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MPD Command

The Malton Police Department has a structured chain of command. This hierarchical organization is designed for efficiency and clarity. Department personnel are spread out throughout the city, and our greatest strength is our organizational abilities and dedication to helping each other, as well as the citizens of Malton! As such, although all department personnel are expect to work within the chain of command and follow the guidelines and policies put forth by their superiors, they are also strongly encouraged to communicate and work with each other to meet local needs to the best of their abilities. Cops are also encouraged to communicate and work with any local organizations whose goals are congruent with department policy - saving the lives of survivors and protecting property, particularly those resources needed for survival.

MPD Badge

Department Organization

The city of Malton is divided up in a grid-work pattern of suburbs, organized into four quadrants or divisions. The Commissioner is in charge of all operations, and all the Police Stations in a division fall under the command of a Superintendent. Each Superintendent designates 5 regions within their division, each consisting of 5 suburbs. Each regions duties are coordinated by a Chief Inspector, with Inspectors in charge of individual suburbs. Inspectors may assign Sergeants and Detectives for their suburb as they deem needed. In summary, the chain of command is:

MPDShRank8.png Police Commissioner
MPDShRank7.png Deputy Commissioner
MPDShRank6.png Superintendent
MPDShRank5.png Chief Inspector
MPDShRank4.png Inspector
MPDShRank3.png Sergeant
MPDShRank1.png Constable
MPDShRank0.png Cadet

The Commissioner may appoint a Deputy Commissioner at their discretion, whose rank would be roughly equivalent to Superintendent. The DC would not be responsible for a particular division, however, but instead would pinch hit for Superintendents as needed and otherwise be dispatched to assist as the Commissioner directs, or stand in for the Commissioner if needed.

Merits and Ribbons

The Department of Emergency Management has a series of DEM Merits and Ribbons it issues to members who display mastery over key skills. The ribbons can be claimed by any member with the profficiency of the skills entailed. Summary of these ribbons and the means to claim them can be found on the DEM Merits and Ribbons page.

DEM Ribbons and Merits 3D.jpg

Active Areas


In suburbs where there are active MPD personnel and at least one officer, that suburbs wiki page should be updated to note that the MPD is an active group there. Add this code to the 'Active Groups' part of the suburb description template:

 [[Image:Mpd.gif|25px]] [[Malton Police Department]]<br />

Police Departments

Police Departments that are actively manned by MPD personnel should have such indicated on that Stations wiki page. If the page does not exist you should create it. Here is an example for a Police Department used as a suburbs MPD 'HQ', which just needs to be edited with the correct names:

'''Police Department Name''' is the [[Malton Police Department]] headquarters for [[Suburb Name]], 
and primary base of operations for [[MPD Command#<which division?>_Division|District NW-4]]. All
[[Civilian#Cop|Cops]] are requested to report in to [[MPD Command]] [ here] as soon as possible.
Please '''do not''' over barricade this building! It should be maintained as an accessible safe
house and [[free running]] [[entryway]], and as such the [[barricades]] should be maintained at
Very Strongly (VS+2). See the [[Uniform Barricading Policy]] for more details.

[[Category:Police Departments]]

The above is just a basic template and needs to be edited as appropriate for the specific Police Department. If you create the page you should also find it's coordinates referenced in the Police Departments category, click on the location (should be red if the page didn't exist) and create a redirect to the Stations wiki page (with the name as the title) by adding:

#redirect [[Department Name]]

As the only text for the page. If the coordinate page already exists, than edit it in an appropriate and polite way to indicate the MPD's presence in and use of the station.


Commissioner: Jerkasaurus
Deputy Commissioner: Vacant

Superintendent (Roving): orfui

Malton is divided up into two Divisions. Each Division is under the command of a Superintendent who reports to the Deputy Commissioner, who will transmit the information if it is dire, or relevant to the Comissioner such as policy decisions that effect the entire MPD. The Superintendent also has command over his Division's Chief Inspectors. The two Divisions are:

North Division

Superintendent: Vacant

Northwest Area


District one:

District two:

District three:

District four:

District five:

Northeast Area


Northeast Mobile Team

South Division

Superintendent: Vacant

Southwest Area

New SW.png

District One / West District: "The Hell Riders"

  • Organisation: Territorial Policing Directorate + CID
  • Area of Operation: SW-West
Grigg Heights
Foulkes Village
New Arkham
Old Arkham
Spicer Hills

District Three / East District: "No Man's Land"

  • Organisation: Territorial Policing Directorate + CID
  • Area of Operation: SW-East
Shore Hills
Galbraith Hills
Mockridge Heights
North Blythville
Kinch Heights
Lerwill Heights

Central Command District

District Five / 1st SW Mobile Team: "Codename Fox"

  • Organisation: Specialist Firearms Command
  • Area of Operation: All SW
  • HQ: South West District Three / East District.

Southeast Area


District one:

District two:

District three:

District four:

District five:

MPD Operational Guidelines

Command Staff

  1. One Commissioner who shall have at minimum 20 levels of training with MPD.
    1. The Commissioner shall appoint two Superintendents, one for each Malton city division.
    2. The Commissioner has authority to appoint an Deputy Commissioner, of rank equivalent with Superintendent, to assist the chief with their duties and cover for Superintendents when assistance is needed in a particular division.
  2. Superintendents shall have a minimum of 15 levels of training with MPD.
    1. Whose duty is to organize the Districts within his or her Division (see entries for individual Divisions).
    2. Each Superintendent shall appoint a Chief Inspector for each District under their command.
    3. A Superintendent shall be responsible for maintaining his Division's entry information.
  3. A Chief Inspector shall have at minimum 12 levels of training with MPD.
    1. Chief Inspector's shall appoint an Inspector for each suburb within his or her District.
  4. An Inspector shall have at minimum 6 levels of Training with MPD.
    1. Inspectors shall be responsible for establishing order and keeping accountability in their Suburb.
      1. Inspectors have authority to assign personnel to Police Departments in their suburb, and to appoint Sergeants and Detectives as needed.
    2. Sergeants are generally given command of a Police Departments and are responsible for organizing the personnel assigned to that depatment and ensuring their Inspectors orders are carried through.
    3. Senior officers who have distinguished themselves in the line of duty may choose to retire and request a transfer to CID. They get "Detective" prepended to their rank, may work in plain clothes and retain their insignia. Young officers are encouraged to pay attention to their Detectives, as frequently the only reason they have a commission is because a Detective didn't want it!
  5. All Command Staff shall be Career Cops.

MPD Line Personnel

  1. Career Cops
    1. Career Cops are expected to fulfill their duties, and follow orders from their command to the best of their ability.
      1. They should remain within their assigned Division, District or Suburb, while on duty.
      2. They should notify their command if they must leave their assigned Division, District or Suburb.
      3. They may be given temporary orders to perform duties in other Divisions, Regions or Suburbs.
      4. Career Cops may request reassignment to another command, but should remain available to the assigned command until reassignment is granted.
  2. Reserve Cops
    1. Reserve Cops are expected to respond to Alarms when available.
    2. Reserve Cops are expected to report to Division Command when they expect to be available in the Division for an extended period.
  3. All Cops
    1. Cops are expected to monitor Brainstock DEM Forum for Alarms and requests for aid.
    2. Cops are expected to provide accurate situation reports to the best of their ability whenever possible.
    3. Cops are expected to provide first aid for others when appropriate.
    4. Fighting among the ranks shall not be tolerated.
    5. Cops are authorized to Commandeer equipment and supplies as needed in emergencies


  1. All prospective MPD members are required to report in on the Join forum.
    1. New members are required to read the MPD FAQ and are encouraged to ask questions there about anything they are unclear on.
    2. All members of MPD are authorized to use DEM Forum for communications.
    3. Officers of rank Inspector and above are required to monitor official Communication Channels for Alarms and SitReps relevant to their command.
  2. Additional Communications Channels may be opened as needed.
    1. Chief Inspector and above are encouraged to open communications channels.
    2. All Open Channels are to be recorded in the MPD-OG.
  3. Current Open Channels include:
    1. Brainstock Unofficial UD Forums

Missing Personnel and Field Promotion

  1. Due to the nature of the outbreak, it is likely that there will be occasions when an opening in the command structure occurs due to personnel being isolated, or infected. This guideline addresses that circumstance.
    1. If an officer does not report in for over 72 hours, the first personnel to notice the loss of contact should activate an all points look out for the missing personnel.
    2. If the missing person does not report in, and is not located in 48 hours after the look out alert, they will be assumed infected, dead, or undead. The procedure for a known casualty will apply.
  2. If an officer is know to be infected, dead, or undead, the duties of his command immediately pass to the highest ranking subordinate officer.
    1. An officer Superior to the missing officer may choose to make this a temporary assignment or permanent.
    2. An all points alert will be broadcast. Any information on the missing persons last known whereabouts will be included.
      1. If the person is found and infected, dead or undead, appropriate treatmeant will be given as outlined under Firstaid and Revivification Guidelines.
      2. When an missing officer is found, and/or revived, they may, at their discretion,reclaim their previous rank and title, if they still hold greater qualifications than the person acting in the position.
      3. If the acting officer now has more qualifications than the revived officer, the acting officer has the option to step down, but may only be asked to do so by a superior officer.
    3. If the person is found and not infected, dead or undead, their status will be broadcast.
      1. Failure to monitor communications, failure to report in, and creating an unnecessary alert are all detrimental to the MPD's objectives, and a member who is found missing without cause may be subject to demotion, at the discretion of their superior officers.

Tactical Operations - Suburbs

  1. MPD personnel should coordinate operations in an area with other DEM branches present in that suburb.
  2. Resource buildings, particularly Police Departments of course, should be actively maintained and defended. See the Uniform Barricading Policy for general guidelines.
    1. Barricades should be maintained at VS+2, unless otherwise specified by the local barricade plan or as a tactical decision decided on in the forums.
    2. Survivors should be encouraged not to sleep in resource buildings. This is particularly true of those who possess the free running skill. Explain to them it is not safe and their well-being can not be guaranteed. Let them know of nearby alternate VS+2 designated structures. A dispersed population is less vulnerable to concentrated incursions by organized zombie hordes.
    3. Do not risk undeath on hopeless causes! If there are more zombies on a building than available personnel can actively defend, warn the occupants that the building is to be abandoned and (re)barricade one last time. After that, concentrate on bolstering barricades on nearby buildings not under attack to allow for a safe retreat. Make sure there are enough entryway buildings for non-free running survivors to fall back to.
  3. Divide labor effectively for long-term growth.
    1. Unless barricading is an immediate emergency, lower-level personnel should focus on thinning the zeds, healing and revivification (and thereby earning XP!).
  4. If a suburb has more than 2-3 DEM personnel, command officers should coordinate skills training of lower level members so everyone isn't getting the same skill at the same time.
    1. Separate skill trees, such as combat skills and body-building; construction and tagging; NT training; first aid and diagnosis; etc should be spread out among personnel, so tasks can be delegated more effectively.
    2. All Cops should have Free Running by 3rd level, and should focus primarily on training until 3rd or 4th.

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