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ROACH Klips modified.jpg
Abbreviation: RK
Group Numbers: ?
Leadership: Fenriz 666 & Sturm23
Goals: Free Roachtown
Recruitment Policy: Anyone interested in protecting Roachtown
Contact: ROACH Klips Forum

Group Info

A ragtag group of survivors from the Roachtown ghettos. Not much is known about them or their leader. What is known is that most of the members were local ruffians and outlaws that now find themselves united to fight the Zombie scourge. They are pro-human and aim to help anyone they can. Their ultimate goal is to free Roachtown from the undead. If you or your group needs assistance, please contact us and we will try to help in any way possible!

Group History

  • Founded by DarthMortis & Sturm23!
  • During the first months of the Zombie infestation, DarthMortis and Sturm23 decided to recruit a number of the "local" guys to band together and take back Roachtown. They slowly grew and made great alliances for the suburb. Roachtown slowly became a bright spot for central Malton with the Klips patroling the area.
  • When DarthMortis and Sturm23 suddenly went missing, the rest of the ROACH Klips stayed together under the coopertive leadership of several veteran members.
  • In the short time between the second incarnation of the Klips and the March of the Big Bash toward Central Malton and Roachtown, the group, while slightly fragmented continued to make Roachtown as safe as possible.
  • As the Big Bash approached Roachtown, the Klips decided to pack up and leave town for a safer suburb until things calmed down back at home.
  • The group then returned to Roachtown and returned to trying to make it safe. Leadership eventually decayed until the point that the Klips were almost lost.
  • Sturm23 returned to the Klips in an attempt to bring the ROACH Klips back to life and is currently working on making Roachtown safe once again. The Revive Point at Bateson Street has also been reactivated to help the unfortunate.
  • After re-establishing the Klips as a major force in Roachtown and central Malton, Sturm23 has stepped back from the leadership role and announced new leadership. Fenriz 666 is now the new leader of the group!
  • After another long vacation out of Malton, Sturm23 has returned home to Roachtown in time for the ROACH Klips 5 year anniversary! A party will be happening at The Novell Arms throughout the month of December 2010, so be sure to stop in for a visit and some goodies!


  • Only available for ROACH Klip members and our allies. Please visit the ROACH Klips Forum for recruitment, diplomacy or any questions.

Friends & Allies

A list of the People and/or Groups that we support.


Zombies, Zombie spies, Humans who prey on the weak and anyone known to PK.

Ongoing Missions/ High Priority Goals

Radio Info

ROACH Klip Radio was once set up and operated on 28.19 mhz! Currently the airwaves are quiet! If you need to contact a member of the Klips, please use the forums.

Current News and Info

All news items have been moved to the new ROACH Klips Forums, please click on the link and join us in our discussions!

The ROACH Klips are sorry to say our suburb has been vandalized with false links to our forums. We would like to say that if you follow a link that does NOT lead to ROACH Klips Forums, then a ROACH Klip has NOT sprayed it.

Revivification Point

  • The Official ROACH Klips revive point in Roachtown is currently active! Please wait at Bateson Street [56,34] and we will try to assist you.
  • Contact us on our forums or request aid at DEM Revive Service for a faster revive.
  • Please note that the ROACH Klips no longer support the Sacred Ground policy. If you want a revive, please go to Bateson Street. It's not far.
Revive.gif Revivification Requests
Undead? Want to breathe again?
Make a Revivification Request!

Recruitment & Diplomacy

  • We are always looking for new members!!!
  • We are always open to new members who are interested in helping free Roachtown and restore order so that we may once again live in peace. We accept all levels of survivors, from the seasoned veterans to the new guy on the block!
  • We are open to establishing lines of communication with all human groups. If your group is interested in diplomatic relationships please contact us via our forums or in the game. We'll be more than happy to hear from you.
  • We are particularly interested in alliances within the suburb of Roachtown or in surrounding suburbs.
  • For all recruitment and diplomacy information, please post your group link or profile at: ROACH Klips Forum

ROACH Klips Manifesto

  • Article 1: Kill all zombies
  • Article 2: Defend all humans, unless this shall cost your life or that of your fellow ROACH Klip
  • Article 3: Stockpile as much weapons, ammo and supplies as you can
  • Article 4: Find others to join our fight, whether that be allies to the ROACH Klips, or new members
  • Article 5: Assist other groups that share the same cause as we do
  • Article 6: PK'ing is a sin, and we shall punish those who practice it
  • Article 7: We support the Uniform Barricading Policy
  • Article 8: Paint our name/logo on every wall in Roachtown

Roachtown Defense Plan

Roachtown Barricade Plan.jpg

Orange buildings should be barricaded to EHB, and blue buildings are designated entry points and should be maintained at VSB. This plan follows the Uniform Barricading Policy with a few minor exceptions, most notably that the NecroTech buildings are to be maintained at EHB with an adjacent building set at VSB. We realize that this sets the NecroTech buildings essentially off-limits to those without Free Running, but we have decided that this is necessary in order to help keep our revive point running smoothly.

The ROACH Klips support the Uniform Barricading Policy:

Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.


  • Acknowledgements to the author(s) of the various other Suburb Defense Plans references for their work that inspired and was borrowed to create this page.
Redcrosssmall.jpg Malton Hospitals Group
This user or group supports MHG in their attempt to restore health care in Malton.