Roachtown ghettos

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Roachtown ghettos

Roachtown [56,36 - 59,39]

the Spinks Monument Newbery Street Cass Row the Connor Arms
Stiles Row The Hepburn Building Failand Street the Pither Building
wasteland wasteland Newstead Street Railway Station Peacock Road
junkyard wasteland Hewlett Alley Veal Lane Police Dept

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Photo of the Roachtown Ghettos, looking east down Failand Street

Roachtown Ghettos refers to the south eastern corner of Roachtown. It is the poorest, and most dangerous part of the suburb, indeed of all of Malton. Highlighted by the Spinks Monument, it is often refered to as the entrence to hell, the area is littered with trash, graffiti, and now, dead corpses. The Buildings are all badly built and defiled. Before the Zombie infection took place, more murders occured here per year, than the rest of the Malton suburbs combined. This area is known for its rampant gang and drug activity. Filthy Jenkins a local drug kingpin, has been using Roachtown as his base of operations for years. The only difference it seems, is an even more apparent lack of Law Enforcement.

It is notable that Peacock Road, part of the ghettos, is on the list of Amusing Locations.

Stret3.JPG Amusing Location
This location is on the list of Amusing Locations in Malton


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