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Big Game Ruin Hunting (also known as 3-D Repairs) refers to the competitive sport of repairing ruins for the most amount of AP possible. It was made possible with the May 2008 "Decay" feature of ruins.

A player repairs a building for 92 AP.


In August 2007, the ruin mechanic was introduced into Urban Dead Before this update, a zombie could only ransack a building. While a ransacked building had many similarities to a ruined building, including reducing search rates, buildings that were ransacked could be fixed by any survivor, without any skill or item requirements, and for 1AP.

Ruin, however, required survivors learn the Construction skill and have a Toolbox in their inventory to fix a ruin. It made repairing buildings a more specialised task within the game, and was a welcome balance to aid zombie groups.

Decay Update

On the 28th of May, 2008, the ruin system of Urban Dead got an overhaul, with the addition of Decay. It meant that buildings that had been ruined for a certain amount of time would gradually decay further, costing more AP to repair the longer the building had been ruined. This occurred about 6 months after UD got a boost in the number of active characters by the introduction of The Dead, and survivor numbers had been dropping steadily since, leaving some long-abandoned Ghost towns. Because of this, a large amount of buildings decayed for weeks- even months- inside Malton.


Since the quarantine in Malton, all usable cranes have since broken down, drastically increasing the AP cost of building repair.

The sport "Big Game Ruin Hunting" was initially coined by the Beatbox Kids and 2 Cool as a competition to see who could get the highest amount of negative AP in one turn. This would be achieved by going into heavily decayed buildings and using ones last AP repairing it, making the character's AP go into extreme negatives. The first one of these competitive repairs was made in August 2008 by DanceDanceRevolution at 84AP, and was followed by others through the Ruinbrag template. Note that DDR's initial achievement was quickly surpassed by several players as time went on.

Some months after BGRH became defunct, WanYao created the ExtremeRepair template, and with it a gallery for users to upload their repairs. This started the creation of what he dubbed the "3-D Repairs", which were repairs that cost over 100 AP (and therefore went into triple digits). Since this, 404 in particular used the ExtremeRepair gallery as a playground for their impressive repair records.

Bug Exploit

Almost a year after the founding of Big Game Ruin Hunting and 3-D Ruin Repairs, a bug was found in which a survivor that repaired a ruin with 150+ AP cost, instead of going into massively negative AP, would have their AP reset to 50, but still have the building repaired.

A month after submitting the bug to Bug Reports, Rosslessness accidentally stumbled across the bug in Borehamwood, where over the course of 3 or 4 days, several survivors from the Borehamwood 100 discovered the bug independently.

In Borehamwood where most buildings were above the 150 ap level it was quite possible for 2 survivors to have cleared the Big Brother House, killed and dumped the zombies inside AND barricaded the 8 block structure to EHB. After a day of debate and the "Dermot Proclamation" he and his survivor group bug tested it for clarification, before reporting it directly to Kevan. Realising the seriousness of the issue, Kevan disabled ruin repairing in both Borehamwood and Monroeville before fixing the bug a matter of hours later. In the time before Kevan responded, Rosslessness and others managed to hold together an amnesty on repairs in Borehamwood whilst the bug was still in effect.

Big Ruin Milestones

  • The first repair that was recorded as a "Big Ruin" was an 84 AP repair by DanceDanceRevolution. Once the claim was made, this record was surpassed within days.
  • Dermot O'Leary's group were the first to hit 150+ with enough regularity to find the bug which reset character's AP back to full. Upon being told of the bug, Kevan fixed it within the hour, choosing not to cite an explanation for the bug.
  • A long-held record was a 577 AP repair in Cooke Cinema, Earletown. The repair was made by Clyde Tombaugh, and was reported by the lone zombie who was keeping the building ruined, zambah rabah. The 577 repair cost meant the building was ruined for 1.5 consecutive years and would take over 10 days to recuperate the AP. The record has since been broken by Slicer with 591 AP.