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This page serves the purpose of informing players and spectators of Urban Dead of the wide and colourful range of colloquialisms, abbreviations, and terminology specific to the game. It is an exploration of the linguistics behind day to day life in Malton, and also hopes to create a concise documentation of the unique language of the MMORPG we all love so much.

So whether you're a "n00b", a die-hard trenchie, a rotter, griefer or death cultist, or you simply want to fit in with your group of UD-playing friends without stooping to playing an online RPG, then...


"This is the guide for you!"

A list of popular (and unpopular) suburb nicknames can be found here.

Types of Players

In alphabetical order:

Death Cultist

A slang term for survivors who assist the zombie cause through PKing, destroying generators and radios, over- or de-barricading, healing zombies and allowing zombies to attack them so that the zombies may gain XP. Many also act as zombie spies.


A zombie not part of an organized horde. Ferals make up the majority of the zombie population in Malton, and occasionally join "big event" hordes such as Mall Tour or the Big Bash.


Generator killer. A player who goes around destroying Generators.

Life Cultist

A player who helps the Survivor cause whilst in zombie form.

Mall Rat

A player who spends all their times in Malls, generally displays trenchie behaviour and will flee a mall when it is under attack to another mall, only to return when power has been restored to all four corners.

Mrh Cow

A survivor orientated player in zombie form waiting at a revive point to be returned to life. In Death Rattle, a "Mrh? Gaah".


A player -- new or veteran -- who doesn't have a clue. But who really thinks he does! Not to be confused with a "newb" or "newbie", who is simply a new player with little or no experience in the game.


Player Killer. A Survivor who goes around killing Survivors.


A Zombie with the skill Brain Rot which negate the effect of revivification syringe unless they are in a powered NT Building.


Someone who kills Mrh Cows at Revive Points. If undertaken by a zombie it is a form ZKing that is against the survivor cause and is sometimes jovially referred to as Cow Tipping.


Trenchcoater. Typically used to describe one of a large portion of the UD gaming community. It is a derogatory term referring to survivors who:

  • Kill zombies outside, a mostly pointless act often performed by new players (see: n00b)
  • Broadcast their kills over the radio
  • Insult zombies whilst shooting them
  • Don't learn from their own mistakes and don't listen to advice
Main article: Trenchcoater


Also known as a "zerger" or multi-account abuser. Someone who uses two or more accounts together within the game to achieve a common goal.

Plural: "zergs", "zergers"

Verbs: "zerging"

Zombie Spy

A survivor character who locates and watches safehouses on behalf of zombies, using flares or metagaming to announce their findings.

Slang words for "zombie"


The shortest abbreviation for "zombie". Often used in broadcasts to contend with character restrictions.

One might see one of the following phrases commonly used in Malton:

  • "OMG 2 Zs outside! WE'RE ALL FUCKED!"
  • "Got a Z at the RP needing a poke"


Slang for Zombie, but seems to be less popular than "Zed". It was popularised by the Max Brooks novel World War Z.


Slang for Zombie. This colloquialism seems to be more popular than "Zack".


Zombie killer. A zombie who goes around killing zombies.

These could be credited into the group of Life Cultists


Plural: stenches. Slang for Zombie, referring to the smell of the rotting flesh.


In alphabetical order:


First Aid Kit.

The term works as a noun or a verb.

Related words: Verbs:"FAKked", "FAKking"

Phrases including this term that can be commonly heard by survivors include:

  • "Come over to X and FAK me."
  • "I need a good, hard FAKking."
  • "Anybody in here need a FAK?"
  • "I haven't been FAKked in so long..."
  • "We give a FAK."


Generator. Plural: "Gennies"

Radio Transmitter/Transciever

  • RadTrans - Coined by Justingbronze
  • Trannies


In alphabetical order:


To revive a zombie.


To revive a zombie.

Related words: "poked", "poking". Plurals: "pokes", "pokings"

Phrases including this term that can be commonly heard by survivors include:

  • "Don't worry, I'll poke you."
  • "I need a poke"
  • "I poked that zed good."
  • "I see scientists poking every other zambah in this church but me. What gives?"


See poke.

Window Dive

To attain zedhood by taking a leap of faith from a tall building.


For a list of colloquialisms for the suburbs, regions, and cities of Urban Dead, see Suburb Nicknames.


A Necrotech building.

This is where revivication syringes are found, and the only place where brain rotted zombies can be revived.(Only in powered NT buildings.)


A Tactical Resource Point.

This is where many of the supplies that a Survivor needs to go about his business in malton are found.

TRPs include:

  • Hospitals - FAKs
  • Police Departments - Guns & Ammo
  • Necrotech Buildings - Revivication Syringes
  • Auto Repair Shops - Fuel Cans
  • Factories - Gennys, Toolboxes and Fuel Cans
  • Malls - Wide range of Items


A revive point.

This is where Survivors revive zombies who wish to be a survivor again.

These are generally streets near to an NT Building.

Mrh Cows are commonplace at RPs.



A regularly used abbreviation for barricades.

Keep the cades at ehb

cades are dropping


Do Not Revive.

This guy is a PKer: KOS, DNR!


A regularly used abbreviation for extremely heavily barricaded, the strongest possible level of barricading.

Keep the cades at ehb


Kill on sight. A user is KOS if a certain group thinks they should be killed on sight.

KOS can also be used humorously to parody trenchies who usually use the phrase, by declaring a player to be "Kiss on Sight". This spawned a limitless number of offshoots such as DHOS, Dry Hump on Sight.


A regularly used abbreviation for very strongly barricaded, the highest level of barricading that still allows entry.

Keep the cades at vsb

Keep at VSB++ entry point



Abbreviation for the Rogues Gallery that aims to have a complete database of all PKers in Malton as well as a bounty system allowing Bounty Hunters to kill them without being placed on the list themselves.



Abbreviation for 'The List of Amusing Locations in Malton' or any location on the list.


"ALiM is totally raad..."
"I totally know"

"Dude check out this ALiM!"


Abbreviation for the list of recent changes or edits to the wiki.


"Dude check RC, i've done some lol!"