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Obsessed with discovering the viral agent responsible for the spread of Zombism, Doctor Emilio Lizardo abondoned his promissing 'Overthruster' research and traveled to Malton where news of a major outbreak had just begun to leak out. Utilizing what was left of his family fortune, Dr Lizardo founded the Yoyodyne Zombie Research Institute and dedicated its staff of young energetic scientists to the study of the Zombie Virus.

The fledgling Institute soon found itself entangled in legal battles over project grants and research permits with the mighty science juggernaught, NecroTech. After being repeatedly denied permits to conduct tests on actual Zombie subjects, the inspired research conducted by the creative professionals of the Yoyodyne Institute soon ground to a halt. The bright minds cultivated and mentored by Dr Lizardo soon caught the attention of Necrotech, and within a few months they had all been seduced or coerced into NecroTech's clutches. Emilio was now all alone in his labs.

Forced to find new ways of conducting his research, Dr Lizardo scoured the city. Distraught and suffering from fatigue, he eventually made the aquiantance of one Ettore Fieramosca over a bottle of grappa at the Clatworthy Arms. While discussing the merits of Macchi Racing planes and recounting past winners of the Schneider Cup, Ettore related an interesting story he had heard while drinking with a local museum curator. (Recounted here verbatim for your edification: It seems this museum housed a collection of Roman Artifacts recovered from a nearby bog. And among these items was the extremely well preserved body of a Gaul warrior that had been a mounted auxilliary attached to the Roman Legions stationed around the area of Malton. Just a few nights ago, several undead creatures broke in to the museum and began feasting on the centuries old flesh of the warrior. The curator chased them out by screaming obsceneties and brandishing a fire axe. Barricading the front entry with mammoth bones, the curator went to sleep underneath the desk in his office. In the morning he awoke to find the barricade torn down from the inside and a trail of black footprints leading out into the street. The body of the warrior, Gallarus White Eyes, was nowhere to be found.)

This chance encounter with the Racing Pilot gave Dr Lizardo the opportunity he needed. His new application for a special permit to 'conduct research on the effects the Zombie Virus on preserved museum specimins' was not opposed by NecroTech and was quickly granted. Small bribes of 'glow-forever sticks' and soylent green crackers to local urchins soon led Dr Lizardo to the distinctively black and leathery corpse of Gallarus White Eyes. The initial studies on the bog-preserved corpse led Dr Lizardo to develop an entirely new theory on Zombism contrary to the more prevalent NecroTech Theory.

Through observation and direct interaction with infected subjects, Dr Emilio Lizardo and the Yoyodyne Zombie Reseach Institute hope to one day discover the cause of, and isolate a cure for Zombism.