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It sucks getting dead. Sucks even worse to be undead (according to some people)! But thankfully you don't have to stay that way, help is available! Even if you are not a member of a large group, or don't have access to a private forum's own list, there are publicly available Revivification Request tools. Finally something to provide the function of those 'Please revive if found undead' buttons so many of us are wearing!

The use of specific Revivification Points (RPs) or cemeteries is greatly recommended, even though it is possible to request a revive while waiting at any location within Malton. Tagging locations as zombie-safe revive points is still very helpful and encourages the requester to wait someplace convenient to local NT trained survivors. As a requester you are depending on the generously donated time and efforts of other survivors - make it as easy as possible for them. Also, some NTs only look for requests at their favorite RP.

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The Department of Emergency Management, the Creedy Defense Force, and Iwitness have all provided tools for entering and reviewing Revivification Requests. While the tools have different interfaces and slightly different focuses, their basic purpose is the same.

The DEM and CDF worked together so that their tools actually shared request information regularly (currently 4 times a day), such that a request made to one tool is available to the other.

The first two tools required requests to be made with a valid profile ID, and confirm that you were currently a zombie and did not posses the Brain Rot skill. These tools checked your profile regularly and automatically removed your request once you are alive again. Both interfaces provided links to the map of Malton which highlighted the specific location linked, and of course link to a requester's profile page so they could be added to your contacts for targeted revival.

Iwitness worked on a different principle, and simply provided a copy of the game screen the player making the request was viewing at the time they are making the request. This made it very easy to confirm all the above information yourself when viewing the request; checking to see if the person making the request had brain rot was a trivial task - simply open their profile by clicking on the name in the record!

DEM and CDF Revive Request Lists


The DEM's Revivification Request Manager listed requests in a sortable table. You could also search for requests within a range of blocks from a specified location. Searches were bookmarkable so it was easy to recheck the requests for your favorite RP.

To find your UD ID, when requested, click your name to view your character profile. Your UDID# is visible in the URL of your character profile page, like this:, where XXXXXX is your UD ID#. Requests also timed out during the fifth day, so if you hadn't been revived by then, you would need to make a new request (and probably consider looking for a new RP, unless you had seen revivers working the location).

Revivification Points from the List of Revivification Points wiki page were uploaded nightly and displayed on the tool, including the current status and maintainers. RPs listed as being located at a mall, hospital, armoury, police department, fire station, school or auto repair shop would not be included.


PKers with a bounty on the Rogues Gallery were marked with a red border and display the current bounty count, allowing them to be easily identified. They requested players consider not reviving PKers with a current bounty.


The Creedy Intelligence Tool provided a Revive Point based access to pending requests for the general public. The full list of requests was only available to NecroTech employees working for the CDF or its allies, or through the DEM's RevReq tool.

A list of all revive points which the CIT supports was available here. The CDF encouraged all groups which maintain a revive point to contact them, so that it could be added to the CIT.


The CDF maintained its own PKer/DNR list and the CIT did not accept requests from characters on that list.

Providing Revives

To use the tools to facilitate providing revives, you would look up the RP you are working (some link to their list from the wiki page) on one of the tools above or search the DEM RevReq Queue Map for requests close to your location. However you choose to look up locations, once you have the list, clicking on the requester's name will open a new window containing their profile. At the bottom of that page you will see a button to add them to your contacts. Click on that button. Now that the requester is in your contacts, go to the location in the game or refresh the page if you are already there. If the requester is there, standing and still a zombie, you will now be able to revivify them specifically!


  • When you select profiles to add to your contacts, add a few at a time. Other revivers are probably working from the same list, so it's possible your first pick or three have already been revived.
  • Obviously you will revive your friends and teammates first. But after that, select profiles starting from those waiting longest and those with NT skills first.
  • You may only have a maximum of 150 contacts, so you will need to periodically delete people you have already revived.
  • If you work specific RPs regularly, you should bookmark the list for just that point so you can easily load the current list.
  • Load the list and add your first batch of profiles to your contacts while someplace save. Rotters and other zombies frequently squat revive points, and nearby ferals may move there when they see you, and attack. If you do need to stand there for a while, be sure to refresh your page frequently so you can see if you have come under attack.

Avoid Random Revives

Sacred Ground

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

Revive Radar

Locate the closest public revive points with Urban Dead Revive Radar. It's a GreaseMonkey script for Firefox which shows you the nearest 3 or more revive points.