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BadgeDEM.jpg "Here to help"

Welcome to the greater Malton Department of Emergency Management. We are committed to protecting the people and property within Malton through any emergency. And while this one wasn't covered in any of our training manuals or planning meetings, it sure as hell still counts!

The DEM category provides an easy way to link a number of wiki pages together for easy reference. This includes not only the groups of the DEM itself, but our partners as well. The goal of this organization is to facilitate the cooperation of any interested pro-survivor groups, so we can all do a more effective job of responding to this emergency. The DEM is not interested, in any way, in exercising political control of the city of Malton, nor in controlling any group therein. We have found that voluntary cooperation of like minded groups provides a vastly more useful template for success. Toward that end we have been working to present tools and policies for use by the citizens of Malton which we hope will be adopted and used for the benefit of all.

For more information about our organization, please see our wiki page. If your group is interested in working with us and other like minded groups, information can be found on that page. If you have a policy you would like to (or have) proposed for public adoption and would like to have it included with those the DEM works to spread the word on (such as the UBP), contact us with information (and links) about the policy or idea.

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