Yoyodyne Zombie Research Institute

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Yoyodyne Zombie Research Institute
Abbreviation: YZRI
Group Numbers: Small, but growing
Leadership: Dr Emilio Lizardo
Goals: Research the Zombie Virus
Recruitment Policy: Selective
Contact: Dr Emilio Lizardo

Yoyodyne Zombie Research Institute

Where the Future is Tomorrow

Founded during the height of the outbreak by Doctor Emilio Lizardo, the Yoyodyne Zombie Research Institute is dedicated to the study of the Zombie Virus. Through observation and direct interaction with infected subjects, the Institute hopes to one day discover the cause and isolate a cure for Zombism.


Member Revives Zed Kills PK Kills Rebuilds
Dr Emilio Lizardo973263 113 84 5 110
Ken StArnaud1106153 7 4 0 4
Alex Goulding1008679 0 3 0 15

Member = Name and profile link of player

Revives = Sucessfully Revived Survivors (Scanned and Profile checked)

Zed Kills = Number of Zombies Killed

PK Kills = Number of Verified Player Killers Killed

Rebuilds = Ruined Buildings repaired and then barricaded up to VSB or better.

Company Policies

Yoyodyne Supports the Sacred Ground Policy. Do not kill zeds at cemeteries.

Scan before Reviving. No random revives, make your syringe count.

Scan before Shooting. Don't waste ammo on a survivor looking for a revive.

Sh.I.Z.O. = Shoot Indoor Zeds Only. Shooting a zombie in the street is a waste of AP and Ammo. Save both for the zeds that are inside buildings and when you find them, kill them and dump them outside.

No Bots. Yoyodyne Research Staff are prohibited from operating any bots.

No Hacking. Yoyodyne Research Staff are prohibited from engaging in hacking. This includes deliberately defacing or deleting another group's Wiki site.

No Zerging. Players shall maintain only (1) account among Yoyodyne Zombie Research staff at a time. Players with multiple characters shall maintain a minimum (2) suburbs seperation between all characters.

Our Marconi frequency is 28.76Mhz.

Current Research Initiatives

Ganglion Probe Research Initiative

This special Yoyodyne project studies the effects of Brain Rot in the hopes of discovering a method to extinguish the violent behavior of zombies.

Follow this link to find detailed project data: Yoyodyne Ganglion Probe Research

Institute Friends and Allies

The following Organizations have conducted joint research with or pledged tactical support for Yoyodyne Zombie Research Institute endeavors:

The VZW: Veterans of the Zombie Wars

Secret Order of Decorators

The Holdouts

If you or your group wish to join Yoyodyne or conduct joint research, please post communications on the discussion page or speak directly with any Yoyodyne Staff you may encounter through-out Malton.

Yoyodyne Revive Center

Follow this link to the Yoyodyne Zombie Research Institute Revive Center where you can request a revive from one of our experienced Staff Members and read testimonials:

Yoyodyne Zombie Research Institute/Revive Center

Yoyodyne Staff Revive Point

Attention to all Yoyodyne staff curently working in the Lowther Building. A revive point has been implemented in case of emergency at the Woolcott Plaza, [89, 48], three block to the east of the building. Warn the remaining living staff member by here or by their personal pages.

Last Request:

Yoyodyne Zombie Research Institute Marconi Operations

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated Marconi frequency

Frequency: 28.76 MHz
Transmitter coordinates: Dr Lizardo's Lab