer area and "business friendly" staff made The Horwill an easy choice for anyone in Crowbank seeking a "No-Tell-Mo-Tell".

Barricade Policy

Current Status

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