Alliance of Fort Creedy

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Alliance of Fort Creedy
Abbreviation: AoFC
Group Numbers: N/A
Leadership: Secret currently to avoid targeting
Goals: Defense of Fort Creedy and the surrounding suburbs.
Recruitment Policy: Must be willing to fight in the defense of Fort Creedy.

We are the defenders of the fort! The fort was taken from us yes! We shall retake it! Now is the time!!!

The Alliance of Fort Creedy

The area surrounding Fort Creedy is is potentially one of the most secure areas in all of Malton. It is home to two Malls, Tynte Mall and Giddings Mall (As well as Mitchem Mall to an extent), and the Fort itself is a safe haven for humanity. The area is home to some of the oldest and most battle hardened groups in the City. If all of these groups cooperated and worked toward mutual security and communication, the greater creedy area would become a bastion of hope in a ruined city.

The Alliance of Fort Creedy is an attempt to grasp that hope and create an unmoveable stronghold against the zombie hordes.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.85 MHz MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Unknown

Allies of Fort Creedy

  1. VZW Veterans of the Zombie Wars
  2. Malton Resistance Front
  3. 12th Reconnaisance Group
  4. 51st Welsh Armoured Division
  5. Nirvana Fan Association
  6. Dentonside Regulars
  7. Black Brigade
  8. Militantes de Libertad

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Charter of Fort Creedy

The Alliance of Fort Creedy does not accept applicants whose groups tolerates, to any degree, the following:

---Zerging. Zerging is cheating.

---Use bots. These are CHEATING.

---Hacking. Urban Dead is just a game. Besides, the EU deems it illegal.

---Each group should have its charter WRITTEN DOWN in a PUBLIC PLACE ON THE WIKI so that it may be viewed.

---Individual members are allowed to join the Alliance of Fort Creedy. There is no internal organization for such individual members and they are expected to follow the same rules as in the charter.

Campaigns of Fort Creedy

Expanse of Fort Creedy

The Alliance of Fort Creedy holds a significant presence in the following locations.

  1. Fort Creedy
  2. Giddings Mall
  3. Pitneybank
  4. Peppardville
  5. Edgecombe
  6. Pegton
  7. Tynte Mall
  8. Dentonside


Fortress.jpg AoFC
This user, group, building, or area is part of the Alliance of Fort Creedy.