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Please note that the Randoms are not affiliated with The No Random Revive Policy, although we do abide by it

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The Randoms

The Randoms
Abbreviation: None, we are too awesome to have one.
Group Numbers: 20
Leadership: Field Marshal Cheeseman Muncher
Goals: Offer help to the Citizens of Malton
Recruitment Policy: Open to anyone who wants to join
Contact: Post any comments and join requests on our Forum [1]. We're always up for a chat in our IRC, currently, #randoms

The Randoms are a Buttonville-based group of helpful, jovial and (dare we say) incredibly attractive survivors. While questionably effective as a tactical team, we've built a reputation of at least being tremendously entertaining to our foes.

They were formed by Cheeseman Muncher, former head of the Malton Cheese Shops Union (before it went into liquidation just before the outbreak).

History of the Randoms

Note: This History is a dramatization.

Buttonville, South West Malton. It was a cruel, harsh, unforgiving suburb. Then suddenly out of the mist to the East...ran a man carrying a bright yellow lunchbox, a golden badge gleaming in the sun. He was Cheeseman Muncher and he was here to save Buttonville from its fate.
He rallied others to his cause and built up a motley crew of sorts including a male stripper. Together with their allies, they fought back the ferals and drove them from Buttonville. There was peace...
Until one morning, early in June, a lone Randoms scout spotted multiple break ins along the North Eastern Border. Within minutes the Randoms dropped what they were doing and moved to try and keep the suburb under control. However, despite their best efforts, they were overpowered and left for dead.
Several days passed and the zombies began to move on. Out of the rubble crawled a few survivors of the onslaught. Using some fancy ass blue needles, they brought their teammates back to life and ready to fight back.
The Randoms have since grown to a force of about 70 members, united under a banner of kicking butt, having fun and stabbing a few syringe-fulls of humor into the fetid neck of south Malton.


Group Outline

Our philosophy and rules in a nutshell:

1. We are a survivor group aimed at helping others in need.

2. We are focused on keeping Urban Dead fun for everyone who plays. We don't take ourselves too seriously, and we avoid any appearance of being "trenchy."

3. We do our best to respect our enemies and friends alike. We like chatting it up with zombies and PKers, as long as they keep the hostility in-game.

4. We do not PK unless collecting bounties.

5. We do not spy in enemy forums.

6. We do not allow zergers, or known alt-abusers. Randoms can only have one character in Buttonville/Williamsville or any suburb where the group is currently active.

7. We don't combat revive (ie, revive a hostile or potentially hostile zombie instead of shooting it).

8. Pimp hat or no revive.

Snake 3.jpg <---Teh Cheez iz watchin yoo'

Now Hiring

The Randoms. Making Life taste Cheesy since April '06.

Fed up with all the serious business survivor groups that are springing up right now? Want to have a laugh instead of running around packing 20 odd shotguns and having a set of itchy army fatigues as your uniform? Then come join the Randoms! No only do we discourage trenchy behaviour, we also have an unlimited supply of free cheese! And we're also amazingly cool. Seriously, we are. And incredibly attractive too.

We accept all pro-survivor applications to the group (no PKers, griefers, etc.). Beginners are especially welcome. Several of our members started at level 1 and some of those members are now squad leaders. (In fact, some might argue that ALL of our members started at level 1.)

The Randoms have no squad structure as such, though there are a plenty religious cults, fascist sects and mad real estate gangs within the group to pledge your alliegiance to.

If you want to join go to our forums and after registering post in our join forum, including your profile link, name and location in-game.

Orange Julius

For many years, all members of The Randoms have been provided with glorious refreshment in the form of Orange Julius. Well, apart from that time Delta seceded and we cut off their supply so they got scurvy and died.

The Randoms are the proud owners of the one and only pulp mobile and enjoy its wonders frequently along with doughnuts and far too much candy.

Posers may believe they have Orange Julius in their malls but we know the truth!

News and Events

Check out old news here

11th July-07: Operation Grumpy Gandalf is in full swing as the Randoms rise to the Challenge of the Militant Order of Barhah and attempt to retake Buckley Mall from the Hordes at its gates.

24th July-07: Again faced with the world-weary Militant Order of Barhah, The Randoms launch a public-service effort called Operation Sleepy Weasel. The goal is to help our zombie friends alleviate their grumpiness by getting more rest. Preferably out in the street.

August/September 2007: The Randoms expand into Eastern Williamsville, re-forming Echo and Foxtrot squads.

10th September-07: The Randoms have found themselves in a heated (albeit quite entertaining) battle with the Ridleybank Resistance Front, including the group's diabolical and pantsless Gore Corps. Intrepid survivors continue to warn the zombie horde of impending doom -- from the FUTURE!

17th September-07: LUE has taken Buttonville, but The Randoms pledge to keep a firm grip on their manbagz. In other news, the Gore Corps reportedly has moved on after a lengthy donnybrook enjoyed by both sides.

19th September-07: LUE moves on; Randoms continue altercations with feral hangers-on for several days with relation to manbagz ownership, but insist in their deluded claim that they "frightened off" the invasion.

29th September through 5th October-07: Delta Squad rises up to avenge some imagined slight against Dudemeister, attacking so-called "heretics" in Echo Squad, egged on by frenzied rhetoric spewed from the frothing mouth of the zealot Krae. Violence spills into most of the other squads to greater or lesser extents before uncontested victory is claimed by all sides.

17th October-07: An elite team of Randoms is rushing around the Bash-thrashed suburbs of Galbraith Hills and Cockridge Heights. They were last seen armed with hammers, FAKs and foul language.

8th November through 5th December-07: The Randoms have had an ongoing struggle with large groups of zeds in order keep Buttonville safe. After almost a month of attacks in addition to a final Blow from the Big Bash 2, the Randoms are reconstructing Buttonville.

27 January 08: After Buttonville was beaten back to its normal green self after a few days, the Randoms went to aid the DRRP in Danversbank. A few stayed behind to guard the monastaric landscape we call home.

24 February 08: Delta Cult officially secedes from The Randoms and becomes the Soviet Empire of Delta Sector.

25 February 08 - 30 June 08: Various things happen. However, we were feeling lazy and didn't bother updating the wiki. So what we did shall remain a mystery. To be honest, I don't think that we remember...either way, news shall be updated soon. I think.

1 July 08: The Randoms invade Darvell Heights in Operation Picnic Liberation.

12 July 08: Delta Cult rejoins the Randoms.

15th Oct 2008: With unbridled optimism the Randoms boldy plan a tour of Malton which is to begin in Scarletwood.

19th Nov 2008: After a month of unbridled chaos, the expeditionary force is forced to retreat back to Buttonville never having gotten out of Scarletwood due to the Westward marching horde we ran smack into there.

20th Nov 2008: Operation Honey Toast strives to keep order in Buttonville and Williamsville in the face of a large zombie assault.

3rd January 2009: In our first proper news thingy in about 10 months, Operation Jolly Lights 2008 is a roaring success with virtually every building in the Butt decked out in trees and lights. Merry New Yearmas from the Randoms!!

Also operation Ghostly Grigg is forging new paths in the barren wasteland of Grigg Heights. This evolved into Operation Crooke All Inn.

February 2009: Operation Alien Probe is a success with many members of the M.O.B. forcibly probed and cataloged. Also, Echo is invited to a party in foxtrot

15th May 2009: Exactly 6 months have passed since Shinosa left us. To honour his passing, an open casket funeral will be held at Griffiths Park in Buttonville today. All Randoms, their allies, their enemies (except the CPM because they smell bad) and Buttonvillains alike are welcome to come pay their respects to the legend that is the Sage.

11th August 2009: The Randoms emerge from the chrysalis of change a beautiful butterfly!! (Albeit a very drunk and confused one.) Changes include the abolishment of geographical squads and we got rid of a lot of useless ranks and stuff too. Expect to see surges of cultish and/or just plain weird behaviour in the near future.

June 2010: Big Bash came to visit but unfortunately we all died too fast to really get started on Operation MAKIN' BACON. We shall now inflict this arousing yet disturbing operation upon the various ferals still hanging around, and then continue being really lazy. Or possibly start some more fights with each other instead.

13th September 2010: Someone has been impersonating Randoms members on the radio being racist and generally a dick. We do not advocate dickery and would appreciate any information about who's doing this so we can beat the crap out of them with sporting equipment.

Battle Cries of The Randoms

• "Prepare to die! Unless I run out of AP, in which case this'll be awkward."

• "You just bought a ticket to Painville! And Sufferingtown! And Glasgow!"

• "My god, it's full of stars!"

• "Smell my trigger finger!"

• "Time to fill your plate at the Buttonville pain buffet! It's all-you-can-eat!"

• "This will make you regret being exhausted 23.5 hours a day!"

• "Auch aye The Randums!!!!!"


• "SMACKO! Down go giants!"

• "Have a nice day. Please try not to get Bra!nz on the carpet on your way out."

• "Murray J. Suskind...we come from the fuuuuuuuuuture....turn back now!"

• "Wow! Was that your arm that went flying off? Cool!"

• "Ehhhhhhhhh Macarena!"


The Randoms are currently allied with:

The Department of Emergency Management
Dribbling Beavers
The Fortress
Knights Templar
NecroTech Countermeasure Squad (NTCS)
Night Ravers
The Saints
Secret Board of Shadowy Figures
South Malton Watch
Tactical Area Rescue
Tactical Strike Force
The 3rd Waye
Viva La Humanity
The Warriors

Former, now disbanded, allies

The Bakers of the Apocolypse
The B-Team
ACRID (Dissolved May '07)
Fear of Fridays Street Team (Dissolved July '07)
The Hoard
Hartford Wrecking Crew
The Malton Carny

ASB was a former loose coalition of The The Bakers Of The Apocalypse, B-Team, M.S.L.F, Tactical Area Rescue

Non-Randoms Masquerading

These characters are not members of The Randoms regardless of their claimed affiliation. We do not know them.

Charles Dickens Jr
Puggy Teatswell <-- Dresses like a Random but isn't. Just a weird PKer.

Randoms Revive Service

The Randoms maintain three revive points in Buttonville -- a wasteland (47,95) -- a cemetery (44,93) -- a cemetery (40, 98)

Any people who wish to request revives in Buttonville can report to our revive request thread and post there.

One of our trained medics will be there within 24 hours depending on demand. If you wish to become a member of The Randoms, see above. We do not revive known PKers, RKers, GKers, griefers, zombie spies, hamsters, politicians, evil robots or emo poets.

Revive.gif Revivification Requests
Undead? Want to breathe again?
Make a Revivification Request! (Dead Link)

Extra Pages

The links below link to the subpages attached to this main page.

Special Ops

Chain of Command


Biographies of all Command members

Randoms Enterprises

Other Bits

Mpd.png Report PKers!
Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery. (Dead Link)
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Pimphat.jpg Pimp Hat Or No Revive!
The Randoms refuses to inject you with the blue stuff unless you're wearing a magnificent pimp hat.

The Randoms support the No Random Revive Policy
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This User or Group eats at McZeds™. They also support the Use of Corpses for High Quality Processed Fast Food.
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