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Section 13
Section 13
Abbreviation: S13
Group Numbers: 23
Leadership: Group Consensus
Goals: Defend St. Maximillian's
Recruitment Policy: Survivors of any level are welcome
Contact: Our forums
know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.31 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: St. Max locations across Malton

Section 13 Info

Section 13 is based in Southern Malton, and is well known within it's community. We also run many long range missions that sometimes take us to the farthest corners of the city and it's most dangerous suburbs. Section 13 was created to make Urban Dead more fun.

Memebers are encouraged to role-play, and help contribute to the developement of the group and missions. We let our members play how they want!

The "Section" is made of different units or sub-groups. Each sub-group is independantly formed and run by memebers of Section 13, see The Wolfhounds, and Delta Squad as examples.

Knights of St. Max

We are the "Knights" of Saint Maximillian, and work to defend and maintain the five St. Maximillian's locations in Malton, and their respective suburbs. We currently are most active in Ruddlebank, and Wyke Hills.

The S13 logo consists of 4 elements.

  1. The The wreath represents our common bond, forged through the Oath that all members take
  2. The crossed swords for our willingness to defend eachother
  3. The five stars, one for each St. Maximillian's location
  4. The group motto, "loyalty above all else"

Membership and Recruitment

GroupRecruiting.jpg This group is currently recruiting!
If you want to join, please, contact us on our forums or in game.
Unknown said:
"Roughnecks, renegades, reverends, and rebel-rousers, madmen, martyrs, murderers, mischief-makers, and all-around-general-mother-fuckers, poppers, PK'ers, pastors, and punks - we take in all kinds. Swear the Knight's Oath, and I will call you "Brother".


Section 13 has very few group policies, reflecting the opinion that members should be allowed to play in-character and how they like. Any group wide policies will be listed below, all others are considered subjective, and to the individuals discretion.

Survival is our Highest priority. As a group we defend all buildings in Malton that bare the name of Saint Maximillian, and use them as our safehouses, and head quarters.


In an effort to recognize the time, commitment, contributions, and battle-hardiness of its members, Section 13 has developed a series of medals that can be given to members.

These medals are awarded in three categories to signify the different areas of performance, Service, Bravery, and Leadership. In each category medals are given a level of prestige from preliminary to elite class awards, which are given only with the greatest actions and highest praise of fellow S13 members.

Unlike other groups these are not given for the simple act of achieving a new level or learning a skill, but are awarded for singular acts, consistency, or performance in a mission or theater of operations in-game.

Honour Hall

An internal document is kept that lists all members of Section 13 who's sense of duty, and loyalty; along with singular acts and consistent demonstration of valiance, has earned them a place of distinction. These are there names, and the commendations awarded to them. Section 13 members are given the option to publicly display their commendations (adding the medals to their Urban Dead character description)

Friends and Enemies


Section 13 formerly recognized the following groups and it's members as our full tactical allies. However, attempts to contact these groups and their members have been met without results for a year. Their members are considered to be K.I.A. and their association disbanded. S13 has no formal allies.

Kill on Sight List

If any of the persons listed are spotted please update their name with location (building name and co-ords)and date. If any heads are collected, please feel free to post a link under the wanted's description and charges to a screen shot of your kill. Awards will be posted later.

Adam C Moore

Wanted on charges of desertion. Moore was declared AWOL after reciveing orders for his first mission, attempts to contact him through S13 radio frequencies resulted in no response. for neglect of Duty, and cowardice, Adam C Moore is to be treated as a deserter and killed on sight.

Private Steeeve

Wanted on Charges of Murder. This member of the Malton Marshals commited the assualt against a Section 13 member with out warranted cause or explanation and is to be terminated with extreme prejudice.

toto and dorothy

Wanted on charges of Murder, toto and dorothy has commited at least a half dozen unprovoked, and recorded assaults against Section 13 members, including our Chaplin and non-combatant member Reverend Scrape. toto and dorothy are to be treated as an enemy of the Section, any persons able to provide proof of their elimination will be given special commendation, and public mention. Send screenshots to .

John Rogan

Charged with desertion, he ate our food, slept in our shelters, and swore our oath. John Rogan fought with us only a brief time before abandoning his brothers, and the bond he swore upon his name, honour, and blood. John Rogan is to be killed on sight as a coward and deserter.

Red Mage.gif Roleplaying Notice
Notice: This User or Group enjoys the RPG aspect of MMORPGs, the category of games that Urban Dead falls into. As such, there is probably quite a bit of roleplaying and/or creative writing on this page and in said User/Group's in-game actions. In other words, if you think the difference between IC and OOC is "One has an 'I' and the other has two 'O's," buzz off.

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