Edgecombe Families

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Edgecombe Families
Abbreviation: ECF
Group Numbers: Most Reported MIA
Leadership: Kiddy (Kiddznitch)
Goals: Protect the neighbourhood
Recruitment Policy: Anyone who can heal, fight, whatever.
Contact: Edgecombefamilies@hotmail.co.uk

Edgecombe Families

Edgecombe was once a very peaceful suburb. On the moment of the outbreak Edgecombe was not one of the worst hit but steadily the undead began to swarm like everywhere else. Edgecombe has a great survivor community, some joined together to form the Edgecombe Families, some simply stayed and others sadly, died.
With it's close proximity to massive human strategic strongholds and good amounts of PDs, Firestations, NT Buildings and Hospitals Edgecombe is the place to be.
In working together the suburb can be safe and provide aid to neigbouring suburbs and groups
Members of the ECF can often be seen around the suburb in their standard green apparel always willing to help.
Feel free to contact Kiddznitch, Edgecombefamilies@hotmail.co.uk or just post about it in the comments section.

Group Policies

In the ECF we don't JUST kill zeds. We keep buildings in check, keep them 'caded (to the proper level) If a breakin occurs make sure you dump the bodies before you cade it up and repair it. We need to provied first aid to anyone in peril, e.g: people who are infected or below 25 hp or people stuck outside (you should also defend them and point them in the direction of the nearest safehouse.) Necrotech buildings should be kept a top priority and always at EHB as these are vital for keeping people alive, also buildings that should be VSB are equally impotant to keep up. You should try to inform people of the good work the Edgecombe Families are doing and encourage them to join. We are always willing to help and always thankful for assistance.

Clatworthy Arms & Club Somerton

They once spent many a day at The Clatworthy Arms & Club Somerton!
Where someone discovered the fuzzy wuzzy bears in glasses. Don't ask how they taste, if you're lucky enough to find one of the old member they might tell you.

Need for communication

As Edgecombe's state worsens it would seem a greater need for communication has arisen.
Keep in touch. We are always ready to help.

We now opperate on 28.65 MHZ


We are urgently seeking new members as we are spread thin, newbie or whatever feel free to join.
Contact at Edgecombefamilies@hotmail.co.uk
OR post in the discussion page Talk:Edgecombe Families
We all look out for eachother here


Anyone who is a friend to the suburb is a friend of ours, feel free to add yourselves

Other stuff

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
Rogers.jpg Mr. Rogers Style!
This user or group supports and follows the Mr. Rogers policy.
SSZlogo2.jpg Survivor Security Zone
Edgecombe Families helps to protect the Survivor Security Zone.
ClattersAle.jpg Clatter's Best Ale
This User has enjoys drinking a refreshing pint of Clatter's Best Ale at the Clatworthy Arms! Brewed exclusively by the Upstairs Brewing Company.
know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.65 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Warehouse 74,54