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A Tactical Resource Point, or TRP, is a building type that is frequently searched for certain items, often with a significantly higher successful search probability than in other buildings that may hold the same item. Tactical Resource Points also serve as Spawn Points for newly created characters. As such maintaining or destroying these buildings are considered essential to determining the Danger Level in reports as they directly reflect the livability and defense-ability of a given area. There are currently eight generally accepted Tactical Resource Point types in game.

Secondary Resource Points

Some buildings contain valuable resources but are not considered valuable enough to be classified as Tactical Resource Points, these buildings can still serve as Spawn Points and may have an impact on a Suburbs livability:

Fire Stations Fire Stations are a Spawn Point with many diverse items including Radios, Fire Axes, and Flare Guns. In years previous both Generators and Wirecutters were also searchable in Fire Stations but both have been removed.
Junkyards Junkyards are a veritable potpourri of valuable items but are not easily defensible resource points. Once upon a time the fences were sealed and Wirecutters were required to get inside a Junkyard, all the gates have long since been cut and Wirecutters are no longer searchable. While they can, rarely, serve as Spawn Points and are impossible to ruin Junkyards are known for low search rates and seemingly random items making them unreliable for gathering needed items.


The designation Tactical Resource Point stems from the former zombie group ATF, who used the term to define logical buildings for locating humans and ensuring "everyone dies within the region." The strategy works well within suburbs low on resources, as survivors without constant access to Tactical Resource Points are forced to congregate in distant safehouses, and spend large amounts of AP collecting resources outside their home suburb. For buildings under siege, the distance from Tactical Resource Points is directly tied to the cost of replenishing items used in defending against a Zombie Horde. This dynamic often makes Tactical Resource Points the most fought over and important buildings in Malton.

Tactical Resource Zones

An Example of TRZ's in the South West corner of Malton

A Tactical Resource Zone, or TRZ, is an area containing multiple Tactical Resource Points. The phrase is not applied to areas around Malls as malls themselves are as resource heavy as a Tactical Resource Zone, though they are commonly surrounded by both Tactical Resource Points and secondary resource points. In practice, a Tactical Resource Zone consists of a few blocks encompassing some central point with a very high density of resource points, particularly Tactical Resource Points. When developing group strategies, it is advised that Tactical Resource Zones be heavily considered as targets due to the force multiplication effects on gameplay.

While there are various metrics of determining the values of a particular Tactical Resource Zone, most groups agree that a truly valuable TRZ contains NecroTech Buildings as well as some reliable source of Ammo, and that redundancy of resources within a TRZ is extremely helpful. Most mall or suburb Siege strategies center around the assault on Tactical Resource Points with a heavy emphasis on the targeting of NecroTech Buildings. For example, two of the most frequently-read strategy guides, the Mall Offense Manifesto and the Mall Defence Manifesto, highlight the importance of Necrotech buildings as a tactical resource in regards to survivor-zombie strategy.

Tactical Resource Points in Malton

 The following are a collection of maps outlining the locations of specific resources in the city. Each Suburb also contains a suburb level map of these resources and there are maps available that also track danger levels for malls, NecroTech Buildings, and all buildings.

All TRPs





Tactical Resource Legend

Malls Forts Syringes FAKs

Guns/Ammo Fuel Generators

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