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Veterans of the Zombie Wars
Abbreviation: VZW
Group Numbers: Small, but growing
Leadership: Tokarishi
Goals: Reclamation of Edgecombe
Recruitment Policy: Selective, rigorous training

Veterans of the Zombie Wars

Veterans of The Z War Unite!! Join the VZW today and enjoy the benefits of a highly motivated group of steadfast survivors who know how to ferment virtually anything, and maintain one of the few operational deep fryers in Malton!!

The Veterans of the Z-War (VZW for short) began in Edgecombe just days before the Mall Tour 07's attack on the Hildebrand Mall. Several founding members made highly dangerous journeys through areas of heavy Zack infestation in order to join the defense of the Mall.

Hard won experience has taught us the value of helping new survivors find safe haven and develop Zombie fighting skills. The VZW actively seeks out new allies and is always happy to provide healing and reviving for proven Zed fighters regardless of affiliation or level.

Membership is as easy as posting to the 'Allies' part of this Wiki page and stating that you want to help fight the Zombie menace and aid your fellow survivors. Membership benefits include multiple daily area status reports sent via email and filed by individual members. These reports includes detailed notes on barricade levels, names of survivors who need healing and reviving, locations and quantities of zombies, warnings regarding PKer activity, and heads-up reports on large scale Zed movements, etc. These reports are geared towards helping new survivors maximize their AP to XP ratio and gain levels as fast as possible.

The VZW maintains a growing list of friends and foes and is eager to help any other groups who want to coordinate efforts against the Zombie hordes! Contact us now!

Hey everyone! Tired of eating Not-Bread and Military Ration Peanut Butter? Join the VZW and enjoy Fried Gold Pig Lumps and Chaco Chicken. Wash it all down with a Bath-Tub-Brew and finish it all off with a smoke of Lother Leaf and a sip of Dr Lizardo's Revive Serum Grappa!

VZW Policies

VZW Supports the Sacred Ground Policy. Do not kill zeds at cemeteries.

Scan before Reviving. No random revives, make your syringe count.

Scan before Shooting. Don't waste ammo on a survivor looking for a revive.

Sh.I.Z.O. = Shoot Indoor Zeds Only. Shooting a zombie in the street is a waste of AP and Ammo. Save both for the zeds that are inside buildings and when you find them, kill them and dump them outside.

No Bots. VZW members are prohibited from operating any bots.

No Hacking. VZW members are prohibited from engaging in hacking. This includes deliberately defacing or deleting another group's Wiki site.

No Zerging. Players shall maintain only (1) account in the VZW at a time. Players with multiple characters shall maintain a minimum (2) suburbs seperation between all characters.

Our radio frquency is 28.76Mhz.


Member Revives Zed Kills PK Kills Rebuilds
Ettore Fieramosca 222 248 17 171
Luis Tully 170 226 9 157
tarheel93c 18 218 23 161
Tokarishi 156 140 9 37
Lewis Medlock 91 170 15 116
Dr Mugwump 28 120 3 23
Vincent Coccotti 89 160 8 148
Samuel L Plisken 12 100 8 21
Wedge 28 63 0 19
Uncle Huck 55 51 2 80
VNeckCop 5 72 0 0
Rictor Stilwell 43 12 7 0
Jamaican Joe 6 11 0 21
Parrot Thames 0 7 0 3
The Lovely Cpl Riza 0 1 0 0
Vickter 0 0 0 0

Other Members
Nicholai Hel
Zed Pirate Roberts

Rebuilds = Ruined buildings that have all zeds and dead bodies removed, are then 'repaired,' and finally barricaded up to VSB. All this to be done during the same turn to count.

VZW Murderball Team

Follow the link for complete coverage of Edgecombe's first Murderball Team, The Edgecombe Blades!!!

Those who have joined the Blades (AKA the Edgies by their fans) are entitled to carry this template on their user page:

EdgecombeBlades.jpg The Edgecombe Blades
This user is a member of the Edgecombe Blades Murderball team

Annual VZW Zedapalooza Concert Tour

This tour is not to be missed. Read more. Follow this link to the official First VZW Zedapalooza Concert Tour

Concert Tour Maps are available upon request. Either post below, or contact a VZW member directly 'in-game.'

If you attended any of the 2008 Zedapalooza concerts, you are entitled to grab this template:

Zedapalooza2008.jpg Zedapalooza 2008 VIP Pass
I rocked out at the First VZW Zedapalooza Concert Tour of Malton!

Annual VZW Malton Film Festival

Sometimes inspiration strikes in the most unusual places. Malton is no exception! Join the VZW as they visit cinemas throughout the city and watch locally produced films! The Festival begins October 23, 2007 - so bring your flak jacket, a loaded shotgun and plenty of popcorn!!!

Follow this link to the official First VZW Malton Film Festival

If you attended the Film Festival and want to let everyone know, you are welcome to grab this template:

VZWFilmFestival2007.jpg First VZW Film Festival
This user attended the First VZW Malton Film Festival.

Annual VZW Malton Running Man Competition

Official Rules for the Running Man Competition can be found by following this link: VZW Malton Running Man Competition

Sign up for the Second Running Man can be found by following this link: Second VZW Malton Running Man Competition

Results of the First VZW Malton Running Man Competition can be viewed by following this link: First VZW Malton Running Man Competition

If you participated in the First VZW Running Man Competition, you are entitled to grab this template:

VZWRunningManLogo.jpg 2007 VZW Running Man Competition
This user participated in the First VZW Malton Running Man Competition.

VZWRunningMan2008.jpg 2008 VZW Running Man Competition
This user participated in the Second VZW Malton Running Man Competition

The Devil's Promenade

Three members of the VZW have taken up the Section 13 Devil's Promenade Challenge. Check their progress on the Promenade talk page and root for the good guys to finish the course alive!

DevilsPromenade.jpg The Devil's Promenade
This location/user has been part of the The Devil's Promenade Challenge

Malton Fencing Cup

Follow this link to the official Malton Fencing Cup

VZW Journal

Please note that the journal has been updated -- VZW members feel free to add your own comments. Friends and Allies are welcome to add their thoughts in the Allies area below.

Journal Has Been Moved to the VZW Tactical Page

Storm Tactics

Storm Tactics has been moved to the VZW Tactical Page

VZW Bounty Hunters Page

This page contains a listing of PKers that have crossed paths with members of the VZW. Here you will find links to the ID's of many bad guys plus you can also read some journal information about when and where these guys committed their evil deeds and what punishment was ultimately visited upon them.

Follow the link here VZW Bounty Hunters Page

VZW Zed Menace Page

This page contains a listing of career Zombies that the VZW actively hunts. It is our intent to convince these undead scoundrels to move on to other suburbs. But, given the current Zed balance of the game, this list should help identify which Zed should get your first shotgun blast!

Follow the link here VZW Zed Menace Page

Useful Links


Giddings Mall

Hildebrand Mall

Mitchem Mall

Monitoring Mall Tour '07

Revive Request Map

Map of Malton

Map of Suburbs

Map of Edgecombe


The VZW actively encourages coordination between groups of Survivors. The Groups listed below have proven themselves beneficial to the survivor cause.

Alliance of Fort Creedy

Black Brigade

Blackhawk Nation

The Buckrell Arms Troops

Edgecombe Families

The Holdouts


The Crusade of Reclamation

Jedi Order of Malton

Malton Resistance Front



Survivors Against Zombies

Secret Order of Decorators

Willcox Motel Survivors

Yoyodyne Zombie Research Institute

12th Reconnaisance Group

25th Military Police Regiment

41st Death Com.

Allies are encouraged to add commentary on any topic and to request VZW help on the Talk:VZW page.

VZW Revive Center

The VZW is devoted to helping its fellow survivors. If you find yourself in a pile of bodies and need help rejoining the living, post a revive request here and we will send a skilled Necrotech employee with a ready syringe to help you. The VZW routinely operates within the Four Corners Region of Malton and will respond to requests within this area the fastest. Members of listed allies will receive top priority. The VZW currently helps to maintain the Cadbury Bank indoor revive center located at grid (72,52). Visit us there if you want a quick revive!

Post: your NAME, ID Number, Location Name, Location Grid Coordinate, Date and Time(EST)

Visit the VZW Revive Center to view a comprehensive list of survivors that have been revived thanks to the tireless efforts of devoted VZW Revive Staff.

If you have been revived by a member of the VZW and you have a User Page, you may find one of these on your discussion page. If you have been revived by a VZW member and you do not have one of these tags, then you are welcome to add it if you wish:

ReviveEKG.jpg VZW Revive
This user was revived by a dedicated VZW revive specialist

VZW Operations Radio

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency

Frequency: 28.76 MHz
Transmitter coordinates: Edgecombe

  • Want regular status on the state of The Four Corners Region without all the advertising or the boring monologues of insane survivors? Tune in to 28.76 MHz for VZW Operations Radio. Broadcasts are infrequent, unless we are involved in a new Running Man Competition, when there are loads of interesting transmissions.