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A survivor with the Construction skill who is carrying a toolbox can repair a building which has been ransacked or ruined, provided there are no standing zombies inside the building.

Dark buildings need to have a fueled generator inside before they can be repaired, in addition to the presence of no standing zombies.

Prior to the game update of May 28, 2008, all repairs cost 1 AP. However, with the advent of decay, 1 additional AP is added to the repair cost for each day the building remains ruined. It is possible to go into negative AP by repairing a building with a higher cost-to-repair than your character's current action points.

Damaged portable generators and radio transmitters can also be repaired. This costs 1 AP and fully repairs all damage to the radio or generator. It also gains the repair-person 1 XP.

Extreme repair

See Also: Big Game Ruin Hunting#History.

Something of a sport among certain survivors is the practice of extreme repair, a.k.a. "Big Game Ruin Hunting" – seeking out and repairing ruins with repair costs in excess of 100AP. Part of the thrill lies in the fact that somebody who repairs such a ruin will be helpless until their AP recharge, which may be several days or more.

There is a gallery of such "3-D" repairs.

The current record repair cost is 591 AP within Malton and 529 AP in Borehamwood. There are rumours of ruins in the ~600 AP range in Monroeville.