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Umbrella Corporation
Abbreviation: UC, Umbrella Corp.
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: Chairman Fanglord, CEO.
Goals: Research and development, similar to that in Raccoon City.
Recruitment Policy: Our Policy is detailed below, but you can apply at our forum.
Contact: Through our forum, or through any of our employees in Malton.

"Nothing is impossible"

"Welcome To The Umbrella Corporation. Our Business Is Life Itself."

"Our Business Is Life Itself"

About the Umbrella Corporation

The Umbrella Corporation, is a group of Gamers and Role-players. We have existed for the best part of a decade going through different stages that we call generations (were currently in the 5th Gen) We Have been playing through many games, we came together as a Group in the once highly popular MMORPG Urban Dead, and continue as a reasonably powerful group in the game. However the Games lack of developments and conflicts between another group caused the Corporation to go into decline.

We started branching out into other games almost immediately as Urban Dead's future looked bleak, we expanded into Tribal wars as the Umbram Commonwealth, The West as the Umbrella Corporation, Dead Frontier as UBCS and into Zombie Pandemic in our current format.

We offer Roleplayers a unique opportunity to be part of the imfamous Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil Franchise and have canonical positions that can be achieved. As well as some our own home made Umbrella Corp stories in our Dead Nation Series, set Globally. That Role Players can be involved in.

What we offer anybody who's interested in the corps, is a great community atmosphere open to both gamers and RPers, for gamers we bring a history of experience in zombie and other themed games and for those interested in Role playings we offer you the chance to come along and become who ever you want to be.

Were always looking for recruits, and we look forward to seeing some of you soon!

Umbrella Corporation's presence assigned to Malton is here to support the pro-survivor community and is currently based out of the suburb of Ruddlebank. Our mission goals in the town of Malton have been: working with the surviving community, exterminating and examining the current undead population, expanding our assets and raising company employment (for their are always positions available), engaging in intellectual discourse about world and local affairs with the community at large among several other things, and have been experiencing a boisterous and riveting good time while doing it.
Umbrella Corporation's Hall of Directors Link

  • The Corporation is a equal-opportunity employer. Our staff consists of volunteers from all over the globe. Places such as: South-Africa, Denmark, United-Kingdom, United States, Brazil, Scandinavia, etc. have all pledged their allegiance to our cause.
  • The Corporation engages in operation around the clock. There isn't a single hour that passes where our operatives aren't active.
  • The Corporation offers different roles and opportunities for everyone, regardless of level or class. The Corporation can provide all the training necessary to become a well-trained operative in the field. Because the Corporation is well funded we can provide the proper tools for training. Therefore development and growth are practically a necessity and we are always prepared for your pledge of employment.
  • The Corporation has a five year history of involvement and dedication to Malton. The Corporation has time and time again assisted in a plethora of Mall & Fort sieges, dealt severe blows to terrorist death cultists, pirates, gangs, and murderers and have executed more successful campaigns and operations than we care to count.
  • For the better, or the worse, other groups in Malton recognize and respect or fear the Corporation that is Umbrella. The Corporation takes a firm position on town and company matters and our reputation has always preceded us.
  • Watch our promotional video!
  • The Corporation currently owns and monitors our very own suburb build specifically for the comfort of our members.

If Umbrella Corporation's cause interests you and you would like to know more, submit your application for membership here at our company forum.

Umbrella Corp. Main Operating Location

Umbrella Employees.jpg
Handley Towers
Umbrella Corporation H.Q.

Ruddlebank [15, 82]

Jarman Lane Corp Boulevard Railway Station
Umbrella Corp. Entry Point
the Holmes Arms
Platoon H.Q.
Pember Grove Handley Towers
Umbrella Corporation H.Q.
the Rabjohns Hotel
Edward General Hospital Ashbee Avenue the Coopey Building

Basic Info:

  • Multi-story housing blocks. Windows can be jumped from to turn a character into a zombie.
  • Towers have no internal descriptions. Some towers, like Lerwill Towers in Greentown, have mobile phone masts mounted on them.


Umbrella Corporation originally started operatations in the suburb of Molebank and after the 5th of November operation, the Corporation successfully relocated to Shearbank's Stickling Mall to continue as a base of operations in early 2007. Survivors were still welcomed to find safety at Stickling Mall, as our headquarters were established in the Rush Building, opportunely located in South Shearbank. After Operation: War-Drums Umbrella Corporation, after over a year in Shearbank, relocated to Ruddlebank to rally operatives in the field. Umbrella Corporation still holds operations in Shearbank but, as a tactic to preserve Corporation integrity, destroyed it's headquarters.

Umbrella Corporation Labs

Umbrella Corporation acknowledges the previous existence of its laboratories, to which it's remains were discovered in the basement of The Nisbet Building in early February 2008. All other information is Classified.

  • Previous Umbrella Corporation Labs: The Nisbet Building
    • Barricade and entry policy is as follows: Extremely heavy barricades. Permitted entry point located at the Fitkin Hotel.
  • Current Umbrella Corporation Labs: Classified

Company Policies

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.31 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Undisclosed Locations

Recruitment Policy

This outlines Umbrella Corporation guidelines for applicants:

  • The applicant can be of any specialization class and skills level.
  • Applicant's with outside creativity, interests and opinions will be actively embraced if appropriate.
  • The applicant must behave as a surviving member of the community.
  • The applicant must not be actively employed with any other body. Exceptions however, can be made through the use of proper channels.
  • An applicant that was once a member of any gang, death cult, or murderous group must declare his/her hostilities to them and severe participation in said group's activities.
  • An applicant that was once a death cultist spy must cease such activities.
  • An applicant caught relaying information from this group to another without consent can find himself/herself placed in K.O.S. status. A tribunal of your peers may be appointed in a congressional court if requested. You have been warned...
  • The applicants are expected to act professionally and bare in mind that their actions reflect upon the Corporation.
  • Limited internet language allowed. Employees are expected to use (American/British) English. Good grammar and punctuation are highly recommended. The only exceptions to this are the spam topics and global location.
Nobrain.png Ban Stupidity
This user or group does not tolerate stupid people.

If these guidelines are to your liking and you have a general interest in the operations of the Umbrella Corporation, then send your application here at our forums, And make a name for yourself in Malton today!

Umbrella Corp.gif Umbrella Employee
Our Business Is Life Itself!

K.O.S. and Fair Tactics Policy

  • The Corporation does not condone execution without stated and approved consent from director level or above. Employees who engage in this action without approval will be dealt with swiftly.
  • K.O.S. targets and members of society that threaten employees with violence will have their name(s) posted to the Malton hit list to be collected by bounty hunters and targeted by Corporation members and it's allies.
  • The Corporation will use "fair tactics", to ensure victory. The Corporation does not condone underhanded methods, such as cloning.
Mpd.png Report PKers!
Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery.

Tagging Policy

We at Umbrella Corporation feel that this quote from a long-term employee sums up the Corporation's stance on tagging: "People are complaining about graffiti and I say screw them. Graffiti as a turf designator is only good if you can keep it up. If someone were to walk into the Stickling and tag it up, we'd just tag it back over. We have plenty of active players and plenty of spray cans. I say, graffiti everything, let other people cover it up if they want to. They're complaining about graffiti on Hulme Park, NEXT DOOR to the mall. Let them cover our graffiti up 5 times a day. Why should we listen to anyone who tells us not to graffiti? Graffiti is vandalism. So I say, let's vandalize. Get out your spray cans and your U.C. stencils. If anyone really wants to start a violent war over this. I say let them. Anyone provoked to violence over our graffiti can get a headshot from my shotgun."

  • As the Umbrella Corporation grows, so will our turf and tagging range.
  • Umbrella Corporation members are encouraged to tag and tag often. Also to tag everywhere with the exception of revive tags, revive point info tags and those maintained by our allies.
  • Umbrella Corporation tags should include "Umbrella" at the end of the tag, or include a forum link somewhere in the tag; Example: "Umbrella, letting you rest easy." or "Stand up Alive,"
  • Umbrella Corporation tags should not be put up over other friendly group tags in their H.Q's.
  • Slanderous tags about Umbrella should be covered promptly.

Syringe.jpg Planned Revivification
This user or group supports
organized revivification.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
Handinhanddp1.png Pay It Forward Supporter
This User or Group Pays It Forward.
Get a revive, give a revive.

Corporation Platoons

Click on the name to go to the corresponding page.

Omega Platoon's Flag
Victor Platoon's Flag
Sigma Platoon's Flag
Whiskey Platoon's Flag
Omega Platoon
Victor Platoon
Sigma Platoon
Whiskey Platoon

Omega Platoon

Umbrella's first operational platoon in Malton. Created by the board to take the roll of U.B.C.S. Veteran members of the remaining original U.B.C.S. were re-purposed to leadership positions of the platoon. Note that it is inactive. Omega has had several internal "problems" throughout its history as the first platoon of the Corporation, and holds an infamous reputation because of this. Omega Platoons ultimate demise came from the decision to create the experimental Sigma Platoon. Omega was merged together with Victor to form this one massive platoon. As a combat-purpose platoon, it took a key position in most of the operations in its time.

Victor Platoon

Umbrella's second Malton platoon. Created by the board shortly after Omega. This was to gain more strategic options for operations as well the ability for having 2 operations at once. Victor has functioned very well, and is considered one of the best platoons in Umbrella. In early 2009 it was deactivated and members were re-purposed to serve in the experimental Sigma Platoon. Victor, like Omega, functioned as a combat-purpose platoon, and it was at the head of Umbrella's most successful operations. In early June 2009 Victor would be reactivated by the board, to relief the overgrown Sigma. By February of 2010 both platoons could not sustain themselves so it was decided that Sigma and Victor platoon would merge under the name of Victor. It is, to this day, an active platoon. As of late 2010 it was decided to re-purpose members from Whiskey Platoon to train alongside veterans inside Victor Platoon. This experimental decision remains as the current roll for Victor Platoon.

Sigma Platoon

Umbrella's fourth Malton platoon. Sigma was created by the merging of Omega and Victor, as part of an experiment to observe the effectiveness of one massive platoon. Thus Sigma became the main combat platoon for Umbrella, and led all major operations alongside trainee platoon Whiskey. In early 2009, Sigma became the largest platoon ever in Umbrella history, and it literally grew beyond its limits. This eventually led to the reopening of current Victor Platoon. Though it proved itself to be versatile in shifting circumstances, by February of 2010 the Sigma platoon experiment would be shut down. Members, along with Whiskey platoon, were re-purposed to Victor platoon to experiment in better member training. Sigma remains currently inactive but may again be reactivated based on the Corporations needs.

Whiskey Platoon

Umbrella's third Malton platoon. Created to handle the influx of new corporation employees, Whiskey was set up as the first training platoon. Unlike the other platoons, Whiskey's operational goal was the training and education of it's members. Whiskey still participated in operations as a supporting platoon rather than combative. Do to it's leadership however, Whiskey was never underestimated. Most famous of it's operations took place in the Pennville suburb, where Whiskey successfully held and defended the gatehouse during a long siege at Fort Perryn in 2009. Whiskey is currently Inactive and members have been re-purposed to Victor as part of an experiment.

Miscellaneous Platoons and Corporation Sub-Sections

There have been other, specialized sub-sections within the Umbrella Corporation. These groups were made to be specified task groups, and were involved in experiments, emergency plans, classified investigations and covert operations. The following have been permitted to be declassified:

  • Search and Rescue Platoon
  • The U.S.T.S.
  • The B.O.W. Program
  • Propaganda Platoon
  • Project D.E.M.O.N.

All information detailing or regarding operations are to remain classified for each group has the potential of re-activation.

Scientific Research

Arklay Staff.png
Umbrella Research 2.jpeg

Umbrella's top Scientists have conducted various research and development, not to mention experiments connected to Umbrella's Biological Weapons program, including files relating to non-Malton related topics. Only authorized Umbrella personnel are permitted (and encouraged) to add new information into these files. Below are some of the files that are available for public viewing:

  • An in-depth look at The Malton Outbreak by Senior Scientist T.Oakley G. This article also includes a study on Brainrot by one of Umbrella Corporation's Security Chiefs Krauser of U.

Recorded Field Data

Media files open for public view (Right click and save to desktop if necessary.):

  • The Licker
    • Video recording of victim Umbrella employee Spence Parks. Executed for attempting to sell Corporation assets on the black market and sustained infection.
  • Outbreak
    • This video was recovered from the Holmes Arms after Whiskey Platoon had effectively cleared it out in early 2009. After its recovery it was shown to new recruits and employees for training purposes.
  • Assasination
    • This video clearly shows the crude power and efficiency of the Umbrella B.O.W. Nemesis similar B.O.W.s were slotted for use in Malton but have since been canceled due to irregularities and complications.


Umbrella Corporation/Timeline

Umbrella Corporation/Company History

The First era of Umbrella in Malton: Umbrella Corporation/History

Company Allies

Alliances: Umbrella Corporation has a common interest with the following allies. The Corporation has always aided Malton survivors and organizations. All that is asked in return is for those we assist to return the favor. Any survivors, groups, or organizations wishing to affiliate or contact the Umbrella Corporation can do so at our communication link stated previously.

Shake.jpg Umbrella Corporation Ally
This User or Group is a member of the Umbrella Corporation Alliance.

To use this template, use the code {{UmbrellaCorporationAlly}}

Alliance 45
Army Control Corps
Cannonball Crew

Loose Cannons

Creedy Defense Force
The Abandoned
The Fortress
Tikhon Medical

Historical Alliances (No Longer Active Groups)

Can be found here.

Apply For Membership At Umbrella Corp.

"Obedience Breeds Discipline, Discipline Breeds Unity, Unity Breeds Power, Power is Life."

"Obedience Breeds Discipline, Discipline Breeds Unity, Unity Breeds Power, Power is Life."

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Special thanks go to Umbrella Staff member Cody Mac for his generous contribution of all Umbrella and Urban Dead related templates.

Furthermore, the Umbrella Corporation would like to thank the following persons for their immense contributions to the Umbrella wiki affairs and it's pages: Jackson, Dr Eddie Ashford, Fanglord and Thadeous Oakley all played a major role developing our wiki pages.