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Every character has a profile, which displays the character's description, skills, and other statistics about them.

At the top right of the profile is the character's name, level, and class.

The following information is displayed on the left side of the profile:

  • Class: Civilian, Military, Scientist, or Zombie.
  • Level: The number of skills.
  • XP: The current number of experience points (XP).
  • Joined: The date and time the account was created.
  • Died: The number of times the character has died.
  • First Died: "unknown" if the character was created as a survivor; "during the early outbreaks" if the character was created as a zombie. For very old characters the actual date and time of the first death will be shown.
  • Real Name: The text from the Real Name field of the profile editor; also acts as a hyperlink to Web Page if text has been entered there.

The fields "Died" and "First Died" are omitted in the profile of a standing survivor. If a body is reviving, or is a killed survivor, its profile will be that of a survivor, but it will include the "Died" and "First Died" fields. The profile will display those fields until the character stands up. This information is useful because you can determine if your survivor is still alive without actually logging into that character, just by checking the profile.

An example ID

The Profile ID is a character's unique ID within Urban Dead and is used to look up one's profile, add contacts who haven't been met in-game, etc. When viewing a character's profile, their ID can be seen in the address bar at the top of one's browser, forming a 5 or 6 digit number at the end, following ?id=. You can use IDs to register revive requests, or to make PKer reports.

Profile IDs are also known as profile numbers or Urban Dead IDs. In April 2012, the font used in profiles and links to profiles was updated to one in which certain letters and numbers have a more unique appearance. This change helped mitigate problems with character impersonation.

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