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The Constables Gore Corps Rules/Policies Discord
 Horde Numbers 

Recruitment Policy

1. Be a zombie
2. Join our Discord server

The War Council

· Funk McBogey
· PicaPica
· Cthulhu in Lingerie
· CyanEyed
· Hump the Messiah
· Akbar


· Petrosjko
· Sonny
· Patrucio
· Murray Jay Suskind
· Lord Moloch
· Johnny Bass
· Globule 13
· Jadkor
· Irishmen
. Two Headed Sex Beast
. Funk McBogey

Malton Herald & Sun

The Malton Herald & Sun is the official newspaper of the RRF.

Read, be enlightened, and achieve BARHAH!


Numbering approximately 50+ at any given time and at the heart of numerous historic events in Malton, the Ridleybank Resistance Front is the longest-standing and most famous of the large organised hordes in Malton. Formed in September 2005 by the legendary Petrosjko, they have turned their notorious homeland of Ridleybank into the most feared suburb in the city, whilst historically being able to reach out and ruin any other location in Malton.

New Players

The RRF would like to offer a rotting hand to aid new players in the (at first glance) overwhelming world of UD. If you join up with us on our Discord server you'll find a welcoming and experienced community to help you get adjusted to the game and gain experience faster than playing solo.

The Birth of a Horde

In late September 2005 a zombie known as Petrosjko was dismayed to find Ridleybank being used as a survivor stronghold and put out a call for fellow zombies to join in the sacking of Moggridge Place Police Department. Things quickly escalated to the point that Petrosjko declared the formation of the Ridleybank Resistance Front, a horde that would lay claim to Ridleybank as its own territory.

Within a week dozens of zombies had answered the call and Ridleybank soon became known in survivor circles as the most dangerous suburb in the city, a position that still is rarely in contention.

Strike Teams and Specialist Units

In addition to the main horde that defends Ridleybank from breather incursions, the RRF has two highly coordinated strike forces who conduct special group attacks in order to drive fear into the hearts of every breather who dares enter the Front's territory. They are:

The Constables

Initially conceived in March 2006 to organise the defence of Barhahville in the face of resistance to the RRF's rule shortly after the annexation of the suburb, it was revived in 2010 to help crush reclamation attempts in the Greater Ridleybank area and beyond. Launching sting operations on harmanz foolish enough to fall foul of the strict no barricades laws in effect, the Constables are led by Funk McBogey.

The Constables patrol each day at 12:30am GMT - 11:30am AEDT - 7:30pm EST - 4:30pm PST.

The Gore Corps

Founded during the original Big Bash, the Gore Corps are the resident necro-terrorists of the RRF. The most ruthless, uncompromising force in Malton, they are the bane of the existence of every harman they come across, devastating their ranks while either dead or alive. They are also known for their surgically efficient strikes, their hostility and their lewd depravity. The Corps is led by CyanEyed and Megatraum.

Gore Corps strike times are not public.


If you wish to join the ranks of the Ridleybank Resistance Front, you can do so by joining our Discord server, where any questions can be answered.

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